Stevens Vs. Simoes Is The Real Superfight We Should Be Talking About

simoes stevens preview

You'd be hard pressed to find a bigger, more significant submission-only jiujitsu match this year than the upcoming clash between Yuri Simoes and Travis Stevens. 

The term "superfight" is thrown around with disconcerting ease these days. To be a part of a show-stopping, attention-grabbing, headline-generating match you need to stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

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An Olympic silver medal qualifies you as a superstar grappler. An ADCC World title qualifies you as a superstar grappler. 

Never before have we seen a match like this: two world class grapplers -- versatile across multiple rulesets -- facing off on neutral ground where neither has an inherent advantage. 

This is not MMA star Conor McGregor taking on Floyd Mayweather in a spectacle inside a boxing ring. It's not one of the multitude of Olympic wrestlers moving on from pure grappling to fight with punches, kicks, knees and elbows in MMA. This is a true grappling superfight. 


Stevens: the judo Olympian and a world class black belt in jiujitsu, part of the esteemed Renzo Gracie network. Versatile in any phase of grappling combat, and with a laser-like competitive focus matched by few others. 

Simoes: ADCC champ, two-time double No-Gi World champ, a lifelong practitioner of jiu-jitsu in the gi. Aggressive, fiery, and hyper-competitive. 

Fight To Win matches do not rely on points. If there is no submission finish, three judges render an immediate decision based on who most sought a submission. 

They are both finishers from top or from bottom, but what of their strengths? Stevens' takedowns are formidable and to be feared, but they earn him no points. A strategic guard pull by Simoes is worth nothing if he does not attack from bottom. The judges will be looking intently at each of their movements: who threatens the most has the best chance of winning. 

The best way for either man to walk away with a clear victory is to submit the other, an insurmountable task for all but an elite few. 

The gameplay for either man is simple: they will need to fight to win. 


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