ADCC By The Numbers: Which Champion Scored The Most Points?

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There were seven weight categories and the absolute division at ADCC 2017, with eight champions crowned altogether last weekend in Espoo, Finland. 

We analyzed the performances of each gold medal winner to see which of the eight athletes scored the most points and earned the most submissions. 

With divisions capped at 16 entrants for the men and eight for the women, that means it would take a competitor four matches to win gold. 

The champion who scored the most points was absolute gold medalist Felipe Pena, with a massive 33 points. Much of this came via his 15-0 demolition of Victor Honorio in the quarterfinal, but he scored no less than six points in each of his absolute division matches. 

Beatriz Mesquita, the female -60kg champ, only scored there points but holds the honor of being the only champion to earn a 100 percent submission rate, having finished all three of her opponents.

Felipe Pena, absolute 33 points 1 submission
Buchecha, +99kg 15 points 2 submissions
Cobrinha, -66kg 9 points 1 submission
Yuri Simoes, -99kg 7 points 0 submissions
JT Torres, -77kg 7 points 0 submissions
Gordon Ryan, -88kg 4 points 2 submissions
Beatriz Mesquita, -60kg 3 points 3 submissions
Gabi Garcia, +60kg 2 points 2 submissions

​NOTE: None of the champions got a single point scored against them! It is notoriously hard to score under ADCC rules: not only do the officials require significant control following takedowns and positional advancement, but it is also important to remember that there are no points scored during the first half of the opening round. 

​Take a look at the data below for a breakdown of how these champions made their way through their divisions.

​Photo: ​Hywel Teague / FloGrappling

Rubens 'Cobrinha' Charles, -66kg champion

Match 1 vs Uranov Zhakshylyk 3-0 
Match 2 vs Kuba Witkowski 0-0 (submission)
Match 3 vs Paulo Miyao 0-0 (wins by negative point)
Match 4 vs AJ Agazarm 6-0 
Total: 9 points, 1 submission 

​Photo: Hywel Teague / FloGrappling

JT Torres, -77kg champion

Match 1 vs Lachlan Giles 2-0 
Match 2 vs Celso Vinicius 2-0 
Match 3 vs Garry Tonon 0-0 (decision) 
Match 4 vs Lucas Lepri 3-0
Total: 7 points, 0 submissions

Photo: ​Hywel Teague / FloGrappling

Gordon Ryan, -88kg champion

Match 1 vs Dillon Danis 0-0 (decision)  
Match 2 vs Romulo Barral 0-0 (submission) 
Match 3 vs Xande Ribeiro 0-0 (decision) 
Match 4 vs Keenan Cornelius 4-0 (submission)
Total: 4 points, 2 submissions

​Photo: Hywel Teague / FloGrappling

Yuri Simoes, -99kg champion

Match 1 vs Roman Dolidze 2-0 
Match 2 vs Michael Perez 0-0 (decision) 
Match 3 vs Jackson Sousa 3-0 
Match 4 vs Felipe Pena 2-0 
Total: 7 points, 0 submissions

​Photo: Hywel Teague / FloGrappling

Marcus 'Buchecha' Almeida, +99kg champion

Match 1 vs Arman Zhanpeisov 0-0 (submission) 
Match 2 vs Tim Spriggs 5-0 (submission) 
Match 3 vs Roberto Cyborg Abreu 4-0  
Match 4 vs Orlando Sanchez 6-0 
Total: 15 points, 2 submissions 

​Photo: Hywel Teague / FloGrappling

Beatriz Mesquita, -60kg champion

Match 1 vs Ffion Davies 0-0 (submission)
Match 2 vs Michelle Nicolini 0-0 (submission)
Match 3 vs Bianca Basilio 3-0 (submission)
Total: 3 points, 3 submissions 

​Photo: Hywel Teague / FloGrappling

Gabi Garcia, +60kg champion

Match 1 vs Amanda Santana 0-0 (submission)
Match 2 vs Jessica Oliveira 2-0 
Match 3 vs Talita Nogueira 0-0 (submission)
Total: 2 points, 2 submissions 

​Photo: Hywel Teague / FloGrappling

Felipe Pena, absolute champion

Match 1 vs Celso Vinicius 6-0
Match 2 vs Victor Honorio 15-0 
Match 3 vs Marcus Buchecha 6-0 (submission)
Match 4 vs Gordon Ryan 6-0 
Total: 33 points, 1 submission

Click here for interactive brackets with real-time point scoring and links to every video!

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