New Team Grappling Event Coming to Los Angeles: SUBVERSIV By Fight 2 Win

A new team grappling event is coming to LA and will feature stars from 10th Planet, Checkmat, Carlson Gracie and Team Lloyd Irvin go head to head.

SUBVERSIV Produced By Fight 2 Win will take place on September 22 in Anaheim, California and will bring a new concept of pro grappling competition to the SoCal scene. 

The event features four teams of five athletes: 10th Planet, Carlson Gracie, Checkmat and Team Lloyd Irvin will each send squads. Teams will consist of representatives at 145, 165, 185 and 205lb, along with an openweight female athlete. 

The 5 on 5 battles will see the first place team win $10,000, giving $2,000 to each member. The second place team will share $2,500 between them. 

The no-gi matches will be 10-minutes long and use EBI rules (including rounds of overtime). All submissions and even slams are legal. 

The first-round matches will be determined on September 17. The representatives are: 

10th Planet

  • -145lb Geovanny Martinez
  • -165lb PJ Barch 
  • -185lb Richie Martinez
  • -205lb TBA
  • Female: Ilama Lei

Carlson Gracie

  • -145lb Bryan Calleros
  • -165lb Jason Youseph
  • -185lb Herman Terrando
  • -205lb Diego Vazquez
  • Female: Tara White


  • -145lb Ariel Magalhaes 
  • -165lb Travis Magalit
  • -185lb Juninho Carvalho
  • -205lb Joao Assis
  • Female: Catherine Perrett

Team Lloyd Irvin

  • -145lb Jason Soares
  • -165lb Angelo Claiborne
  • -185lb Dj Jackson
  • -205lb Tim Spriggs
  • Female: Nyjah Easton

In addition to the team challenge the show will feature 13 Fight 2 Win rules superfights with 10th Planet standouts Marvin Castelle and Jeremiah Vance, breakout black belt Cole Franson of Tinguinha BJJ, and athletes from top SoCal teams such as AOJ, CSW and more. 

SUBVERSIV by Fight 2 Win goes down on September 22 – watch it live or on demand ONLY on FloGrappling. Click here for the full card 

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