The Weekend Recap: Paulo Miyao Returns To IBJJF Competition & More

The IBJJF’s schedule was stacked across the globe this past weekend and saw tournaments in the U.K., Brazil, and two more events the United States. 

Things we're extra excited about include the return of Paulo Miyao, Vagner Rocha's impressive performance at F2W, and Vinny Magalhaes' outstanding use of jiu-jitsu inside the cage at PFL.

IBJJF Miami Open – Miayo Returns, Fight Sports Dominates

The biggest story out of Miami this weekend is Paulo Miyao’s IBJJF suspension has officially ended (for the time being), and he was able to compete for the first time in the federation's events since 2016. He and his brother Joao took gold in the featherweight and light-feather weight divisions, respectively. 

Miami is also home to Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu’s Fight Sports association, and the team certainly defended the castle in style. They took home the first place team trophy with the help of Maggie Grindatti, Viktor Doria (both of whom won double gold at the IBJJF Open AND their matches at F2W the night before) plus, the man himself, Cyborg, who won double gold as well.

London Open: Lindblad Helps Lead Checkmat To Victory

Max Lindblad at a stellar weekend at the IBJJF London open, earning double gold in the middleweight weight and absolute division in the gi. Jackson Sousa also took home three gold medals and a lone silver medal medals from the London open, Gold in gi super-heavy, silver in the absolute (closed out with Lindblad), and double gold in the no-gi event.

Watch Max Lindblads Open Guard Masterclass 

Twin Cities Open – Alliance Takes Top Honors

The IBJJF held their first ever Twin cities open in Minneapolis and we saw top local talent clash with international-level players who made the journey from around the nation in search of ranking points.

Jared Dopp proved once again that, despite being a full-time PhD student, he remains a force to be reckoned with as a black belt competitor, and the Alliance athlete took home double gold. Jeremy Jackson continues to build his collection of medals at black belt — the CTA representative picked up a gold medal in the lightweight division.   

Full list of results


IBJJF Curitiba Spring Open – Fellipe Andre Shines

Felipe Andrew, a rising star representing Robert Drysdales Zenith team, had an outstanding performance at the Curitiba open, winning double gold in both the heavyweight and absolute divisions, holding wins over TILI's Admilson Gobi and Hygor Silva out of Cicero Costha.  

Other notable performances include Ygor Rodrigues of Equipe Marcio Rodrigues and Celber Sousa from Atos – both took home gold in their respective divisions.

Vagner Rocha Prove's he's Elite as They Come At F2W 89

Vagner Rocha secured ANOTHER Fight 2 Win title after a unanimous decision victory over the legendary Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes, making him the Lightweight and Welterweight Fight 2 Win champion. 

A beautiful backstep pass mark Rocha step over Tanquinoho’s SLX-guard, forcing the Soul Fighters athlete to turtle, only to have Rocha nimbly dive onto his back and secure the position.

Rocha was hunting for the finish with 30 seconds left, applying his trademark Muffler attack (the hands covering the mouth and nose) and looking for a short-choke RNC variation. Tanquinho was tough enough to survive the submission onslaught, but the damage was done, and at the end of regulation the judges awarded Rocha with the unanimous submission victory.  

See the full list of results from the night here

Vinny Magalhães Employs Devastating Jiu-Jitsu Inside The Cage

Vinny Magalhães punched his ticket to the PFL light heavyweight final on Saturday after submitting not one, but two opponents at PFL 9 held in Long Beach, CA. The standout moment of the night for the Royler Gracie / 10th Planet black belt included a beautiful flying triangle attempt that he used to set up a monstrous Kimura finish over Bozigit Ataev.

Saulo and Xande Ribeiro to Compete at 2019 IBJJF Europeans

Saulo and Xande Ribeiro will both step onto the mats at the 2019 IBJJF European Championships on Saturday, January 19. 

EuroWatch 2019: The Old World's Best Chances for Black Belt Gold in Lisbon

There’s no denying it: Europe is producing some of the very best competitors. 

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Eduardo Rios, Euro Star: The Team Leaders Driving Jiu-Jitsu in Europe

Eduardo "Teta" Rio will bring 45 of his students from Frontline Academy in Norway to compete at the 2019 IBJJF European Championship, and you'll see him on the mats too (black belt master 1 middleweight). 

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Ze Marcello, Euro Star: The Team Leaders Driving Jiu-Jitsu in Europe

Zé Marcello went from training on wooden floors in Brazil to creating a jiu-jitsu association with more than 140 affiliates.

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Yan Cabral, Euro Star: The Team Leaders Driving Jiu-Jitsu in Europe

Former UFC fighter and jiu-jitsu black belt Yan Cabral teaches out of Association Aranha in Barcelona and has 38 athletes from Spain, France and Italy. The IBJJF European Championships is a launchpad for his dream of coaching a champion at the highest level. 

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Yara Soares Dominates in Women's Purple Belt Absolute

The adult women’s purple belt absolute division was a highly competitive affair that saw over twenty registered athletes throw down!