Weekend Recap: Rodolfo Vieira Returns To Gi Competition, Banks $30K

A lot to catch up for jiu-jitsu fans this Monday morning!

Over the weekend we saw the legend Rodolfo Vieira return to grappling competition over the weekend at the inaugural Black Belt CBD Pro, the IBJJF held events in Europe and Brazil, plus we also saw two ADCC vets strut their stuff on the Fight 2 Win stage.

Rodolfo Vieira, Gilbert Burns, and Ana Carolina Viera Bank $30,000 at Black Belt CBD Pro

Held in Las Vegas, the inaugural Black Belt CBD event entertained viewers with three brackets: lightweight men's (no-gi) featuring DJ Jackson, Gilbert Burns, Marcelo Mafra, and Rafael Domingos. The men's heavyweight (gi) was stacked with talent, including Mahamed Aly, Tarsis Humphreys, Rodolfo Vieira, and Kit Dale, and women's gi bracket comprised of Luiza Monteiro, Catherine Perret, Gabbi McComb, and Ana Carolina Vieira.  

The Vieira siblings' talents were on full display, and Rodolfo was in prime form, looking like he never even took his gi off: he submitted Kit dale in the first round (out of a potential total of three rounds of five minutes) and he battled Mahamed Aly for 15 minutes to win by points in what may have been one of the most exciting matches of the year. Roldfo's x-guard was particularly impressive throughout the match and Mahamed Aly is always an explosive, dangerous athlete, and one that is fun to watch. See the full match below. 

For her part, Ana Carolina's pressure passing was on full display all night and she neutralized any attacks the dangerous up-and-comer Gabbi McComb with her heavy pressure. The final between Monteiro and Veiira was a three-round affair that was a back-and-forth war, but ultimately Veiria had the edge with her takedowns and passing attempts.

Gilbert Burns reminded the world that he's one of the very no-gi athletes on the planet, with dominant wins over Marcelo Marfa and DJ Jackson in the final.

IBJJF Geneva Open

Jackson Dos Santos had another impressive performance this weekend, adding yet another gold medal, but the big story from Geneva is that Checkmat representative Phillipe Pomaslo took double gold in the medium-heavy and the absolute division.  

Adult / Male / Black / Light

1 - Osvaldo Augusto Honorio Moizinho - Ares BJJ

2 - Franck Hart - Academie Pythagore

3 - Juliano Silva Rocha - Atos Jiu-Jitsu

3 - Léon Taffa Loic Larman - Toulon JJB

Adult / Male / Black / Medium-Heavy

1 - Philippe Basil Pomaski - CheckMat

2 - Rodrigo Ferreira Reis - Rodrigo Reis Jiu-Jitsu Team

Adult / Male / Black / Super-Heavy

1 - Jackson Sousa dos Santos - CheckMat

2 - Uros Domanovic - GF Team

3 - Arya Esfandmaz - Roger Gracie Academy

Adult / Male / Black / Open Class

1 - Philippe Basil Pomaski - CheckMat

2 - Jackson Sousa dos Santos - CheckMat

3 - Ilke Kubilay Bulut - Icon Jiu-Jitsu Team

3 - Uros Domanovic - GF Team

Adult / Female / Black / Open Class

1 - Claudia Fernanda Onofre Valim Doval - De La Riva JJ

2 - Claire-France Thevenon - Mako Team Paris

See full results here


IIBJJF International Open Manaus

Manaus has been cradle to some of the best jiu-jitsu athletes ever known and remains a hotbed for growing talent in the sport. Stand-out performances from this weekend include Alexssandro Sodré, who secured a big win over Richard Barbosa in the final, and Manaus local legend Diego Borges, who clawed his way to the top of the brutal medium-heavyweight black belt division.

Adult / Male / Black / Light-Feather

1 - Jonas Lisboa Pereira - Carlos Holanda Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

2 - Huendel Dinelly Osaki - Carlos Holanda Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

3 - Carmones de Alencar Souza - Juarez Harles BJJ

3 - Ricardo Alexandre Primo da Silva - Brasa / 99

Adult / Male / Black / Feather

1 - Alexssandro Pinto Sodré - Nabil Jiu-Jitsu

2 - Richard Barbosa da Silva Duarte - Nabil Jiu-Jitsu

3 - Francisco Rodrigues Menezes - Club Orley Lobato

Adult / Male / Black / Light

1 - Leandro Lima de Souza - Club Pina

2 - Pedro Augusto de Castro Asevedo - Ryan Gracie Team

3 - Chairo Olimpio Ivo Cavalcante Albuquerque - GF Team Rondônia

3 - Moises Nacimento Souza - Associação Monteiro

Adult / Male / Black / Middle

1 - Claudevan Martins Oliveira - Associação Monteiro

2 - Chaise Olimpio Ivo Cavalcante Albuquerque - GF Team Rondônia

3 - Marcio De Souza Loureiro - CheckMat

3 - Yan Lucas Cordeiro Paiva - Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu

Adult / Male / Black / Medium-Heavy

1 - Diego Borges Silva - Zenith BJJ

2 - Moises Fernandes Cavalcante - Soul Fighters BJJ Tijuca

3 - Charles Tavares Mota - Gracie Barra

3 - Márcio Clother de Moraes Palheta - Nabil Jiu-Jitsu

Full results can be seen here.

JT Torres and Baret Yoshida Shine At F2W 90

Fight 2 Win 90 went down tonight in front of a packed house in Philadelphia.

There were more than a dozen incredible matches on the card this evening, but everyone was keenly interested in two matches: The main event featuring ADCC champion JT Torres and F2W challenger Dylan Royce, and the co-main event between Baret Yoshida – another ADCC medalist – and hometown hero Kristian Woodmanse.  

Both of the ADCC veterans performance to their high expectations, and both left with submission wins: JT secured an armbar with two minutes left on the clock and Crucifix wizard Baret Yoshida found his favorite position and transitioned to an anaconda choke finish. 

Watch the full event replay here

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