Every Name Invited/Qualified For ADCC 2019 World Championship (Updated)

[Updated September 16, 2019] Here is a list of every person who qualified for or has been invited to the ADCC World Championships, to be held in Los Angeles in September 2019. 

There are three ways to compete at the ADCC World Championships: returning champions automatically qualify to return, you either win one of the continental qualifying events (held in various locations around the world), or you receive an invitation. 

The ADCC World Championships men's divisions feature 16 competitors, with eight qualified athletes, seven invitations, and the return of the defending ADCC champion. Women's divisions feature eight competitors, with four qualified athletes, the defending champion, and three invitations. 

To be invited to ADCC is a great honor reserved for only elite grapplers, and so most athletes will need to fight their way onto the event. 

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Take a look below at the confirmed names...

Men -66kg

South American Trials Winner: Ruan Alvarenga (BRA)

2nd European Trials Winner: Thomas Halpin (IRE) 

Asia-Oceania Trials Winner: Kenta Iwamoto (JPN)

2nd North American Trials Winner: Nicky Ryan (USA) 

Invited: Geo Martinez (USA)

Invited: Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes (BRA)

Invited: Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor (USA)

Invited: Paulo Miyao (BRA)

Invited: Gianni Grippo (USA)

Invited: Pablo Mantovani (BRA)

Invited: Keith Krikorian (USA)

Invited: Bruno Frazatto (BRA)

Invited: Matheus Gabriel (BRA) 

Invited: Kennedy Maciel (BRA)

Invited: Richard Alarcon (USA)

Invited: Tye Ruotolo (USA)

Men -77kg

2017 champion: JT Torres (USA)

1st European Trials Winner: Ross Nicholls ( GBR)

1st North American Trials Winner: Jon Satava (USA)

2nd North American Trials Winner: John Combs (USA) 

South American Trials Winner: Servio Tulio (BRA)

2nd European Trials Winner: Mateusz Gamrot (POL)

Asia-Oceania Trials Winner: Lachlan Giles (AUS)

Invited: Vagner Rocha (BRA/USA)

Invited: Oliver Taza (CAN/LEB)

Invited: Edwin Najmi (USA)

Invited: Renato Canuto (BRA)

Invited: Lucas Lepri (BRA)

Invited: Celso Vinicius (BRA)

Invited: DJ Jackson (USA)

Invited: Dante Leon (CAN)

Invited: Garry Tonon (USA) 

Men -88kg

1st European Trials Winner: Adam Wardzinski (POL)

1st North American Trials Winner: Alec Baulding (USA)

2nd North American Trials Winner: Josh Hinger (USA) 

South American Trials Winner: Gabriel Almeida (BRA)

2nd European Trials Winner: Ben Dyson (GBR) 

Asia-Oceania Trials Winner: Keller Locke-Sodhi (AUS)

-99kg 2nd North AmericanTrials Winner: Mason Fowler (Switches with Keenan Cornelius)

Invited: Craig Jones (AUS)

Invited: Rustam Chsiev (RUS)

Invited: Mike Perez (USA)

Invited: Murilo Santana (BRA)

Invited: Gabriel Arges (BRA)

Invited: Matheus Diniz (BRA)

Invited: Jon Blank (USA)

Invited: Valdir Araujo (BRA) 

Invited: Pedro Marinho (BRA) 

Men -99kg

1st European Trials Winner: Perttu Tepponen (FIN)

1st North American Trials Winner: Tim Spriggs (USA) 

South American Trials Winner: Paulo Jose Barauna (BRA)

2nd European Trials Winner: Mraz Avdoyan (GER) 

2017 88kg champion: Gordon Ryan (moves up to -99kg)

1st North American Trials Winner: Aaron "Tex" Johnson (USA)

Invited: Keenan Cornelius (USA) 

Invited: Ben Hodgkinson (AUS)

Invited: Vinny Magalhaes (BRA)

Invited: Patrick Gaudio (BRA)

Invited: Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa (BRA) 

Invited: Jackson Sousa (BRA)

Invited: Paul Ardila (USA)

Invited: Dillon Danis (USA)

Invited: Fellipe Andrew (BRA)

Invited: Claudio Calasans

Men +99kg

2017 champion: Marcus Buchecha Almeida (BRA)

1st European Trials Winner: Eldar Rafigaev (Moldova)

2nd North American Trials Winner: Nick Rodriguez (USA)

South American Trials Winner: Antonio Braga Neto (BRA)

2nd European Trials Winner: Mateusz Juskowiak (POL) 

2017 champion: Yuri Simoes (moves up to +99kg)

Invited: Orlando Sanchez (USA)

Invited: Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu (BRA)

Invited: Jared Dopp (USA)

Invited: Joao Gabriel Rocha (BRA)

Invited: Kaynan Duarte (BRA)

Invited: Victor Hugo (BRA)

Invited: Mahamed Aly (BRA)

Invited: John Hansen (USA) 

Invited: Eliot Marshall (USA) 

Invited: Max Gimenis (BRA)

Women -60kg

2017 champion: Beatriz Mesquita (BRA)

North American Trials Winner: Jena Bishop (USA) 

South American Trials Winner: Franciele Nascimento (BRA)

European Trials Winner: Livia Giles (POL)

Asia-Oceania Trials Winner: Rikako Yuasa (JPN)

Invited: Bianca Basilio (BRA)

Invited: Elvira Karppinen (FIN)

Invited: Ffion Davies (GBR)

Women +60kg

2017 champion: Gabi Garcia (BRA)

North American Trials Winner: Amanda Leve (USA) 

South American Trials Winner: Carina Santi (BRA)

European Trials Winner: Stephanie Egger (SUI)  

Invited: Jessica Flowers (BRA)

Invited: Tayane Porfirio (BRA)

Invited: Nathiely de Jesus (BRA)

Invited: Ana Carolina Vieira (BRA)


Andre Galvao (defending champion) vs Felipe Pena (2017 absolute champion) 


For tickets to the ADCC World Championships in Anaheim, CA click here. To buy official ADCC merch visit thejiujiteiro.com

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