The List Of Every Grappler Qualified For ADCC 2019 World Championship

Here is a list which we will update with the names of every person who qualifies for the next ADCC World Championships, to be held in Los Angeles in September 2019. 

There are three ways to compete at the ADCC World Championships; returning champions automatically qualify to return, you either win one of the continental qualifying events (held in various locations around the world) or you receive an invitation. 

ADCC World Championships men's divisions feature 16 competitors, with eight qualified athletes, seven invitations and the return of the defending ADCC champion. Women's divisions feature eight competitors, with four qualified athletes, the defending champion and three invitations. 

To be invited to ADCC is a great honor reserved for only elite grapplers, and so most athletes will need to fight their way onto the event. 

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Take a look below at the confirmed names...

Men -66kg

2017 champion: Rubens 'Cobrinha' Charles

1st European Trials Winner: Zaur Akhmedov (Russia)

1st North American Trials Winner: Ethan Crelinsten (Canada)

Men -77kg

2017 champion: JT Torres

1st European Trials Winner: Ross Nicholls (United Kingdom)

1st North American Trials Winner: Jon Satava (USA)

Men -88kg

2017 champion: Gordon Ryan (will most likely go up in weight)

1st European Trials Winner: Adam Wardzinski (Poland)

1st North American Trials Winner: Alec Baulding (USA)

Men -99kg

2017 champion: Yuri Simoes 

1st European Trials Winner: Perttu Tepponen (Finland)

1st North American Trials Winner: Tim Spriggs (USA)

Men +99kg

2017 champion: Marcus Buchecha Almeida 

1st European Trials Winner: Eldar Rafigaev (Moldova)

1st North American Trials Winner: Aaron "Tex" Johnson (USA)

Women -60kg

2017 champion: Beatriz Mesquita 

Women +60kg

2017 champion: Gabi Garcia 


Andre Galvao (defending champion) vs Felipe Pena (2017 absolute champion)

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