2019 ADCC West Coast Trials: A Look at Who's Signed Up

The second North American ADCC Trials take place on February 9 in Los Angeles, CA and this is the last chance for athletes to qualify for a spot at the World Championships. 

The competitors list still hasn't been finalized yet but there are already over 300 people signed up. 66kg and 77kg are the biggest divisions, with dozens of competitors signed up. 

Here is a quick sneak look at just a few of the notable names from each division... We'll be streaming the 2019 ADCC North American Trials LIVE and On Demand – there will be videos uploaded from every mat and of every match, plus you can follow along via the interactive brackets on FloArena

On 6pm, Friday February 8 at the Musclepharm HQ in Burbank CA there will be an ADCC referee's course for people to become fully acquainted with the rules. 


  • Junny Ocasio
  • Marvin Castelle
  • Kade Ruotolo
  • Tye Ruotolo
  • Jonathan Calestine


  • Richie Martinez
  • William Tackett 
  • Nathan Orchard 
  • Thomas Keenan
  • John Combs
  • Kevin Mahecha
  • Enrique Galarza


  • Nick Schrock
  • Matthew Tesla
  • Roberto Jimenez 
  • Micah Brakefield
  • James Brasco
  • Josh Hinger 


  • Mario Gonzalez
  • Eliot Kelly
  • Paul Ardila
  • Mason Fowler


  • Nick Rodriguez
  • Eliot Marshall

Fem -60kg 

  • Breanna Stikkelman
  • Heather Raftery
  • Nikki Sullivan
  • Jena Bishop 
  • Rita Gribben

Fem +60kg 

  • Elisabeth Clay
  • Maggie Grindatti
  • Raquel Canuto
  • Tammy Griego
  • Kendall Reusing
  • Nicole Evangelista
  • Chloe McNally

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Every Name Invited/Qualified For ADCC 2019 World Championship (Updated)

[Updated April 17, 2019] Here is a list which we will update with the names of every person who qualifies for or is invited to the ADCC World Championships, to be held in Los Angeles in September 2019.