Elite Grappling Championships 3 presented by KASAI Going Down Mar. 9

KASAI Elite Grappling Championships (KASAI) confirms that its amateur event ‘Elite Grappling Championships’ will host its third open tournament at Baruch College in NYC on Saturday, March 9th .

The Elite Grappling Championships is New York City’s premier amateur jiu-jitsu and open grappling competition for men and women. Our goal is to provide a great experience for our competitors including high-quality matches and smooth logistics. This one-day event is a mainstay on the NYC Jiu-Jitsu calendar.

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  • Saturday, March 9, 2019 at Baruch College in NYC Spectators welcome! 
  • Adults and adolescents: $10 on entry
  •  Ages 12-and-under: Free entry


The KASAI Pro Qualifier will feature 6 minute matches under the KASAI point system (see below). The winner will secure a spot in the KASAI Pro 5 World Light-Heavyweight Championship Tournament at the Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on April 6.

KASAI Pro Qualifier competitors can weigh-in on 03/08/2019 from 6pm to 8pm, or on the day of the event 03/09/2019 at Baruch College.


  • Rooster – 107 lbs
  • Light Feather – 118 lbs
  • Feather – 129 lbs • Light – 141.5 lbs
  • Middle – 152.5 lbs • Medium Heavy – 163.5 lbs
  • Heavy – 175 lbs
  • Super Heavy – 175 + lbs

* Master 1 division is only available for white, blue, purple and brown belts.

WEIGHT CLASSES: Male Gi: Adult, Master 1 and 2

  • Rooster – 127 lbs 
  • Light Feather – 141.5 lbs 
  • Feather – 154.5 lbs 
  • Light – 168 lbs 
  •  Middle – 181.5 lbs 
  • Medium Heavy -195 lbs 
  • Heavy – 208 lbs 
  • Super Heavy – 222 lbs 
  • Ultra Heavy – 222 + lbs

*Master 1 division is only available for white, blue, purple and brown belts. *Master 2 division is only available for white, blue, and purple belts.


  •  Pre-register by age group 
  • Weight divisions and brackets will be created by belt rank and weight proximity (5-6 lbs.) after weigh-ins  
  •  KASAI will refund registrations if competitors (the kids, teens and juvenile divisions) have no matches LOCATION Baruch College 55 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10010.

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