Fight 2 Win 106: Cyborg, Antunes, Formiga Showcase Best of Sub-Only

Roberto Cyborg Abreu commands a powerful presence in South Florida, and so it was only fitting that he should appear in the main event of Fight 2 Win 106 in Fort Lauderdale. Joining him would be Luiz Panza, the renowned leg locker from Checkmat, flying in from California to take on Cyborg in his back yard. 

The bout played out much as you'd expect: Panza worked his flexible guard and threatened for leg attacks, even using a Cyborg-Signature tornado guard attack to try and catch a kneebar. Cyborg's base and poise from top was rock solid, however, and he anticipated every attack coming his way, never finding himself out of position. 

Panza is incredibly flexible for a man his size (he is a a super-heavyweight, after all) and tried to catch Cyborg in the transitions but this allowed Abreu an opportunity to pass the guard and settle into side control around three mins into the match. 

Once he got on top, the 38-year-old Cyborg denied Panza the ability to recover guard, moving from side to knee ride, taking the back and more. He even busted out the infamous knee-on-neck! Panza finally got his guard working again with around 2.30 leg but Cyborg stayed tight and pressured the Checkmat black belt right until the end to win via a unanimous decision. 

Cyborg is a multiple-time F2W veteran and is sure to return for more – keep an eye out for upcoming F2W cards for info. 

Antunes and Alencar Dazzle With Non-Stop Dynamic Jiu-Jitsu 

Talita Alencar and Karen Antunes are both known for their aggressive and attacking jiu-jitsu. Both of them were silver medalists at Pans, and the last time we saw them compete was in a no-gi match back in 2016. 

It was off to a fast start with Talita hunting for a calf crush early, only for Antunes to respond with a dangerous toehold and later a deep flying triangle that had the Alliance team member in peril. Antunes kept up her onslaught, going for a kimura to armbar attack when Alencar tried to pass the guard.

Alencar knew that the submission-only ruleset would have put Antunes ahead in the judges' eyes, and so she answered with a kneebar attempt but it wasn't enough. Antunes escaped and resumed her attacks until time ran out, winning via unanimous decision. This gives Antunes the Fight 2 Win flyweight title, and offers her an opportunity to highlight her dynamic jiu-jitsu once again on the F2W stage. 

Formiga Secures Choke Over Pulga For Masters Title

Soul Fighters co-founder Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa showed off his clinical technique with a choke over Fight Sports rep Alexandre "Pulga" Pimental in a Masters black belt lightweight title bout. 

Formiga looked smooth as always and avoided the unorthodox and tricky attacks of Pimental to finis with a choke from the crucifix. 

Notable Results

The stacked show contained more than enough entertainment on the undercard. 

• Enrico Cocco tapped out Travis Magalit with an armbar to win the F2W Masters no-gi welterweight title. 

• Checkmat's Catherine Fuhro Perret stepped up on super late notice to take a split decision win over Luanna Alzuguir. 

• Vitor Schlosser defeated Kevin Gallagher by decision to become F2W Masters No-Gi light-heavyweight champion.

Watch the full event replay of Fight 2 Win 106 right here

Cornelius, Hallock Take No-Gi Pan Absolute Divisions

The adult black belt divisions wrapped up at No-Gi Pans on Saturday night in New York and featured dominant performances in the male and female open classes by Keenan Cornelius and Laurah Hallock. 

Everybody Gets Tapped! Brown Belt Shootout at 2019 IBJJF No-Gi Pans

The brown belt divisions were a non-stop flurry of action today at the 2019 IBJJF Pan No-Gi. Submissions were flying, especially in the absolute division. Let’s break down one of the craziest sequence of matches... 

ADCC Competitors At No-Gi Pans: The Good And Bad

Seven athletes competing at the 2019 ADCC World Championships competed on Saturday at the IBJJF Pan No-Gi, five in the black belt division and two at brown belt. None of the seven ADCC athletes ended up fighting each other and they ended up with three gold medals, two silver and two bronze. 

Road To Gold: Ruan Alvarenga

Ruan Alvarenga from Alliance Marcelo Garcia was on fire at No-Gi Pans this morning, tapping his way through the brown belt featherweight division. Ruan won the ADCC South American trials to qualify for ADCC later this month but still signed up for No-Gi Pans just a couple weeks out from ADCC. If he was looking at this event as a warm-up for ADCC it certainly worked out for him as he barely broke a sweat on his way to gold.

No-Gi Pans Results and Recap: Keenan's Experiment Fails, Trator Takes Gold

The plan for Keenan at the 2019 Pan IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship was to test out the new techniques and strategies he has been learning with John Danaher and Gordon Ryan at Renzo's gym over the last three weeks. 

Keenan vs Devhonte Among Fire First-Round Matches At IBJJF 2019 No-Gi Pans

The brackets and schedule have dropped for the 2019 IBJJF No-GI Pans!

ADCC Shuffle Continues: Luiz Panza & Kit Dale Out; Replacements Announced

In another bit of news that is equal parts disappointing and intriguing, Checkmat all-star Luiz Panza announced that he is withdrawing from ADCC due to a knee injury.

The World's Best Colored Belts In For IBJJF No-Gi Pans

A number of elite colored belts have signed up for this weekends IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship in New York. There are brown belts who are set to compete at ADCC in just a couple weeks and various world champions at blue, purple and brown belt. The brown belts will fight on Saturday the 14th and the purple belts on Sunday the 15th.

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Analysis: Buchecha Racks Up Highest Point Total At ADCC 2017

Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida is one of the most physically gifted athletes of this generation, as evidenced by his performance at the 2017 ADCC World Championships. 

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