Get Ready No-Gi Pans, Keenan Is Back!


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Keenan Returns!

A huge name has jumped into the mix for IBJJF No-Gi Pans at the deadline on Friday night, as two-time No-Gi World champion Keenan Cornelius has registered in the super-heavyweight division. Known for his arsenal of lapel attacks in the gi, Keenan is also one of the most accomplished No-Gi competitors on earth and is a four-time ADCC medalist.

The last time we saw Keenan compete was the open class at this years Worlds in June, where he defeated Nicholas Meregali in the quarterfinals before dropping a close referee decision to Leandro Lo in the semifinals. A rib injury in the Lo match took him out of his weight at Worlds and we have not seen him since. 

Keenan could be looking at No-Gi Pans as a tune up for ADCC considering the amount of time off since his last match and lack of no-gi action this year. He immediately becomes the favorite in his weight and the open class, although tough competitors like Vinicius Trator and Devhonte Johnson are waiting for him at super-heavyweight.

Tune in to No-Gi Pans on September 14-15 to see the head of the newly formed Legion American Jiu-Jitsu trying to follow Gordon Ryan’s double gold run at No-Gi Pans a year ago.

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