Fight 2 Win 129

Talita Gets Split Decision Win And Dante Earns Sub Of The Night at F2W129

Talita Gets Split Decision Win And Dante Earns Sub Of The Night at F2W129

Catch up on the results from Fight 2 Win 129 and find out how Talita Alencar vs Catherine Perret, Dante Leon vs Isaque Bahiense, and more went down.

Oct 28, 2019 by Rose Miller
Talita Gets Split Decision Win And Dante Earns Sub Of The Night at F2W129

Talita Alencar defeated Catherine Perret in an inter-weight main event at Fight 2 Win 129 last night, seeing the flyweight champ earn split decision over the bantamweight titleholder. 

In the champ vs champ main event, Alencar and Perret came to duke it out on their feet. While Catherine had a couple of near-takedowns, Talita was relentless in her attempts to do the same but was unsuccessful in closing the distance. With time running out Talita went for a snapdown guillotine, although Catherine popped her head out easily – it was the only submission attempt in the match so far. With 30 seconds left in the match, Talita pulled closed guard and attacked wrist locks which ultimately earned her the split decision victory over bantamweight champion, Catherine Perret. 

Talita says she wanted the match with Catherine because she wanted to wrestle, and while she’s happy with her performance she’s not completely satisfied. She’s aiming to solidify her takedowns and finish the submissions.

Dante Leon was looking scary dominant over the weekend. It took only a minute and 15 seconds for the Canadian black belt to scoop up a guillotine off a takedown attempt from 2018 World champ Isaque Bahiense. 

Though Bahiense tried to utilize the Fight 2 Win rules and slam his way out of the submission, it seemed to only make the choke tighter, and led to the tap. Dante says he’s happy with his performance and a perfectly executed strategy. 

“My game plan was to wrestle and really push him so I could capitalize on any opening or any mistake he made,” said Leon. 

Strength, precision, and execution – between an impressive ADCC campaign and flawless F2W 129 performance, Dante has proven he’s got what it takes and is going into his upcoming challenges more ready than ever. His next match will be a super fight against Marcos Tinoco at GrappleFest on November 23, followed by No-Gi Worlds in December. 


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Seven-time world champ and IBJJF Hall of Famer Hannette Staack took the stage in front of her adopted hometown, Chicago, for the first time. A failed flying armbar attempt put Hannette in a compromised position early in the match. With a hard-fought recovery, she closed her guard and tried to bait Jessica to try to force the guard open. 

The match largely took place here: Jessica waiting to counter, and Hannette unwilling to relinquish her body triangle. With a couple of minutes left in the match, Hannette began attacking, but Jessica was able to stay grounded and patient, looking for the perfect counter. Hannette opened her guard, threatening a sweep, and falling back into a heel hook attempt. Jessica was able to push forward out of, threaten the back and ultimately lock in a convincing guillotine as the match ended. Two submission attempts and a slam gave Jessica the nod from two of the three refs for a split decision victory. 

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