2019 World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship

No-Gi Worlds 2019: Finals Results & Match Videos

No-Gi Worlds 2019: Finals Results & Match Videos

The final day of competition at No-Gi worlds saw new champions enter their names in the history books.

Dec 17, 2019 by Chase Smith
No-Gi Worlds 2019: Finals Results & Match Videos
The final day of competition at No-Gi worlds saw new champions enter their names in the history books. Scroll down for a recap of the action. 

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The final day of competition at No-Gi worlds saw new champions enter their names in the history books. Scroll down for a recap of the action. 

Women's Black Belt Finals

Mayssa Bastos vs Amber Rymarz-Freitas Roosterweight

 GF Team competitor Mayssa Bastos wasted no time jumping out to an early lead in the roosterweight final;  her pressure passing was in fine form, earning an early three points for her guard passing efforts and never looked back.

Result: Mayssa Bastos def. Amber Rymarz-Freits 5-2 (Watch Match)

Patricia Machado vs Amanda Canuto - Light-Feather

Amanda Monteiro began the match with patented GF Team pressure passing skills, earning two advantages for her efforts before finally securing side control.

Patricia showed her own flashes of brilliance, nearly sweeping Amanda and taking the back at one point, but Monteiro's defense held tight and she was able to avoid giving away any points.

Amanda's pressure eventually proved too much and she was able to rack up the score 9-2 before finishing the match with an arm triangle from the mount.

Result: Amanda Monteiro def. Patricia Machado via arm triangle. (Watch Match)

Heather Raftery vs Talita Alencar - Featherweight

Two of the scrappiest women's black belt competitors collided in the featherweight final in a match that delivered high octane battle.  Talita's inverted guard was a focal point early n the match as she hunted for various back attacks and leg entanglements, but it was her wrestling that earned her the go head advantage after a scramble on the feet saw her drag heather back down to the mat. 

Result: Talita Alencar def. Heather Raftery 4-1 *advantages* (Watch Match)

Jena Bishop vs Nathalie Ribeiro - Lightweight

Nathalie Ribeiro's strategy was to pull guard early and aggressively hunt for sweeps by wrestling up for the single leg. the strategy led to Ribeiro racking up the advantages, and she nearly took Bishop's back in the process. 

Result: Nathalie Ribeiro def. Jena Bishop *5-1  advantages*  (Watch Match)

Jaqueline Amorim vs Raquel Canuto - Middleweight

Two checkmat teammates faced off in the women's black belt middleweight final, and things certainly got off to a chippy start. there was heavy collar ties before Amorim eventually sat to guard. 

Canuto was able to secure a strong bodylock pass attempt around the eight-minute mark but Amorim was able to escape the position before any points or advantages were secured by Canuto. 

Canuto jumped ahead in points after hitting a slick diving underhook kneeslide pass t pit three on the board at the 6:30 minute mark. Amorim brought the match back to standing after a clever back roll escape from Canuto's back attack. 

Result: Raquel Canuto def. Jaqueline Amorim 3-0 (Watch Match

Veda Toscano vs Julia Boscher - Medium-Heavy

Julia Boscher's aggressive physicality was evenly matched by Veda Toscano's nimble guard abilities.   The opening minutes of the black belt medium-heavyweight final saw blitzing passing attempts from the 55 jiu-jitsu reparative, but Veda's crafty guard was able to stave off any successful scores.

The match's pace slowed considerably when Toscano locked Julia down in the closed guard for close to six minutes, but the match ended with the same fervor that it opened with as Boscher nearly secured the last second guard past, prevented only by a lone foot from Veda.  

Result: Veda Toscano def. Julia Boscher 2-0 (Watch Match)

Talita 'Treta' Nogueira vs Elizabeth Mitrovic - Heavyweight

Elizabeth Mitrovic spent the better part of this match hunting an inverted saddle entry with the hopes of pulling Talita Nogueira's leg into a kneebar attack, but despite her efforts, Treta's defense was impeccable.  The NS Brotherhood competitor eventually stuck Mitrovic inside the 'unfair 50/50' and smashed her from top half guard fro the remainder of the round - her actions satisfying the judges and earning her the referee's decision win. 

Result: Talita Nogueira def. Elizabeth Mitrovic via ref's decision (Watch Match)

Jessica Flowers vs Kendal Reusing - Super-Heavy

Kendal Reusing def. Jessica Flower - (No Match / Closeout)

Jessica Flowers vs Kendal Resuing - Absolute

Jessica Flowers def. Kendal Reusing - (No Match / Closeout)

Men's Black Belt Finals

Thalison Soares vs Rodnei Barbosa  - Roosterweight

Thalison Soares first major tournament as a black belt results in a gold medal after he defeated veteran competitor Rodnei Barbosa in the final.  It was refreshing to see Soares get pushed for the first time in what seems like years: Rodnei had some solid positions and good looks at mounting some offense, but Thalison was able to remain collected and maintain a two-point lead throughout.

Result: Thalison Soares Defeats Rodnei Barbosa 4-2 (Watch Match)

Hiago George vs Joao Miyao - Light-Feather

Result:  Hiago George def. Joao Miyao  (No Match / Closeout)

Alexssandro Sodre vs  Gabriel Sousa - Featherweight 

The match between Alexssandro Sodre and Gabriel Sousa was a calculated affair that saw Gabriel Sousa work his passing against Sodre's closed guard. The pace quickened at the halfway mark when Sodre switched to an open guard game - both competitors striving to find a weakness in the other's game.  

In the end, neither athlete gained a strong advantage over the other and it went to a split referee's decision in favor of Alexssandro Sodre. 

Result: Alexssandro Sodre def. Gabriel Sousa Via Judges decision (watch Match)

Ygor Rodrigues vs Johnny Tama - Lightweight

Johnny Tama opened the match with trademark flair – this time a diving/ tackle / guard pull.  Ygor's aggressive passing looked phenomenal early, but Johnny was able to remain patient and work his a talented inverted approach. 

A turning point in the match at the two-minute mark. came when Tama accidental knee to the head during a leaping guard pass, creating a deep cut just above Tama's right eye. Thankfully the medics were able to secure the wound and the action continued as hit had before.  

The match ended in fireworks as Tama attacked Ygor's seated guard and was able to achieve the mount in the last 30 seconds after diving back take rewarded him instead with the mount. 

Result: Johnny Tama def. Ygor Rodrigues 4-0 (Watch Match)

Dante Leon vs Jaime Canuto - Middleweight

No closeouts here, these two GF Team competitors opted to scrap it out in the middleweight final. Things were interesting early, a sweep attempt from Leon led to the pair scramble out of bounds, the

Leon's passing was on full display in this match: a strong throw by attempt saw Leon nearly secure the mount and back - Canuto defended well but gave up his arm in the process - Leon jumped on it, and it one of the most savage moments of the match, Canuto DID. NOT. TAP.  

Leon picked up two more points after the pair when out of bounds while the Canadian had a tight guillotine.  The match ended 4-0 for Leon, but Canuto also certainly left an impression on the crowd with his heart.  

Results: Dante Leon Def. Jaime Canuto 4-0

Manual Ribamar vs Gabriel Almeida - Medium-Heavy

Another sprint of a match - Manual Ribamar opened with a flurry and nearly secured a leaping back take off a sweep and use of the twister hook, but Almeida was clam and was able to slide out of the position; the exchange earned Ribamar two advantages and the score remained the same for the following 6 minutes of regulation.  

Ribamar made tactical use of the 50/50 position to come up for 2 points and extended his score to 2 points.  

Result: Manual Ribamar def.  Gabriel Almeida 2-0 (Watch Match)

Adam Wardzinski vs Jackson Sousa - Heavyweight

Adam Wardzinski def. Jackson Sousa  (No Match / Closeout)

Eliot Kelly vs Vinicius 'Trator' Ferreira - Super-Heavy

Trator immediately sat to the seated guard and baits Kelly to try and pass.  Hew demonstrated his impressive flexibility as he constantly twisted and inverted throughout the match, looking for a kiss of the dragon style back take or sweep.

Trator eventually got what he was looking for with forty seconds left on the clock, putting him ahead by two points; but the match wasn't over yet, and Tractor wasn't looking to win on points - he slammed on an estima lock to seal the deal and earn himself the gold medal.

Result: Trator Submits Eliot Kelly (Watch Match)

James Puopolo vs Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu - Ultra-Heavy

Cyborg ran through James Puopolo, racking up eight points though before finally submitting the Lovato Jiu-Jitsu black belt with a Kimura.

Result: Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu Wins via Submission (Watch Match)

Roberto Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu vs Victor Hugo  - Absolute

The absolute final was a repeat of an ultra-heavy semi-final: which for those who don't remember was an exceptionally close match that cyborg won 3-2 on advantages. 

Hugo opened the match by sitting immediately to guard and inverting on the legs and locking on a fully extended kneebar. Cyborg fought the submission as long as he could, but was forced to tap, giving Victor Hugo the submission win.  

Result: Victor Hugo Defeats Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu via submission (Watch Match)

Quarter-Final Though Semi-Final Results Below



  • Marko Tapani def. Kristian Woodmansee via DQ  (Watch Match)
  • Thalison Soares def. David Zennario via RNC (Watch Match)
    • Thalison Soares' first match went about as well as it could have: the young Cicero Costha / Unity athlete submitted his opponents less than four minutes into regulation. 
  • Rodnei Barbosa def. Taniel Santos (Watch Match)


  • Thalison Soares def. Marko Tapani via RNC (Watch Match)
  • Rodnei Barbosa def. Nobuhiro Sawada via decision (Watch Match)


  • Rodnei Barbosa vs Thalison Soares



  •  Edwin Ocasio def. Lucas Pinheiro vs - Lucas did not compete.
  •  Hiago George def. Jonas Andre - Jonas Did not compete.
  • Joao Miyao def.  Richard Alarcon 13-2 (Watch Match)
    • One of the wilder matches of the early rounds,  Joao Miyao had a dominant performance over  Richard Alarcon.
  •  Anthony Guy def. Suraj Budrham via submission (Watch Match)



  • Joao Miyao vs Hiago George



  • Alexssandro Sodre def. Thomas Halpin 6-0.  (Watch Match)
  • Gabriel Marangoni def. Thiago Abud via submission (Watch Match)
  • Cole Franson def. Silvio Duran 8-2 (Watch Match)
    • Cole Franson had a strong opening match against veteran Silvio Duran. The key sequence of the match saw  R1ng jiu-jitsu representative take Duran's back and attack the beck;   Duran defended the choke by rolling out of bounds, awarding Franson two more points. 
  • Gabriel Sousa def. Alejandro Lecoq 11-2 (Watch Match)


  • Alexssandro Sodre def. Gabriel Marangoni *3-2 Advantages* (Watch Match)
  • Gabriel Sousa def. Cole Franson  (Watch)


  • Alexssandro Sodre vs Gabriel Sousa



  •  Fabio Caloi def. Lucas Araujo via decision (Watch Match
  • Johnny Tama def. Natan Freitas 4-2 (Watch Match)
    • Johnny Tama took on the surging newcomer Natan Freitas but was able to hit and early sweep and maintain the lead throughout. 
  • Athos Miranda def. Pedro Henrique via decision (Watch Match)
  •  Ygor Rodrigues def. Federico Silva via RNC  (Watch Match)
    • A strong opening from Ygor Rodrigues, he finished Silva in under 4 minutes.


  •  Ygor Rodrigues def. Athos Miranda *1-0 Advantages* (Watch Match)
  • Johnny Tama def. Fabio Caloi 4-2  (Watch Match)


  • Ygor Rodrigues vs Johnny Tama



  • Dante Leon def. Pedro Rocha Armbar (Watch Match)
    • Dante Leon looked phenomenal in his quarter-final match; we saw plenty of scrambles, headlock control, and passing before Dante finished the match with a triangle armbar. 
  • Felipe Cesar Silva def.  Diego Ramalho  (Watch Match)
  • Jaime Canuto def. Sebastian Brosche  2-0 (watch match)
  • Jefferson Guaresi def. Jon Satava via decision (Watch Match)


  • Dante Leon def. Felipe Cesar Silva *4-2 Advantages* (Watch Match)
  • Jaime Canuto def. Jefferson Guaresi via ref's decision (Watch Match)


  • Dante Leon vs Jaime Canuto



  •  Gabriel Almeida def. Marcos Oliveira - Marcos did not fight
  • Rafael Paganini  def. Kenji Sette via Guillotine 
  • Mathias Luna def. Servio Tulio Via Submission (Watch Match)
  • Manual Ribamar def. Jonnatas Gracie - Jonnatas Gracie Did Not Fight


  •  Manual Ribamar def. Mathias Luna *3-0 Advantages* (Watch Match)
  • Gabriel Almeida def. Rafael Paganini 2-0 (Watch Match)


  • Manual Ribamar vs Gabriel Almeida



  • Adam Wardzinski def. Todd Mueckenheim 27-0 (Watch Match)
    • Wardzinski had a feeding frenzy in this match.  
  • Felipe Trovo def. Murilo Santana * One Advantage* (Watch Match)
  • Devhonte Johnson def. Roberto Alencar 2-0 (watch match)
  • Jackson Sousa def Max Bickerton 8-0 (Watch Match)


  • Adam Wardzinski def. Felipe Trovo *3-2 Advantages* (Watch Match)
  • Jackson Sousa def. Devhonte Johnson via DQ (Watch Match)


  • Adam Wardzinski vs Jackson Sousa



  • Eliot Kelly def. Helton Junior via Decision (Watch Match)
  • Marcelo Gomide def. Perttu Tepponen *4-1 Advantages* (Watch Match)
  • Vinicius Ferreira def. Roberto Torralbas via DQ (Watch Match)
  •  Frederic Vosgrone def. Aaron 'Tex' Johnson via Decision (Watch Match)


  • Eliot Kelly def. Marcelo Gomide 4-2 (Watch Match)
    • Elliot kelly pulled off the last-minute score to earn the win over surging black belt Marcelo Gomide in the final seconds of the round.
  • Vinicius Ferreira def. Frederic Vosgrone  12-2 (Watch Match)


  • Eliot Kelly vs Vinicius Ferreira



  • James Puopolo def. Vinny Magalhaes  - Vinny Did not Fight
  • Victor Hugo def. Vinicius Barros - Vinicius did not fight


  • James Puopolo def. Fernando Ribas - (Watch Match)
  • Roberto Abreu def. Victor Hugo 2-2 *3-2 advantages*  (Watch Match)


James Puopolo vs Roberto Cyborg Abreu