WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Kyle Boehm Live Updates and Results

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Follow along as we live blog the Who's Number One event featuring a no-time limit, submission-only match between Gordon Ryan and Kyle Boehm.

After more than two months delay, the second edition of Who's Number One is finally here. I'm Corey Stockton, and tonight I'll be posting live updates for each match on this action-packed card. The main event: a no time limit showdown between Gordon Ryan and Kyle Boehm.

Before that happens, we have 15 no-gi matches including Nicky Ryan vs Tye Ruotolo, Ethan Crelinsten vs Kade Ruotolo and Kody Steele vs Alec Baulding.

Competitive jiu-jitsu is back, and with a bang!

Keep your cursor on the refresh button and follow along.

Hannah Sternblitz (Star BJJ) vs Emily Fernandez (Bastos BJJ)

Fernandez jumps closed guard right off the handshake. She's constantly working to break Sternblitz's posture. She gains control of the cross ankle, sticking Sternblitz in an awkward posture and begins to climb her legs. Fernandez sets her intentions on an armbar but doesn't have the leverage.

Sternblitz postures up but Fernandez breaks the posture again to attack a flower sweep, gaining top position. From the mount, she toggles between armbar and back attack threats. Toward the edge of the mat, she sits back on an arm lock and continues attacking it through the closed guard.

Sternblitz escapes the lock and the fighters are reset standing in the center.

This time, it's Stenblitz who sits guard.

Fernandez tries to knee cut through the open guard, but jumps to guard as Stenrblitz comes up to defend the pass. Fernandez threatens a guillotine, then  executes a hip bump sweep to secure her unanimous decision victory as the time expires.

Emily Fernandez wins by unanimous decision

Jessie Crane (Ares) vs Jesse Stemple (Easton BJJ) 

Stemple sits to guard and inverts. Crane proves capitalizes on the inversion, passing the guard with her head in the Stemple's hips. Crane moves to mount, but Stemple re-guards right away. Stemple establishes a strong Z-Guard and looks to G-Roll, but Crane takes advantage of the inversion again.

Again, Crane stays low with her head in Stemple's hips and keeps heavy pressure. This time she establishes the mount with a gift wrap. She uses Stemple's frantic movement to gain back control. 

Crane is patient in her hand fighting. Stemple eventually shimmy's Crane off of her back, but Crane returns to mount and re-captures her gift wrap.

Stemple makes another attempt to escape, but Crane uses it to take her back. And this time, she has the choke as she takes the position. The choke comes on quickly, and Crane earns the first submission of the night.

Jessie Crane wins by rear naked choke

April Thompson (OMA) vs Nathalia Santoro (Renzo Gracie) 

Santoro sits guard immediately, then snaps Thompson down and comes up with a front headlock, where she switches between guillotine and kimura traps. Thompson regains top position with double leg control and attempts a pass. Santoro defends. Santoro comes to her knees again and threatens a guillotine, and transitions it to a tight anaconda choke. She scrambles to the top momentarily.

She looks to finish the choke, but ends up on the bottom in half guard.

Thompson continues to try to pass from her knees with her head forward. Thompson nearly passes but Santoro scrambles to her knees. As she sits back to her guard, she sneaks her legs into a triangle choke and hunts the finish immediately. Santoro earns the second finish of the night.

Nathalia Santoro wins by triangle choke

Andrew Tackett (Brazilian Fight Factory)  vs Anthony Robinson (Star BJJ)

Tackett ducks under to the back before the lights have stopped flickering. Robinson slips out and Tackett tries to establsih crucifix. A scramble ensues as Robinson escapes. Robinson grabs an outside heel hook and begins rolling with it.

Tackett escapes and scrambles to Robinson's back. He appears never to settle into a position from here. From the back, to an arm triangle, to a back take to a crucifix. Robinson stays patient, grabbing at legs and keeping Tackett's weight away. 

Tackett never stops moving forward, but hardly controls any position. It's submission threat after threat, but Robinson seems to find just enough space to nullify the attack. 

Still, Tackett's attacking pace seems to exhaust Robinson.

Tackett attempts a flying triangle, but as Robinson escapes, he ends up, momentarily, with a triangle of his own.

Tackett finishes the match with an arm triangle, then an armbar.

This match could have been in fast forward. The movement was nonstop from "Go."

Tackett is in for a double-header. He won't leave the stage between this and his next match.

Andrew Tackett wins by unanimous decision

Diego Pichlingue (Kudos Jiu Jitsu) vs Andrew Tackett (Brazilian Fight Factory) 

Both competitors shove and posture for the first minute. Pichlingue tries a big, technical double leg, but Tackett lands on his knees and takes top position.

In a scramble, Pichlingue takes top and sits back on a knee bar to counter Tackett's berimbolo attempt. Tackett gets out, and again begins moving and creating misdirection.

Tackett takes the back and immediately establishes a body triangle.

Now, for the first time in two matches, he is settling into position.

Tackett fights the hands and maintains his body lock. Pichlingue works tirelessly to get out, hand fighting and moving side to side. He eventually comes up to his knees and takes top position.

Pitchlingue makes an overzealous attempt at a toe hold and gives his back away to Tackett, who takes no time in returning to body lock back control.

Tackett has a near choke, but Pitchlingue fends it off as the bell rings.

Andrew Tackett wins by unanimous decision

Austin Morris (Redline BJJ) vs Wally Thompson (Tac Team) 

Morris looks to keep distance, posting on Thompson's shoulder, forcing Thompson to jump for a scissor leg takedown.

Morris inverts to the top position, but Thompson sits Morris down and begins attacking legs. First a kneebar, then a toe hold, then a heel hook.

Morris escapes and snags a hold of Thompson's chin it to gain a front headlock position.

He grabs the chinstrap again in an effort for Thompson's back, but comes up to half guard, where he finishes a tight guillotine choke.

Austin Morris wins by guillotine choke

Stefanie Kopacz (Roberto Traven BJJ) vs Jordan Patrick (Triton) 

Kopacz sits to closed guard and flows through attacks. Armbar to omoplata to tringle, but Patrick keeps safe.

Kopacz dominates the early grip fight, making it difficult for Patrick to break out of the guard.

She unlocks her guard to attempt a submission series, but Patrick uses that to get her leg inside and eventually tries to stack pass.

Now that she's free of the closed guard, Patrick tries to keep her legs inside and put pressure down. But Kopacz creates distance, and eventually builds up to her feet from seated guard.

Kopacz pulls again, this time to reverse De La Riva. Patrick clearly wants to build pressure, but has trouble working through her opponent's frames.

Kopacz threatens a leg lock, comes on top, stands up, and pulls guard again. She is clearly controlling the movement in this match. She established an early lead in submission attempts, and put the onus on Thompson to try to make something happen.

Kopacz is in tears as her hand is raised.

Stefanie Kopacz wins by unanimous decision

Kyle Short (Flux MMA) vs Kevin McCormick (Marcelo Garcia)  

No soft guard sitting in this one. McComrick is pushing forward with arm drags and feints, but Short seems content to stand and trade in the hand fight.

The exchanges becomes less and less aggressive as the clock winds down, but with three minutes left, Short jumps to guard.

McCormick's game is equally pressuring on the ground. He tries to use a headlock to establish position, but Short re-guards and the match returns to the feet. 

McCormick continues pushing forward and using arm drags to find a set up, but neither man gets close enough to create anything meaningful.

Short sits to guard again, and McCormick immediately begins to pressure side to side. He can't come close enough to pass, but as Short attempts an insignificant leg attack, McCormick settles into top position right before the bell rings.

McCormick wins by unanimous decision

Chris Orozco (Travis Moore BJJ)  vs Diego Santana do Espírito Santo (Alliance)

The black belts are on the stage!

Orozco's hands are heavy, and he makes Santana wear them. Santana sits to butterfly guard and looks to elevate. He breaks Orozco's posture and inverts across the back, threatening several submission with the kiumura grip, but not biting on one.

Orozco escapes and jumps on a leg, where he works through a heel hook into a calf crush.

Orozco ends up in his own half guard and grabs a heel hook rolling to the edge of the mat. Santana escapes and slides a knee up the middle, trying to build pressure.

Orozco is angling toward Santana's outside leg for a deep half guard set up, but Santana wisely drops the outside hip to prevent further attacks. 

Orozco comes to the top with a far arm grip reminiscent of Khabib Nurmagomendov, and makes a crafty roll toward the back before the competitors are reset.

Santana is nearly out of the back attack on the reset, so Orozco threatens a twister, then a nasty calf crush which forces Santana to grimace, but not tap.

Santana ends up on top. Orozco looks to dive under for deep half guard, but Santana, wise to it now, steps around for a kimura and ends up sitting on Orozco's head and circling toward the back. He takes his time rolling to back control, but Orozco explodes out.

Santana predicts the deep half guard dive again and sits back into the kimura. 

With 20 seconds left, Santana commits to the kimura and finishes it. 

Diego Santana do Espírito Santo wins by kimura

Camron Couch (Mohler MMA) vs Isiah Wright (Easton BJJ) 

Both fighters look to wrestle on the inside, fighting for dominant position. Couch shows interest in a single leg takedown early, and uses the same setup to secure the takedown moments later.

Wright is comfortable working from his seated guard, but Couch is hesitant to engage at close range. Instead he dives in for each of his pass attempts. Wright tries to time Couch's time to come up for a head lock, but finds nothing and sits back down.

With two minutes left, Wright gets ambitions and forces an inside sankaku leg entanglement into place, but Couch stays on his knees, and Wright doesn't have the angle to expose a leg.

Couch stays elusive in his passing attempts. Wright, desperate to create favorable action, forces a scramble. Couch ends up on top as the match comes to its conclusion.

Cameron Couch wins by unanimous decision

Hunter Colvin (Triton) vs Andre Gomes Reis (Gracie Gym) 

Colvin sits immediately to his guard and begins chasing Gomes down. He uses his forward pressure to take top position and immediately creates misdirection to gain the pass.

Now that he's secured the mount, he's inching with pressure and trying to scoop an arm out of position. He's staying patient and making Gomes work.

Gomes stays stalwart in his defense, but Colvin's pressure is persistent. 

A scramble takes the competitors toward the edge of the mat, and both competitors return standing.

Colvin pulls guard and continues his forward advance. As Gomes keeps his distnace Colvin taunts him, laying flat, and when Gomes attempts a flying armbar, Colvin looks to lock up a leg.

Now Gomes is moving more aggressively. With Colvin on top in guard, Gomes attempts a razor armlock. But a scramble from Colvin's guard pass puts him on Gomes's back with a body triangle locked.

Colvin tries to finish the choke across Gomes's face, and when he loses the position, he switches to an armbar.

As the bell rings, Gomes tries another flying armbar.

Colvin was the aggressor throughout the match, and takes the decision victory.

Hunter Colvin wins by unanimous decision

Elizabeth Clay (Bastos BJJ) vs Chelsah Lyons (Marcelo Garcia) 

Clay sits immediately to guard and spins underneath. She takes top position but is instantly returned to the mat. The competitors end up in fifty-fifty and Clay untangles her opponent's legs, cinching an inside heel hook.

Lyons escapes the first lock, but Clay drags the leg across to the outside hip, traps Lyons's foot beneath her, and finishes the outside heel hook.

Elizabeth Clay wins by outside heel hook

Kody Steele (Brazilian Fight Factory) vs Alec Baulding (ABBJJ) 

This is what I want to see when I think about wrestling in jiu-jitsu.

Baulding shoots a quick single, Steele tries to sit into a guillotine, Baulding scrambles to the top. Each man tries for back control. Baulding comes back up with the single and jumps into a leg lock. Steele flashes past the guard and tries to build position. As Baulding turtles up, Steele advance a forward. Baulding dives on a leg and the action finally settles as Steele comes up into Baulding's half guard.

Baulding looks to elevate Steele and get underneath him. He traps Steele's leg, but he can't control the knees.

Baulding uses Steele's escape to come up into a leg drag. He moves to a headlock as Steele comes up, but loses the position and Steele begins working through a body lock pass.

Baulding gets his leg inside and elevates Steele into a Kani Basami type leg trap. The action ventures toward the edge of the mat, and Steele gets his knee free before the referees reset the fighters in the center. 

Steele forces Baulding to invert and catches a tight body lock pass as Baulding returns to his back. He collects an arm triangle as he works to finish the pass, but Baulding fends it off. Steele continues through and nearly collects back control, but Baulding stands and dumps Steele over the top. 

Baulding grabs onto a leg as the bell rings.

So far, this is the standout for match of the night. Highly technical, nonstop action from the start.

Kody Steele wins by split decision

Ethan Crelinsten (Renzo Gracie) vs Kade Ruotolo (ATOS) 

We have entered main event territory. The Ruotolo twins will take on two Danaher Death Squad representatives to kick it off.

Crelinsten pulls guard early, and Ruotolo jumps into his unique passing style, posting on the ankle and creating awkward angles. Crelinsten snatches a leg lock but Ruotolo escapes toward the edge of the mat. 

The cycle repeats, with Ruotolo frantically trying to get out of the leg traps, but Crelinsten uses Ruotolo's escape to earn top position. 

Crelinsten's passing style is much tighter. Still, Ruotolo is able to frame away and and sweep.

As Crelinsten returns to the top position, Ruotolo pummels his limbs inside, creates unusual angles, and looks for creative armlocks .

There's a physical argument happening between these two. Crelintsen wants to be close and squared with Ruotolo. Ruotolo wants to keep distance and create uncommon angles. 

Crelintsen eventually comes to mount and uses the opportunity to try to wear Ruotolo down. But Ruotolo is unusually flexible and sinewy, and and he is able to push Crelinsten away. 

From his guard, Crelinsten sets his aims on a heel hook, but Ruotolo continues to spiral away from danger. 

With seven minutes left, Crelinsten looks to be stealing the momentum of the match, forcing Ruotolo to engage in close postitions and snatching up leg locks. 

Ruotolo is pressing forward, BuT Crelinsten has the answers.

Eventually, Crelinsten makes an attempt at Ruotolo's back, and settles for the mount on the edge of the mat. 

Ruotolo escapes to side control, and then eventually to guard. He is clever in his attempts to escape, and incomprehensibly patient in bad positions. But Crelinsten appears more composed and able to advance throughout the match.

The match ends with Crelinsten on the attack in a leg exchange, a running theme throughout the match. But an early flurry of attacks proves enough to earn Ruotolo the victory.

Kade Ruotolo wins by unanimous decision

Nicky Ryan (Renzo Gracie) vs Tye Ruotolo (ATOS)

I was hoping to see this match at ADCC. But it's equally exciting on the Who's Number One stage.

Ryan rushes to guard and tries to get underneath, but Ruotolo hops from side to side putting pressure the guard.

Ruotolo is closing distance, changing angles, Ryan is framing and looking to secure a grip.

Ruotolo establishes a stack pass, but Ryan's flexibility and patience help him save his position. 

Ruotolo's pressure and misdirection are persistent. He's keeping Ryan on the defensive.

Ryan eventually gets underneath and set up a leg entanglement, but Ruotolo counters with a leg lock of his own. He relinquishes it and resumes his pressure passing game.

Ruotolo works through his trademark leg pinning passing style, stepping on his opponent's legs, but Ryan snatches a leg and tries to come up for a back take. Ruotolo dives for a knee bar toward the edge of the mat, and the competitors are re-centered. 

From the center, Ruotolo doubles down on his leg pin pass and fights through the the remains of Ryan's guard to secure north-south position. From there, he begins working toward a chin strap. Ryan eventually fights back to guard, but Ruotolo keeps heavy pressure.

He uses an Estima lock to pass the guard again and climbs from side control to north-south with immense pressure.

Ryan regains his guard. He appears the more worn competitor of the two. He looks for a leg lock setup, but Ruotolo is wise to it.

He ties another, this one is deeper, but again Ruotolo keeps his knee safe. 

Ryan uses a third leg lock attempt to come up top. Ruotolo insists on keeping the top position.

With four minutes left, Ruotolo settles into a patient guard passing game. He knows the pressure is on Ryan to make something happen. 

Ruotolo commits to stepping on Ryan's leg, and Ryan seizes his opportunity to capture a leg drag. But Ryan is worn, and Ruotolo builds steady pressure, breaking free of the leg entanglement and using the position to pass.

In the final minute, Ryan appears out of options and Ruotolo passes the guard again. He grabs another guillotine. It's not enough to finish. But he secures the unanimous decision victory all the same.

Tye Ruotolo wins by unanimous decision

MAIN EVENT: Gordon Ryan (Renzo Gracie) vs Kyle Boehm (10th Planet)

This one will go on as long as it has to.

Ryan is heavy on his collar tie and turning his hip inside, constantly showing the kani basami threat. 

Both men are patient in the standing exchange, looking to dominate collar ties. Ryan sits to guard before the three-minute mark.

From his back, Ryan continues on the collar tie. As Boehm disengages, Ryan rolls his eyes and re-composes. 

Boehm is conservative and keeps his distance. Ryan's tries to appear less and less threatening as Boehm moves away from Ryan's grips and hooks.

Boehm finally moves toward Ryan's guard, and Ryan scoops underneath to sweep. As Boehm attempts to explode away, Ryan moves toward a backtake, but Boehm establishes his guard.

Ryan is patient and engaging in his passing game. He's making Boehm wear his weight. 

Ryan eventually melts into a leg drag position, but shows no urgency to finish the pass. He's content to build pressure and create exposure. 

Boehm seizes an opportunity to pull Ryan into fifty-fifty, but it is Ryan who advances to a leg lock attempt before re-gaining top position.

Boehm pulls the leg through again, this time an outside leg lock attempt. As Ryan scrambles free he jumps to the back, and takes a side body attacking position, threatening the arm bar, then the triangle, then both.

Ryan uses the arm lock to get the tap twelve minutes into the match.

He fell short of his goal to finish the match in ten minutes, but its a victory, nonetheless.

Gordon Ryan wins by arm lock

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