3CG 180lb Kumite Live Results & Updates

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Follow along here for live updates and results from the Third Coast Grappling 180lb 8-man KUMITE! Gabriel Arges, Gustavo Batista, Manuel Ribamar, Roberto Jimenez, William Tackett, Jaime Canuto, Pedro Marinho, Jake Watson will clash in an effort to win $10,000. 

Take a look at the bracket and the schedule for tonight's show, which starts at 9pm ET. 

I can't help but be excited for this event. Tonight, black belt world champions, rookie black belts, and brown belts will battle on the same mat for a $10,000 grand prize.

I'm Corey Stockton, and tonight I'll be watching the event live, and giving you match by match updates so you don't miss a moment. Every competitor in the group tonight is a grinder, so I'm expecting nonstop action.

Third Coast Grappling uses a unique rule set. The first competitor to earn 11 points will earn a victory via technical fall.

If neither competitor earns 11 points or a submission, the competitor with more points will decide the starting position: top or bottom in closed guard or in a neutral standing position. In overtime, first to score wins.

Tune in live with me, and remember to refresh this page often for the latest updates.

ELIMINATION MATCH 1: Pedro Marinho vs William Tackett

The first round match features both of the bracket's brown belts. 

Tackett pulls guard immediately, and Marinho looks to pass the guard leading with his head. He nearly completes the pass before Tackett recovers into a pseudo-crab ride position.

Marinho frees his legs and turns back into Tackett's guard.

On the reset, Tackett shows a berimbolo and a spider guard type position, but Marinho is relentless in his pressure, gritting his teeth, and eventually smashes down chest to chest past Tackett's guard. 

Marinho pops up to knee on belly. A scramble ensues and Marinho tries a flying armbar before Tackett re-guards. The action slows as Tackett locks up a standing 50-50 guard.

Marinho has earned a five point lead for his passing efforts, and takes his time untangling from the 50-50. When he does, he enters a knee cut, and begins his dynamic movement again. It has been successful so far.

Marinho deadlifts Tackett from a stack position and secures the pass to add three points to his lead. He moves to north south position to try to slow Tackett's movement. Tackett gets back to his guard, and Marinho passes again immediately, earning a 12-0 technical fall victory with one minute left on the clock.

Pedro Marinho wins by technical fall

ELIMINATION MATCH 2: Roberto Jimenez vs Manuel Ribamar

Jimenez jumps to guard, but over commits to position, and Ribamar nearly passes off of it.

Jimenez recovers, off-balances Ribamar and elevates him into a berimbolo. He nearly gains Ribamar's back for his efforts. As Ribamar escapes, he comes close to passing Jimenez's guard. They stand for momentarily to reset, and Jimenez pulls guard again.

The competitors exchange grips, and as Ribamar gestures a pass, Jimenez explodes up with a triangle. Ribamar defends, but instantly lands himself in a tight armbar, and is forced to tap.

Roberto Jimenez wins by armbar

ELIMINATOR MATCH 3: Gabriel Arges vs Jake Watson

Arges shoots in, prompting Watson to pull guard. Watson immediately goes on the attack, looking for sweeps and threatens a footlock. As Arges defends, Watson comes up and scores two points. On his way up, Watson finds himself in a triangle, and Arges forces Watson to scramble back to guard, evening the score at two.

Watson plays a single leg X-Guard with a lapel control, and moves toward a knee bar, but ends up in 50-50, a staple position of Arges's game.

Arges climbs through the position and gets to Watson's back with a crafty back take. He scores four points before locking in the body triangle. Then he sets in a rear naked choke and finishes it.

Gabriel Arges wins by rear naked choke

ELIMINATOR MATCH 4: Gustavo Batista vs Jaime Canuto

Batista pulls guard first and grabs control of one sleeve. He looks to set up De La Riva but Canuto prevents the angle.

Canuto tries to explode past the guard, but nearly gets swept before coming back into the guard. Now Batista is able to set up a lasso on Canuto's arm.

Canuto stays back, looking to apply pressure on Batista's guard, but can't struggles to break through the lasso. When Batista finally relinquishes his grip, Canuto begins exploding in an effort to pass.

The competitors stand to reset, and as Batista pulls again he is able close his guard. He funnels Canuto out, looking again the for the De La Riva guard with the opposite side sleeve grip.

Batista looks to set up a single leg X-Guard attack, and Canuto stands directly over him. He fends off the first series of sweep attempts, but Batista is eventually able to come up and score.

Toward the edge of the mat, Canuto tries to sweep and Batista counters by rolling toward the back, but the competitors fall off the edge of the mat and the referee rests them.

Canuto blasts in on a double-leg, but off the mat, and they are reset again.

Batista pulls guard and Canuto looks to explode past the guard out of bounds.

They reset once more, Canuto pulls, and time expires.

This is the first match of the night to reach overtime. Because Batista is ahead on the scoreboard, he gets to chose the position, and he chooses to be set in Canuto's closed guard.

As overtime begins, Canuto pummels his leg inside, elevates Batista, and stands up.

Batista takes his opportunity to pull guard and nearly sweeps Canuto, but the match travels out of bounds again as Canuto is falling to his back.

Batista attempts another single leg takedown out of bounds. Then he pulls guard. Canuto is staying standing and stacked in the open guard of Batista, seeming to wath for his opportunity to explode.

He catches Batista out of position and jumps on his back, but can't secure the position before the action tumbles out of bounds yet again, and is reset in the center.

Batista pulls guard and sweeps immediately, again, out of bounds and reset.

This time, Batista chooses a less mobile attack. He enters to a matrix-style back take and begins climbing toward the back. Time expires before he can secure his points, but it seems he's done enough to win.

Gustavo Batista wins by referee decision

SEMIFINALS: Pedro Marinho vs Roberto Jimenez and Gabriel Arges vs Gustavo Batista

SEMIFINAL MATCH 1: Pedro Marinho vs Roberto Jimenez

This is the fourth time these two have stood across from each other, but only the first in the gi.

Jimenez pulls to guard right away, and Marinho drags him to his feet seeking a front headlock.

Jimenez jumps to guard again and the match travels out of bounds.

On the reset, Jimenez works toward a matrix back take. Marinho scrambles and Jimenez settles for a kneebar, but Marinho counters with a toe hold. They are re-centered and Jimenez pulls again.

Jimenez builds up a strong De La Riva guard and starts to work through his attacks, but Marinho vanishes past Jimenez defenses and nearly secures points. Jimenez finds just enough space to recompose guard and is able to threaten with an omoplata on the way out.

Jimenez seizes on an angle to take the back and nearly secures it, but Marinho squirms free. Jimenez finds a new angle to climb up the side of Marinho's body and threatens with a collar choke. Marinho begins pushing away to defend and Jimenez takes the opportunity to lock up an armbar. Marinho can't defend it for long. He is forced to tap.

Roberto Jimenez wins by armbar

SEMIFINAL MATCH 2: Gabriel Arges vs Gustavo Batista

Arges pulls guard and quickly sets his aims at getting underneath Batista. He's using half guard with a belt grip, and pulls the belt to elevate Batista, then scoops under both of Batista's outstretched legs and sets his legs in a 50-50 position.

Batista keeps his base heavy and is able to stand up, clearing into a leg drag type position, but Arges maintains his leg position for 50-50.

When Batista finally clears the legs, he begins driving with pressure. Arges is able to maintain his frames and works through lapel and collar grips to keep his opponent in optimal range for his attacks and set ups.

Arges sits up with an underhook in half guard, but Batista continues dropping his weight and looks to pass. When Arges recomposes, he goes right back to setting up 50-50 entanglements. 

Batista seems to sense Arges's optimal range, and how to defeat it. He moves past the knee frame and slides past the guard for the pass. Five minutes into the round, and Batista has finally scored the first three points.

Batista stays inside of Arges frames and is able to take mount: four more points before time expires.

With the overtime decision, Batista chooses to play inside of Arges's guard.

Arges grabs a cross sleeve and scoops under the leg on the same side. He attack an omoplata that is well defended by Batista. Arges switches to a lasso grip but Batista smashes through it.

Batista is heavy and pressuring, but Arges hangs onto lapel and pant grips and is able to come up to his knees. As he comes up he grabs onto a single leg and stands up. He sets Batista down, but the action is off the mat and they are reset.

Arges pulls to his guard again. Batista continues with pressure. Arges works toward the same set up that earned him the sweep attempt in the previous exchange, but Batista is wise to it now, and smashes with a heavy cross-face. He melts through Arges's guard and settles chest to chest until he is awarded points, and his berth in the final match.

Gustavo Batista wins by score in overtime

KUMITE FINAL: Roberto Jimenez vs Gustavo Batista

Will mat time play a factor in this match? Jimenez has two submission victories in regulation. Both of Batista's matches have gone deep into overtime. 

Jimenez shoots in on a double leg and comes up to a body lock. He jumps for Batista's back but doesn't have the angle. Batista squares up as they travel off the mat.

Jimenez initiates again, this time with a guard pull. He looks to play a collar and sleeve game. Batista's base is unshakable and Jimenez decides to play a tighter game in closed guard.

Jimenez eventually passes a lapel around Batista's back. Batista is still driving forward, but Jimenez is dominating the grip exchange.

Batista is free of the lapel grip and posts in Jimenez armpits. Jimenez uses the position to threaten with a triangle and then experiments with open guards for a moment, but decides to reset back to closed guard.

Batista uses armpit posts again, and Jimenez is able to secure a collar grip as he opens his guard. Now he digs a De La Riva hook. Batista breaks free but Jimenez stays safe with his grips. 

Batista finds an gap in Jimenez guard and drives his weight into it. It's too much for Jimenez's, and Batista slides directly to mount for seven points.

Batista climbs and drives. He digs under an arm and threatens with an arm triangle choke.

Jimenez manages to get free but he must be careful not to give up any more points.

In the scramble he grabs a kneebar and works himself into tighter and tighter position, but Batista is capable of finding enough space to stay out of danger. The time expires and Batista chooses to return to the top in overtime.

As the round begins, Batista returns to his armpit grips. When Batista stands all the way up, Jimenez opens and scrambles for grips underneath. But there is space in the guard again, and Batista capitalizes. He expands into the opening and withstands the frantic escaping attempts of Jimenez for long enough to earn golden score points.

A third victory in overtime, and Batista becomes the Third Coast Grappling Kumite champion.

Gustavo Batista wins by score in overtime

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