Fight to Win 143

Official FloGrappling Predictions: Fight To Win 143

Official FloGrappling Predictions: Fight To Win 143

Make the jump to find how the FloGrappling Team thinks things will play out at Fight To Win 143.

Jun 11, 2020 by Chase Smith
Official FloGrappling Predictions: Fight To Win 143
Fight To Win continues their Texas tour at Fight to Win 143 featuring two recent IBJJF absolute champions, Victor Hugo from Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu and Fellipe Andrew (representing Legion Jiu-Jitsu!) in the main event.  

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Fight To Win continues their Texas tour at Fight to Win 143 featuring two recent IBJJF absolute champions, Victor Hugo from Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu and Fellipe Andrew (representing Legion Jiu-Jitsu!) in the main event.  

Supporting them in the co-main event is five-time world champ Nathiely De Jesus and three-time world champ Ana Carolina Vieira. It's going to be one hell of a show. 

Scroll down to find how the FloGrappling Team thinks things will play out.

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Main Event: Victor Hugo vs Fellipe Andrew

Reid: Once again I must pay tribute to Seth Daniels for keeping the grappling train rolling and bringing us another weekend of A+ matchups. 

There’s not much better than what’s at the top of this Friday night’s card, Victor Hugo against Fellipe Andrew. 

Both were phenomenal brown belts who struggled at first to find their footing at black belt but have since exploded up the rankings.  Andrew comes in at #2 in the super heavy division and Hugo #3 in ultra-heavy, so this match has some real implications when it comes to climbing for that #1 spot.

Although Hugo holds a submission win over Andrew, the past is the past and I think the newest addition to Legion Jiu-Jitsu will be able to even the score.

Both have had career-defining wins over the last six months so it’s safe to say they’re both very different grapplers, but I think Fellipe Andrew has grown a lot since their match in 2018 and will be looking to prove it.

Prediction: Fellipe Andrew via triangle

Riccardo: The main event at Fight to Win 143 is a jiu-jitsu geek's dream match. Victor Hugo just came off that big win beating Meregali at WNO and has been doing amazing at Fight To Win. 

And Fellipe Andrew is another very dangerous submission hunter who had that big submission win over Keenan at Europeans. 

Very tough match to call but I think Victor takes it. 

Chase: The main event of Fight To Win 143 features two of the best competitors from the new generation — what's not to love about this match!

I'm not surprised to see the team pretty split on this; both competitors have their strong suits but Fellipe Andrew is arguably the submission hunter of the two. His vicious footlock and lightning-fast triangle have been the downfall of many worthy opponents.

It's true that Victor Hugo is also on a tear, fresh off big victors over Cyborg Abreu at No-Gi Worlds and Nicholas Meregali at WNO, but I'm giving the edge here on Fellipe's willingness to threaten the submission from all angles.

Prediction: Fellipe Andrew via decision. 

Hywel:  I love the fact that we have two of the top young black belts competing in the main event. 

Both these guys are the future, and I’m sure we’ll see them compete against each other many times. 

I know they faced off in the colored felt ranks, with Victor Hugo taking that one by submission. If this was a points-based event, I would pick Victor to win. 

But as this is submission-only I am leaning towards Fellipe. His nasty footlocks and deadly triangle will earn him points in the eyes of the judges for submission attacks. I don’t see him subbing Hugo, but I think the accumulated attacks will get him the decision. 

Prediction: Fellipe Andrew By Decision

Ryan: Both of these guys have a lot of potential and have overthrown top talent in the past six months. 

Really looking forward to this matchup but I believe Hugo has the advantage here.

Prediction: Victor Hugo by decision.  

Michael: Fellipe and Victor is a tough one to call in F2W rules. 

They both go for a lot of submissions and can get the finish; if there isn't a sub obviously it will just be who gets the most volume. 

Both guys are going to want to play guard; if it ends up in a double pull I think Fellipe has the edge with his dangerous footlock. I won't be surprised at all if Victor takes it, but I'm going with Fellipe in this one.

Totals: Fellipe Andrew: 4, Victor Hugo: 2

Co-Main: Nathiely de Jesus vs Ana Carolina Vieira

Reid: A great matchup we were supposed to see before the pandemic finally gets rebooked! 

Two very dominant IBJJF world champions who I believe have never faced each other at the black belt level. A rare occurrence but what better place to test those waters than the Fight to Win stage!

Both these women are fairly new era black belts but have already made their mark on the sport. Winning multiple IBJJF World titles in a short period of time and both are currently sitting inside the top five pound-for-pound female rankings.  

Nathiely has the edge on experience here when it comes to the submission only ruleset and I suspect she’ll try to use that to her advantage. That means throwing position to the wayside and attacking submissions early and often. Eventually, I suspect it will pay off and Nathiely will find a way to get the tap.

Prediction: Nathiely de Jesus via ankle lock

Riccardo:  Another stellar match up at Fight To Win.

I've been a big fan of Nathiely's since seeing her at World Pro almost dethrone Mackenzie as a brown belt. Her guard game is so slick. 

But Ana Carolina's pressure and passing is on another level. 

I think that Nathiely takes this one as we know that she attacks a lot from her guard. Ana cannot leave any room for mistakes if she passes it and stabilizes. 

Such a good match. Both of them are the best female jiu-jitsu competitors right now!

Prediction: Nathiely de Jesus by decision.

Chase: Two multiple-time world champs from different weight classes will clash here in the co-main event, and it's a class duel between guardeira and passing machine!

Both are veterans of the fight to win the stage and know the format well. The battle will revolve around Nathiely's ability to use her size and length advantage, but something tells me the pressure of Vieira may just be enough to get by the elite guard of the RPBJJ representative.

Prediction: Ana Carolina Vieira by decision. 

 Hywel: The women’s co-main event is an interesting clash of styles. 

I predict that we see Nathi using her guard to nullify Ana’s dangerous passing game. From here I think her open guard attacks will win a decision. 

Only if Ana is able to make the pass and get the back do I see her winning this one, whether by choke or by decision. 

But passing Nathi’s guard is easier said than done, so I’m leaning toward her retaining the title.

Prediction: Nathiely de Jesus by decision.  

Ryan:  Another tough matchup against two of the best. 

I don't know if I can honestly pick a side in this matchup but since I'm forced... I'll take Nathiely de Jesus for the win.

Michael: Baby is unstoppable in her division — she shreds all the girls at middleweight on the regular. 

She is going up in weight here and giving up considerable size against Nathi. I think Nathi pulls guard and stays on bottom the entire match, attacking submissions and winning a referee decision, similar to her F2W match with Gabi Garcia.

Prediction: Nathiely de Jesus by decision 

Totals: Nathiely De Jesus: 5, Ana Carolina Vieira: 1