3CG Kumite IV: Results From The Heavyweight Tournament

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Live updates from 3CG: Nicky Rod vs Roberto Jimenez first round, "The Hulk" vs Fellipe Andrew, Cyborg's return, PLUS Gordon Ryan raising money for charity.

Third Coast Grappling has assembled a killer line-up of talent for this heavyweight Kumite, and as there are only eight names in the tournament the first round matches are insane. 

Click here to watch it live.

8-man Heavyweight No-Gi Kumite

  • Nick Rodriguez vs Roberto Jimenez 
  • Roberto Cyborg Abreu vs Arnaldo Maidana 
  • Fellipe Andrew vs Lucas Hulk Barbosa 
  • Gabriel Almeida vs Guillherme Augusto Soares

Don't forget that Gordon Ryan will take to the mat in a special charity match against Brian Marvin, a former president of the We Defy Foundation. Donations will go toward helping disabled veterans. To support, please click here.

Nick Rodriguez vs Roberto Jimenez 

What a start! Rodriguez and Jimenez came out and immediately started fighting like cats. It looked a little bit like one of those cartoons where all you see is cloud of dust and limbs flying out. 

Rodriguez scored the takedown for 2 points and Jimenez went to work from his guard. Rodriguez was unshakeable from top but the new stalling rule saw Jimenez get 2 back to even the score. The clock ran down and they moved to OT, which is a 5-minute period of golden score (first to score wins). 

OT kicked off with Jimenez on bottom in closed guard but Jimenez was up and away in less than 10 seconds. Jimenez nearly scored a spectacular tornado guard sweep that got the crowd hollering. Rodriguez started huffing hard as the clock ran down, visibly tired. The decision came in favor of Jimenez, as the match is only judged on the OT period. Rodriguez impressed earlier in the match, but Jimenez's patience and technique in the face of overwhelming physical prowess earned him a huge win. 

Roberto Jimenez def Nick Rodriguez via decision

Roberto Cyborg Abreu vs Arnaldo Maidana

A much slower, more strategic affair than the first match of the Kumite. Maidana had a nice look at a guillotine, but Cyborg's posture and thick neck kept him out of trouble. Maidana played from bottom, and the veteran Fight Sports leader comfortably avoided any of the Checkmat black belt's attacks. 

Moving into OT, it took less than 20 seconds for Cyborg to turn Maidana's front headlock into a takedown, which got him the win under golden score. 

Roberto Cyborg Abreu def Arnaldo Maidana 2-0 in OT (takedown)

This sets up Roberto Jimenez vs Roberto Cyborg Abreu in the quarterfinal! If I'm not mistaken, Cyborg is 39 years old and Roberto is only 20– an incredible clash of the generations. 

Fellipe Andrew vs Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa 

Hulk exploded forward as they slapped hands, blasting Andrew to the edge of the mat. Andrew answered with a shot for a single leg shortly after that Hulk defended, and Hulk fired back with a HUGE blast double that put him in north-south. He dived onto an armbar but lost it at the egde of the mat, which is where the jiu-jitsu exchanges began. 

They traded leglocks, with Hulk looking for a toehold. One of the things Fellipe Andrew is best known for in his deadly triangle, and like a cobra Fellipe Andrew struck. He threw up the triangle-armbar to force a quick tap, adding Barbosa to his long list of victims. 

Fellipe Andrew def Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa via triangle-armbar

Gabriel Almeida vs Guillherme Augusto Soares

Ok, things keep rolling here. Soares and Almeida had a back and forth opening round that featured more wrestling than jiu-jitsu, but it was the overtime that things really took off. 

Almeida would jump on guillotines and Soares would use them to take him down and move to side control, but Almeida was able to keep his chin strap and control of the head and use it to hip heist up from bottom and deny Soares the points. 

The Checkmat black belt was able to get close to taking the back from standing and would jump searching for hooks, but was never quite able to set the position. Still, he came close enough with his repeated attacks to earn the hard-fought decision. 

Gabriel Almeida def Guillherme Augusto Soares via decision

Here are what the quarterfinals look like: 

  • Roberto Jimenez vs Roberto Cyborg Abreu 
  • Fellipe Andrew vs Gabriel Almeida 

Roberto Jimenez vs Roberto Cyborg Abreu 

We use this phrase a lot, but this was a true clash of generations. In the opening minutes Cyborg's experience counted, as he perfectly timed big blast double legs to put Jimenez down. With a four point lead he was given the choice of where to start the OT period, either in standing or top/bottom closed guard. 

Electing to start on the feet Cyborg hit a double that gave him the back and he landed his famous "cyplex", giving Jimenez some airmiles, but Cyborg wasn't able to secure the position for the full 3 seconds. 

When it did go to the mat Cyborg stayed on top, posting hard on Jimenez's neck and making it uncomfortable for the young Ecuadorian-American, shutting down the guard and staying in control. The refs gave it to Cyborg, putting him into the final. 

Roberto Cyborg Abreu def Roberto Jimenez via decision

Fellipe Andrew vs Gabriel Almeida

Almeida came out fast with a single leg, an attack he used well in his opening match vs Soares. He kicked out the leg and tried to toss Andrew to the at, but ended up on bottom. Almeida attempted to rip on a heel hook, but Andrew answered with a ripping inside heel hook, earning his second nasty submission of the night. 

Fellipe Andrew def Gabriel Almeida via heel hook 

OK, so the final is all set – Cyborg vs Fellipe Andrew. they'll be up after Gordon's exhibition match. 

Gordon Ryan vs Brian Marvin

This exhibition match featured P4P #1 no-gi grappler in the world against 3rd-degree black belt and Renzo Gracie Houston gym owner, Brian Marvin. A veteran, Marvin is a former president of the We Defy Foundation, which facilitates access to jiu-jitsu training for disabled veterans. You can donate to them here

We've talked before about how Gordon uses his matches to showcase different technical aspects of his game to advertise his instructional DVDs. The earliest part of the 10-min exhibition saw Ryan show of his impenetrable defense, effortlessly escaping the mount and back control. 

From here, Ryan became a little more assertive, cycling through positions and showing amazing fundamental jiu-jitsu before securing a rear-naked choke finish with only 3 seconds left on the clock. 

Kumite Final: Roberto Cyborg Abreu vs Fellipe Andrew 

Cyborg had one matches that went into OT and another that went the full 12 mins, winning the quarterfinal via golden score and the semi via decision. Fellipe Andrew had finished both his matches in less than a single regulation round, but that's not to say that conditioning would be a factor– just to explain how they got to the final. 

Andrew pulled guard early and Cyborg put on the pressure, passing the guard and scoring 3 points in seconds. Andrew was able to get back to his feet and shoot deep for a single leg. 

Cyborg wrapped up a guillotine choke, and keeping Andrew's head wedged in the belly was able to force the tap by driving his hips in while cutting off the airways. The submission came in less than 2 minutes, a spectacular end to the main event. 

Roberto Cyborg Abreu def Fellipe Andrew via guillotine choke 

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