2020 Pan Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship

Live Updates And Results: 2020 Pans Black Belt Absolute Brackets

Live Updates And Results: 2020 Pans Black Belt Absolute Brackets

Follow the action here for the male and female open weight brackets at Pans.

Oct 10, 2020 by Corey Stockton
Live Updates And Results: 2020 Pans Black Belt Absolute Brackets
The black belts have taken the mats at Pans!

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The black belts have taken the mats at Pans!

Today, we'll find out which two black belts will show down for open weight gold on Sunday in the finals. Follow the action here for the male and female brackets.

Male Open Class

Round 1

Roberto Jimenez def Kaisir Adilevich Saulebayev (WATCH HERE)

Robert attacked with an omoplata and turned it into a triangle for a quick tap.

Leonardo Silva def Charles McGuire (WATCH HERE)

Silva put up 11 points before finishing with a triangle.

Paulo Gabriel Martins def Aaron "Tex" Johnson (WATCH HERE)

Tex was aggressive early, but left himself open to sweeping attacks by Martins. When Martins got ahead, he kept Tex in his guard to earn the upset win.

Murilo Santana def Johnny Souza Goncalves (WATCH HERE)

Santana pulled guard and took his time climbing to a triangle for a submission victory.

Stuart Randle Maddox Def Jose Joaquin Valenzuela Torres (WATCH HERE)

Maddox sprawled on Torres' shot then stormed on him with a guillotine attack sequence.

Mathias Luna def Saul Viyara (WATCH HERE)

Devhonte Johnson def Jurgens Oliver Jansen (WATCH HERE)

Julian Synan def Mauricio Esteban Gomez Babadilla (WATCH HERE)

Nicholas Ospina def Patrick de Almeida Goncalves (WATCH HERE)

Round 2

Gustavo Batista def Julian Synan (WATCH HERE)

Roberto Jimenez def Leonardo Silva (WATCH HERE)

Jimenez earned his second finish of the day, this time from the back.

Murilo Santana def Jonnatas Gracie (WATCH HERE)

Santana was down 4-0 before he took Gracie's back and submitted him.

Max Gimenis def Paulo Gabriel Martins (WATCH HERE)

Martins managed to prevent Gimenis from scoring points, but Gimenis gathered two advantages for near back takes, enough to advance.

Fellipe Andrew def Nicholas Ospina (WATCH HERE)

Jake Watson def Mathias Luna (WATCH HERE)

Devhonte Johnson def Guilherme Augusto (WATCH HERE)

This was a stalemate for most of the match. In the last minute, both competitors turned up the intensity. Each man scored an advantage, and Jones got the nod from the referees to advance into the quarter-final.

Stuart Randle Maddox def Arnaldo Maidana (WATCH HERE)

Quarter Finals

Fellipe Andrew def Roberto Jimenez (WATCH HERE)

Jimenez jumped guard and attacked Andrew's foot on the way down. Andrew attacked a footlock in exchange, and the counterstrike prevailed.

Gustavo Batista def Jake Watson (WATCH HERE)

Batista kept steady pressure, securing the pass and finishing with an arm triangle four minutes into the match.

Murilo Santana def Stuart Randle Maddox (WATCH HERE)

Santana fought through an apparent injury to defeat Maddox. The match was slow to start, but when Santana started an omoplata sequence toward the end of the match, he was able to earn a sweep. He will face Fellipe Andrew in the semifinal.

Max Gimenis def Devhonte Johnson (WATCH HERE)

Gimenis took Johnson's back early, and stayed there for several minutes until he got the choke finish.


Fellipe Andrew def Murilo Santana (WATCH HERE)

Gustavo Batista def Max Gimenis (WATCH HERE)


Fellipe Andrew will face Gustavo Batista on Sunday, Oct 11

Female Open Class

Round 1

Kendall Reusing def Amanda Alequin (WATCH HERE)

Talita Nogueira def Michelle Welti (WATCH HERE)

Rafaela Guedes def Meilssa Cueto (WATCH HERE)

Maria Malyjasiak def Natasha Quiza (WATCH HERE)

Quarter Finals

Luiza Monteiro def Kendall Reusing (WATCH HERE)

Gabrielle McComb def Talita Nogueira (WATCH HERE)

Maria Malyjasiak def Vedha Clemente Toscano (WATCH HERE)

Rafaela Guedes def Jessica Flowers (WATCH HERE)


Luiza Monteiro def Gabrielle McComb (WATCH HERE)

Monteiro got on top early, scoring a pass and getting up by three. She remained on top for the remainder of the match, delivering pressure onto the smaller McComb,

Rafaela Guedes def Maria Malyjasiak (WATCH HERE)


Luiza Monteiro will close out with Rafaela Guedes on Sunday, Oct 11