2020 Pan Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship

Quarters, Semis and Finals: Updates And Results From 2020 Pans Day 4

Quarters, Semis and Finals: Updates And Results From 2020 Pans Day 4

Check out the results and our play-by-play from the 2020 IBJJF Pan Championships.

Oct 11, 2020 by Corey Stockton
Quarters, Semis and Finals: Updates And Results From 2020 Pans Day 4
The final matches of 2020 Pans start now. Follow along to find out who will advance into the final, and how they get there.

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The final matches of 2020 Pans start now. Follow along to find out who will advance into the final, and how they get there.


Quarterfinal:Santos Rene Bruckner Rivera def Lee Rosenfield (WATCH HERE)

Bruckner came out with dynamic passing attacks, getting on the board early. He finished the match with an armbar from guard.

Quarterfinal: Lucas Pinheiro def David Zennario (WATCH HERE)

Pinheiro took no time to finish this match, a quick toe hold submission win.

Quarterfinal: Willis Mota Nunes def Matheus Viana Magalhaes (WATCH HERE)

Mota built an early lead, but Magalhaes threatened a comeback, riding the back and attacking for the last half of the match.

Semifinal: Lucas Pinheiro def Willis Mota Nunes (WATCH HERE)

Pinheiro put pressure on Nunes from the outset, racking up eight points to zero.

Semifinal: Jonas Andrade def Santos Rene Bruckner Rivera (WATCH HERE)

Andrade was slow to get started, but once he got on a roll, he ran the score up in this 15-6 victory.

Light Featherweight

Quarterfinal: Taniel Santos de Jesus def Igor Gabriel Mancedo (WATCH HERE)

Quarterfinal: Joshua Cisneros def Paulo Miyao (WATCH HERE)

Cisneros and Miyao exchanged sweeps at periods in the match. While Miyao dominated the pace early, Cisneros turned it up at the end.

Quarterfinal: Elijah Tagalog def Marcus Beddor (WATCH HERE)

Both of these guys had some creative passing attempts and guard play, but Tagalog had better use of strategy.

Quarterfinal: Paulo Pedro Dias Clementino def Carlos Alberto Oliveira da Salva (WATCH HERE)

Semifinal: Joshua Cisneros def Elijah Tagalog (WATCH HERE)

Cisneros made quick work of getting to the back, and getting the submission. He put Beddor to sleep to earn his way into the final.

Semifinal Paulo Pedro Dias Clementino def Tainel Santos de Jesus (WATCH HERE)

Clementino imposed his game, winning 10-0. 


Quarterfinal: Thiago Macedo def Gianni Grippo (WATCH HERE)

Grippo was persistent about taking Macedo’s back for the duration of the match. But he never secured points, and couldn't live down the two-point takedown he gave up early.

Quarterfinal: Matheus Gabriel def Kennedy Maciel (WATCH HERE)

It’s clear how much is on the line every time these two meet. This match could easily have been the final.

Quarterfinal: Samuel Nagai def Emilio Hernandez (WATCH HERE)

Quarterfinal: Richar Nogueira def Joao Pedro Mendes (WATCH HERE)

Semifinal: Matheus Gabriel def Richar Nogueira (WATCH HERE)

Semifinal: Thiago Macedo def Samuel Nagai (WATCH HERE)

Macedo is a strategist. He got an early lead over Nagai and then weathered an onslaught of attacks. Nagai was the aggressor, but couldn't do enough to score.


Quarterfinal: Michael Liera Jr def Marcio Andre (WATCH HERE)

This back and forth battle did not disappoint. Liera edged it out by a single advantage.

Quarterfinal: Renato Canuto def Paulo Gabriel Martins (WATCH HERE)

Wild, just as we expected. The moment Canuto opened up, Martins followed. They kept pace for the entire match

Quarterfinal: Johnatha Alves def Rodrigo Freitas (WATCH HERE)

Alves came up through the ranks as a guard player, but all weekend he’s been reminding us has a legit passing game. He charged through Freitas’ guard with it.

Semifinal: Michael Liera Jr. def Renato Canuto (WATCH HERE)

Canuto had several significant attacks, including a threatening armbar. Although he tried with his trademark flashy technique, he couldn't pass the flexible guard of Liera, who earned the only two points of the match. Liera will move on tot he final.

Semifinal: Johnatha Alves def Jonnatas Gracie (WATCH HERE)

Jonnatas Gracie found the way to stop Alves dynamic guard and passing game. He tied him up in his lapel 50-50 guard and tried to attack that way. But after four penalties from referees, Gracie was disqualified for leaning too heavily on that tactic without creating any offense.


Quarterfinal: Lucas Valente def Lucas Valle (WATCH HERE)

Quarterfinal: Jackson Nagai def Nicholas Ospina (WATCH HERE)

Quarterfinal: Ronaldo Junior def Felipe Silva (WATCH HERE)

Ronaldo tallied up advantages early, but neither man was able to get on the board. Silva kept his guard in front of him despite Ronaldo's constant passing attempts, and nearly completed a sweep toward the end of the match before Ronaldo landed a powerful throw.

Quarterfinal: Guthierry Barbosa def Vinicius Caravlho Garcia (WATCH HERE)

Barbosa secured a choke late in the match.

Semifinal: Ronaldo Junior def Lucas Valente (WATCH HERE)

Ronalo put on a passing clinic in this match, against one of his toughest opponents to date.

Semifinal: Jackson Nagai def Guthierry Barbosa (WATCH HERE)

Nagai scored his second submission victory of the day.

Medium Heavyweight

Quarterfinal: Otavio Sousa def Joseph Watson (WATCH HERE)

Sousa put up 12 points before securing an armbar

Quarterfinal: Matheus Luna def Jake Watson (WATCH HERE)

This was one of the most exciting matches of the day. Neither guy was willing to concede an inch. Luna won by one advantage.

Quarterfinal: Gabriel Almeida def Henrique Nobrega (WATCH HERE)

Quarterfinal: Manuel Ribamar def Ronnie Pace (WATCH HERE)

Ribamar with a choke from the back to qualify for the semis vs Gabriel Almeida.

Semifinal: Otavio Sousa def Gabriel Almeida (WATCH HERE)

Sousa put his veteran tactics on display, shutting Almeida down in closed guard and earning a late sweep for the win

Semifinal: Matheus Luna def Manuel Ribamar (WATCH HERE)

Another gritty battle for Luna, he and Ribamar went head to head for ten minutes. But Riba was DQ'd at the end of the match for accumulated penalties.


Quarterfinal: Horlando Monteiro def Ashur Darmo (WATCH HERE)

Monteiro had one of the best submission of the quarterfinals today, a slick triangle.

Quarterfinal: Gustavo Batista def Nasir Loynab (WATCH HERE)

Batista is one of the best guard passers in the game. He puts that on display again here.

Quarterfinal: Doninique Bell def Rafael Vasconcelos de Lima (WATCH HERE)

Dom Bell has tremendous base. He got up early, and weathered a storm of sweep attempts to stay ahead.

Quarterfinal: Yuri PaIva def Alejandro Enrique Vilaparedes (WATCH HERE)

Semifinal: Dominique Bell def Horlando Monteiro (WATCH HERE)

Dom won by submission in less than a minute.

Semifinal: Gustavo Batista def Yuri Paiva (WATCH HERE)

Batista applied pressure to the guard of Paiva, climbing to an armbar.

Super Heavyweight

Quarterfinal: Guilherme Augusto def Tex Johnson (WATCH HERE)

Tex had a few opportunities to attack Augusto's leg, but gave up his back.

Quarterfinal: Arnaldo Maidana def Charles McGuire (WATCH HERE)

Quarterfinal: Fellipe Andre def Roberto Torralbas (WATCH HERE)

Semifinal: Anraldo Maidana def Fellipe Andrew (WATCH HERE)

This was a major disappointment for Andrew. He was disqualifed for fleeing the mat in a choke.

Semifinal: Guilherme Augusto def Devhonte Johnson (WATCH HERE)

Ultra Heavyweight

Quarterfinal: Renato dos Santos Taglari def Austin Wade Avera (WATCH HERE)

Quarterfinal: Luiz Panza def Johnny Souza Goncalves (WATCH HERE)

Panza build up a lot of pressure before snagging a tight armbar from mount.

Quarterfinal: Stuart Randle Maddox def Leonardo Henrique (WATCH HERE)

Randle earned a quick ankle lock victory in less than a minute.

Semifinal: Luiz Panza def Stuart Randle Maddox (WATCH HERE)

Randle was on the other side of the footlock exchange in this one. Panza got the submission in less than 90 seconds.

Semifinal: Max Gimenis def Renato dos Santos Tagliari (WATCH HERE)


Female Light Featherweight

Mayssa Bastos vs Patricia Fontes (WATCH HERE)

Fontes was first to come up on a double guard pull. She cut angles trying to clear a path through Mayssa's guard, but she gave up her posture and got swept.

Mayssa stayed low, creating pressure, but she tried to finish a pass while stuck in lasso guard, and Fontes swept her back.

Bastos scores a second sweep with an ankle pick and moved right into a kneecut, Fontes tried to turn away from the pass, giving up her back. As Bastos tried to finish the backtake, Fontes put her shoulders on the mat and conceded the pass.

Mayssa never relinquished pressure, finishing with an ezekiel while in side control.

Mayssa Bastos def Patricia Fontes via Ezekiel choke

Light featherweight podium:

1- Mayssa Bastos 

2- Pati Fontes

3- Ana Kneib

Female Lightweight

Nathalie Ribeiro vs Luiza Monteiro (WATCH HERE)

Ribeiro pulled guard and began to work for lapel control. She was first to sweep, but quickly sat back to guard, returning two points to Monteiro.

Monteiro pinned Ribeiro's legs and started circling to pass. Ribeiro moved to single leg X guard, but Monteiro pined her shoulders, threatening with pressure.

With upper body control, Monteiro slowed down her approach. She dropped her weight on Ribeiro, taking away space and allowing her very little room to move. She stayed here, in half guard, for several minutes before completing a guard pass, where she stayed for a few minutes longer.

Nathalie escaped and they restarted on their feet. Nathalie scored a takedown off the reset.

Luiza tangled Nathalie in her guard, but Nathalie found an angle to attack a leg drag pass. Luiza turned away and Nathalie threatened to take her back; but time expired before Natalie could gain control. Luiza Monteiro earned her sixth Pans title.

Luiza Monteiro def Nathalie Ribeiro via points

Lightweight podium

1- Luiza Monteiro

2- Nathalie Ribeiro

3- Natasha Quiza

3- Nicole Sullivan

Female Featherweight

Amanda Alequin vs Gabrielle McComb (WATCH HERE)

A scramble from the double guard pull nearly left Gabrielle on Amanda's back. But Alequin escaped and came on top, earning her an advantage.

McComb was aggressive from her closed guard, alternating between collar choke and armbar attempts.

McComb opened her guard to try to elevate Alequin, then threatened with a triangle an omoplata. Alequin nearly passed in countering the omoplata, so McComb reset back in closed guard and continued attacking from there.

In Alequin's last minute, frantic attempt to score, she left her leg behind, and McComb was attacking it as the match ended.

Gabi McComb def Amanda Alequin via points

Featherweight podium

1- Gabrielle McComb

2- Amanda Alequin

3- Leanne Perez

3- Taylor Biagi

Female Middleweight

Rafaela Guedes vs Claire North (WATCH HERE)

North pulled guard right away. Guedes started a stack pass, incidentally ripping North's gi off. North then knocked Guedes down, entering into a double-seated entanglement. As Guedes stood back up, North anchored a lasso. North then secured her closed guard, where she and Guedes stalemated for some time.

When North began attacking from her guard, Guedes postured out and started a sequence of distance passes. North closed her guard again.

In the last minute, North opened her guard up again to attack, and again, Guedes came near passing.

With a lead in advantages Guedes became Pan Champion in her first black belt tournament

Rafaela Guedes def Claire North via advantages

Middleweight podium

1- Rafaela Guedes

2- Claire North

3- Vanessa Griffin

3- Brenda Ariane Oliveira Palheta

Female Medium Heavyweight

Maria Malyjasiak vs Andressa Cintra (WATCH HERE)

Off Malyjasiak's guard pull. Cintra came close to passing with a stack pass, but the action went out of bounds.

Malyjasiak used her aggressive guard play to keep Cintra off balance, but did not create enough movement to substantiate an attack. Despite Malyjasiak's attempts, Cintra kept her base beneath her, and continued to find angles to put pressure on the guard.

In the final minute, Cintra hopped over the guard, and nearly secured back control poits as Malyjasiak turned to defend. As time expired, Cintra was attacking with a choke.

Andressa Cintra def Maria Malyjasiak via advantages

Medium heavyweight podium

1- Andressa Cintra

2- Maria Malyjasiak

3- Emily Silva

3- Vedha Clemente Toscano

Female Super Heavyweight

Super heavyweight podium

1- Kendall Reusing

2- Jessica Flowers

3- Talita Nogueira

3- Michelle Welti

Male Heavyweight

Gustavo Batista vs Dominique Bell (WATCH HERE)

Batista pulled guard, framing across Bell's shoulder as Bell tried to create an angle. Batista had an opportunity to attack with an omoplata, but Bell postured out. In the scramble, Bell inadvertently poked Batista in the eye. They restarted standing.

Batista pulled guard again, returning to his frames to counter Bell's distance passing. After shutting down Bell's pass attempts, Batista came up on a sweep and nearly cut through Bell's guard.

As Bell recovered, Batista took his back before they traveled out of bounds.

Bell escaped directly after the reset, but was down by nine points with a minute remaining. Batista kept his distance to ride out the remainder of the match.

Gustavo Batista def Dominique Bell via points

Heavyweight podium

1- Gustavo Batista

2- Dominique Bell

3- Yuri Paiva

3- Horlando Monteiro

Male Roosterweight

Jonas Andrade vs Lucas Pinheiro (WATCH HERE)

Andrade was first to guard. Pinheiro had an angle n a knee cut, but Andrade used his flexibility to recover and nearly ended up on Pinheiro's back.

As Pinheiro became ore aggressive about passing, Andrade engaged him with a leg entanglement. He used it to keep distance for a few moments, but eventually, Pinheiro got his chest down against Andrade and stated to pressure him. Pinheiro kept his weight high around Andrade's shoulders. Although he wasn't able to get past the last line of Andrade's defense, an advantage from earlier in the match was enough to put him over.

Lucas Pinheiro won his first Pans gold.

Lucas Pinheiro def Jonas Andrade via advantage

Roosterweight podium

1- Lucas Pinheiro

2- Jonas Andrade

3- Santos Bruckner Rivera

3- Willis Mota Nunes

Male Light Featherweight

Joshua Cisneros vs Pedro Dias Clementino (WATCH HERE)

Clementino came up on a single leg and finished it, earning an early lead over Cisneros. Cisneros tied up a lasso guard, where he was able to keep Clementino trapped. Cisneros climbed to an omoplata, sweeping Clementino and viciously cranking on it. But Clementino resisted the tap and escaped his arm.

Cisneros returned to guard. He eventually sprang up, nearly sweeping direcly into a leg drag pass. As Clementino defended, Cisneros climbed onto his back, but could not secure the points as they traveled out of bounds. Clementino was given a penalty, giving Cisneros the two-point lead, which he held on to, surviving a final passing attempt from Cisneros.

Cisneros wins his first Pans as a black belt less than 3 months after earning the rank.

Joshua Cisneros def Pedro Dias Clementino via points

Light featherweight podium

1- Joshua Cisneros

2 - Pedro Dias Clementino

3- Taniel Santos de Jesus

4- Elijah Tagalog

Male Featherweight

Thiago Macedo vs Matheus Gabriel (WATCH HERE)

A double guard pull on the opening earned both competitors a penalty.

The both seemed to pull again, but when Gabriel came up, the referees awarded him two points for a sweep. He carried his momentum through the half guard, securing Macedo's shoulders.

Macedo came upon a single leg, but he only earned an advantage before Gabriel could scramble with an attack and they separated.

From his guard, Macedo sat up for another single leg. Macedo set him down once, but Gabriel popped back up. Macedo set him down again shortly after.

With Macedo up by two points, Gabriel attacked with a flurry of drags until he eventually pummeled beneath Macedo, but Macedo escaped without conceding a score. 

In another attack, Gabriel slipped behind Macedo again, but could not secure points. Deciding, instead, for a finish, he settled in an ostensibly tight Ezekiel choke, but Macedo survived.

Thiago Macedo def Matheus Gabriel by points

Featherweight podium

1- Thiago Macedo

2- Matheus Gabriel

3- Samuel Nagai

3- Richar Nogueira

Male Lightweight

Michael Liera Jr vs Johnatha Alves (WATCH HERE)

Alves pulled to De La Riva guard. When Liera tried to create distance, Alves dragged him into closed guard. Liera opened the guard and tried a series of backstep passes, but that fed into Alves' grips. Alves came up on a sweep. The seesawed back and forth, then settled in Liera's spider guard. Neither man could get much going here, but Alves was up by two. The clock expired with Alves on top.

Johnatha Alves wins via points

Lightweight podium

1- Johnatha Alves

2- Michael Liera

3- Jonnatas Gracie

3- Renato Canuto

Male Middleweight

Jackson Nagai vs Ronaldo Junior (WATCH HERE)

Ronaldo pulled guard and encountered early stacking pressure from Nagai. Ronaldo swept to the top and threatened to pass the guard of Nagai. As Nagai defended, Ronaldo pulled guard again.

Nagai moved toward a pass, but got caught behind with a sleeve grip, which Ronaldo used to stand up with a single. Not finding the finish, Ronaldo pulled guard again.

After a stalemate, Ronaldo entered 50-50 guard and swept Nagai. After another moment in 50-50, Ronaldo exploded out and turned up the pace, using his rapid-fire pass sequences. Not finding an opening, he pulled guard once again.

With a 6-2 lead, Ronaldo wrapped Nagai in his guard and settled his grips.

Ronaldo Junior def Jackson Nagai via points

Middleweight podium

1- Ronaldo Junior

2- Jackson Nagai

3- Lucas Valente

3- Guthierry Barbosa

Male Medium Heavyweight

Otavio Sousa vs Matheus Luna (WATCH HERE)

The first few exchanges went out of bounds, and usually when Sousa had the advantage. Luna earned a penalty for fleeing, giving Sousa a two point advantage, which he doubled with a sweep after a guard pull.

The referee penalized Luna for a grip, giving Sousa two more points. Neither competitor could progress in Luna's guard. The match ended in a grip fight.

Otavio Sousa def Matheus Luna via points

Medium heavyweight podium

1- Otavio Sousa

2- Matheus Luna

 3- Gabriel Almeida

3- Manuel Ribamar

Male Super Heavyweight

Guilherme Augusto vs Arnoldo Maidana (WATCH HERE)

Augusto finally pulled guard more than half way through the match, and used his guard to sweep. He came up into a smash position, and passed Maidana's guard.

Maidana scrambled to his feet and, with little time left, pulled guard. But he couldn't get anything started from there, and was at a five point defecit.

Guilherme Augusto def Arnoldo Maidana via points

Super heavyweight podium

1- Guilherme Augusto

2- Arnoldo Maidana

3- Fellipe Andrew

3- Devhonte Johnson

Male Ultra Heavyweight 

Max Gimenis vs Luiz Panza (WATCH HERE)

Panza jumped to closed guard. After some grip fighting, he attacked a kneebar, which gave Gimenis an opportunity to pass, but they scrambled out of bounds before securing anything.

Panza attacked a triangle and then an armbar, but again Gimenis popped out and threatened to pass.

Panza secured 50-50 guard and threatened with an ankle lock. This time, Gimeneis was able to get around Panza, who turtled up. Gimenis got behind Gimenis but could not immediately secure points. When he established both hooks, he lost control of the upper body. He settled in his guard but quickly swept Panza to put the first points on the board.

Panza tried a few more attacks from his guard, but nothing shook the base of Gimeinis.

Max Gemenis def Luiz Panza via points

Ultra heavyweight podium

1- Max Gimenis

2- Luiz Panza

3- Stuart Maddox

3- Renato Santos Tagliari

Female Open Weight

Female open podium

1- Rafaela Guedes

2- Luiza Monteiro

3- Gabrielle McComb

3- Maria Malyjasiak

Male Open Weight

Fellipe Andrew vs Gutavo Batista (WATCH HERE)

Batista pulled guard. Andrew tried several long-step pass setups, but got tangled up in Batista's De La Riva guard. The match took a slow start. Andrew graduated to a leg weave pass position, and as Batista defended it, Andrew slid to mount. Batista re-established guard, and Andrew nearly passed again. Batista inverted to retain his guard, where Andrew held him until the end of the match.

Fellipe Andrew def Gustavo Batista via points

Male open weight podium

1- Fellipe Andrew

2- Gustavo Batista

3- Max Gemenis

3- Murilo Santana