2020 IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship

Black Belt Results & Match Videos From 2020 IBJJF No-Gi Pans

Black Belt Results & Match Videos From 2020 IBJJF No-Gi Pans

The black belt divisions are live at No-Gi Pans. Keep hitting that refresh button for up to the minute results and links to every match.

Nov 22, 2020 by Corey Stockton
Black Belt Results & Match Videos From 2020 IBJJF No-Gi Pans
The black belt divisions are live at No-Gi Pans. Every division is scheduled to start and conclude today. With so much action going on at once, it can be challenging to catch all the action. Thats where we come in. Keep hitting that refresh button for up to the minute results and links to the all-star matches match. 

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The black belt divisions are live at No-Gi Pans. Every division is scheduled to start and conclude today. With so much action going on at once, it can be challenging to catch all the action. Thats where we come in. Keep hitting that refresh button for up to the minute results and links to the all-star matches match. 



Willis Mota Nunes def Washington Lima (WATCH HERE)

Nunes was on the hunt for a guillotine, which he finished as the match traveled out bounds.

Washington Lima def David Zennario (WATCH HERE)

Zennario took an early four point lead, but could not stop a late resurgence from Lima, who scored eight consecutive points. 


Willis Mota Nunes def Washington Lima (WATCH HERE)

This final was a rematch, as this was a three-person bracket and, thus, a round robin. Nunes scored a quick takedown on Lima, then progressed toward the pass, finishing with a Darce choke in less than three minutes.

Light Featherweight


Lucas Pinheiro def Carlos Alberto Oliveira da Silva (WATCH HERE)

Pinhero was down an advantage going into the final seconds, but squared up the match with a near backtake and won via decision.

Hiago Gama def Richard Alarcon (WATCH HERE)


Lucas Pinheiro def Hiago Gama (WATCH HERE)

Matheus Magalhaes def Dennis Presely (WATCH HERE)


Lucas Pinheiro def Matheus Magalhaes (WATCH HERE)

Pinheiro put incessant pressure on Magalhaes' guard, passing several times. He gave up a sweep toward the end of the match, but it was not enough to even the score, as Pinheiro was to far ahead.



Gabriel Sousa def Kevin Mitsugui Irie

Gabriel Souza went on an onslaught of attack, and eventually got to the back, where he finished the choke to move into the quarterfinal.

Gianni Grippo vs Edward Allen

Gianni was methodical in his first outing. He scored a pass then took the back, where he finished the choke


Gabriel Sousa def Charles Murdock (WATCH HERE)

Sousa hits his second submission of the day to move into the semis, another choke from the back.

Gianni Grippo def Windson Ramos (WATCH HERE)

Orlando Castillo def Emilio Hernandez (WATCH HERE)

Kennedy Maciel def Guilherme Guimares (WATCH HERE)

This match came down to the wire. Kennedy earned an early lead, and had to survive scrambling comeback attempts from Guimares.


Gabriel Sousa def Gianni Grippo (WATCH HERE)

Sousa was aggressive early, taking an advantage lead. Grippo nearly took the back toward the end of the match, settling the score and leaving it to referee decision. The elected Sousa the winner.

Kennedy Maciel def Orlando Castillo (WATCH HERE)

Kennedy had full control of this match, securing back control and the choke finish. He'll face Gabriel Sousa in the final.


Kennedy Maciel Def Gabriel Sousa (WATCH HERE)

Maciel scored an early takedown. As he attacked a leglock, Sousa's knee was injured. Sousa was unable to continue.



Samir Chantre def Giovanni Marcelo Da Silva (WATCH HERE)


Francisco Cuneo vs Adam Benayoun (WATCH HERE)

Alexandre Molinaro def Samir Chantre (WATCH HERE)


Rodrigo Francioni def Francisco Cuneo (WATCH HERE)

Alexandre Molinaro def Joshua Bacallao (WATCH HERE)


Molinaro and Francioni closed out the final. Molinaro was awarded gold.



Ronaldo Junior def Chad Hardy (WATCH HERE)

Ronaldo was slow to start, but eventaully earned a five point lead to move on to the next round. He'll move into the quarterfinal.

Gabriel Martins def David Garamo (WATCH HERE)

Both competitors scored in a fierce early exchange, but Martins earned an extra advantage, the deciding score.

Felipe Silva def Oliver Taza (WATCH HERE)

Taza fell behind early after being penalized for a reap. Silva got ahead 4-0 to move into the next round.


Ronaldo Junior def Jeferson Guaresi (WATCH HERE)

Ronaldo won this gritty match in the closing seconds, scoring the deciding points from a fleeing penalty. Guaresi was up three advantages, getting the edge from passing attempts and near takedowns.

Jonnatas Gracie def Avery-Warren Arthur Brooks (WATCH HERE)

Gracie took the back while standing, then worked toward a choke, which he secured to advance.


Pedro Henrique Monteiro Palhares def Felipe Silva (WATCH HERE)

Monteiro was ahead by two, and launched a flurry of attacks, racking up advantages. That allowed him to survive a last-chance barrage from Silva.

Jonnatas Gracie def Robert Malof (WATCH HERE)

Ronaldo Junior def Steven Simms (WATCH HERE)

Gabriel Martins def Michael Trasso (WATCH HERE)


Jonnatas Gracie def Pedro Henrique Monteiro Palhares (WATCH HERE)

Ronaldo Junior def Gabriel Martins (WATCH HERE)

Ronaldo kept a two-point lead for most of the match, and put on a late flurry to stifle Martins' chance at a comeback.


Ronaldo Junior and Jonnatas Gracie closed out the division for Atos.

Medium Heavyweight


Pedro Henrique Rocha def Timothy Welch (WATCH HERE)

Andrew Wiltse def Victor Ceasar Silva (WATCH HERE)

Wiltse controlled the entire match, earning a 7-0 margin for the win. 


Andrew Wiltse def Cameron Gilliam (WATCH HERE)

Pedro Henrique Rocha def Juan Pio de Souza (WATCH HERE)

Rocha caught Souza's neck off of a takedown attempt, and moved in on a guillotine, which he finished.


Andrew Wiltse def Pedro Henrique Rocha (WATCH HERE)

Wiltse pulled guard early in the match, but couldn't get much going as Rocha kept his distance for most of the match. For that, Rocha was charged with a penalty, the deciding factor in this scoreless final match.



Joseph Watson def Yuri Paiva (WATCH HERE)

Lucas Barbosa def Valdir Araujo (WATCH HERE)

Hulk put on a dominant performance, racking up 17 points before finishing a choke from back mount.

Giancarlo Bodoni def Ronny Trey (WATCH HERE)

Bodoni earned a submission in this match, his black belt debut.


Lucas Barbosa vs Joseph Watson (WATCH HERE)

Hulk used a body lock to pass through Watson's guard and into mount, where he locked up an arm triangle for the finish.

Giancarlo Bodoni def Benjamin Silva (WATCH HERE)

Bodoni continued his submission streak on the day. He chased Silva's back in a standing battle, and eventually jumped on the back to score the choke.


Lucas Barbosa def Giancarlo Bodoni (WATCH HERE)

Hulk earned an early sweep, and haunted Bodoni with a body lock pass for most of the match. As time was running low, Hulk attacked with a kneebar from Bodoni's guard, allowing him to get nearer to a guard pass. He finished the match with a two point lead.

Super Heavyweight


Kaynan Duarte def Ethan Allen Cord Moses (WATCH HERE)

Kaynan looked relaxed, racking up double-digit points before sinking in a choke from the back.

Aaron Johnson vs Arnaldo Maidana (WATCH HERE)

Tex locked up an unusual leg lock high on Maidana's shin, enough to get the tap. He'll face Kaynan Duarte in the final.


Kaynan Duarte def Aaron Johnson (WATCH HERE)

Tex pulled guard, and Kaynan patiently searched for an angle through. When Kaynan finally moved toward the pass, Tex gave up his back. From back control, Kaynan progressed to a back mounted triangle and then switched to an armlock for the submission.

Ultra Heavyweight


Max Gimenis def Leonardo Henrique (WATCH HERE)

John Hansen def Colby Dobbins (WATCH HERE)

Ricardo Evangelista def Austin Avera (WATCH HERE)

Diego Ramalho def Jordan Wayne-Emerson More (WATCH HERE)


Max Gimenis def John Hansen (WATCH HERE)

Ricardo Evangelista def Diego Ramalho (WATCH HERE)


Ricardo Evangelista and Max Gimenis closed out the division.

Open Weight - Male


Valdir Araujo def Jeovany Ortiz (WATCH HERE)

David Garmo def Andre Nascimento (WATCH HERE)

Garmo jumped on a guillotine from Nascimento's butterfly guard. He turned it into a Darce, then back into a guillotine for the standing finish.

Giancarlo Bodoni def John Hansen (WATCH HERE)

In a quick match, Bodoni jumped on a guillotine and secured his third submission victory of the day.

Jordan Wayne-Emerson More def Thiago Abud (WATCH HERE)

Abud stayed active, but could not answer the drastic weight advantage he conceded to More. More won by two points.


Felipe Silva def David Garmo (WATCH HERE)

Garmo was the aggressor in several instances, but Silva controlled the positional battle, moving him ahead to the quarterfinal.

Lucas Barbosa vs Valdir Araujo (WATCH HERE)

This resembled their earlier heavyweight match, as Barbosa racked up the points again. This time, he could not get the submission.

Jeferson Guaresi def Benjamin Silva (WATCH HERE)

Giancarlo Bodoni def Arnaldo Maidana (WATCH HERE)

Bodoni got ahead on the scoreboard and then survived an aggressive comeback attempt from Maidana.

Kaynan Duarte def Francisco Cuneo (WATCH HERE)

Kaynan secured another arm lock from the rear mount triangle.

Joshua Bacallao def Jordan More (WATCH HERE)


Kaynan Duarte def Charles McGuire (WATCH HERE)

Stephen Simms dev Joshua Bacallao (WATCH HERE)

Lucas Barbosa def Giancarlo Bodoni (WATCH HERE)

This open weight match closely resembled their heavyweight final match. Giancarlo did well to keep Hulk tied up, but could not rock his base or get on top. Hulk won on points, holding top position for the entire match.


Kaynan Duarte def Jeferson Guaresi (WATCH HERE)

Lucas Barbosa def Stephen Simms (WATCH HERE)


Kaynan Duarte and Lucas Barbosa closed out the division.

Open Weight - Female


Tara White def Rafaela Guedes (WATCH HERE)

Tara White took an aggressive shot on Rafaela Guedes. Guedes rode out a sprawl, and soon started passing the guard, where she turned on the offense, racking up the points before securing a submission.


Rafaela Guedes def Gabi McComb (WATCH HERE)

Guedes and McComb tied up in a tense takedown battle for most of the match. When Guedes turned up the pace, McComb kept her at bay momentarily before finally allowing the takedown. There, Guedes remained on top for the win.

Vanessa Griffin vs Nicole Sullivan (WATCH HERE)

Nancy and Vanessa went sweep for sweep, but an early penalty cost Sullivan the match, which was otherwise tied.


Rafaela Guedes def Vanessa Griffin (WATCH HERE)

Rafaela Guedes made started her backtake sequence on the feet, and finished it on the mat, scoring the rear naked choke submission, and the No-Gi Pans Open Weight title.