WNO: Kaynan Duarte vs Rodolfo Vieira

Results & Match Links | Who's Number One: Kaynan Duarte Vs Rodolfo Vieira

Results & Match Links | Who's Number One: Kaynan Duarte Vs Rodolfo Vieira

We’ll be posting live updates from every match at Who's Number One to make sure you don’t miss a single detail.

Dec 12, 2020 by Corey Stockton
Results & Match Links | Who's Number One: Kaynan Duarte Vs Rodolfo Vieira
Who’s Number One is back for one of the most anticipated grappling cards of the year! In the main event, one of most iconic grappling figures of the last decade, Rodolfo Vieira, will return to the grappling mats to take on Kaynan Duarte.

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Who’s Number One is back for one of the most anticipated grappling cards of the year! In the main event, one of most iconic grappling figures of the last decade, Rodolfo Vieira, will return to the grappling mats to take on Kaynan Duarte.

In the co-main event, two top-ranked competitors will face off in a catchweight bout. Geo Martinez, the no. 1 ranked featherweight is slated to challenge the no. 1-ranked lightweight, Kennedy Maciel.

Earlier on the card, teen sensation Grace Gundrum will face one of the premiere female grapplers on the planet, Mayssa Bastos. Roberto Jimenez returns to WNO to take on Dante Leon, Vagner Rocha will face Jon Blank, and Kody Steele will take on the young Atos star, Tye Ruotolo.

We’ll be posting live updates from every match all evening. Keep hitting that refresh button to make sure you don’t miss a single detail.

Kody Steele vs Tye Ruotolo

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Tye and Kody spent the early minutes on their feet, both using heavy hands on each others’ heads and jostling for inside position. Both men sought to control the posture with collar ties. Kody was the first to generate offense, using a foot sweep to drag Tye off balance and chasing him off the match in a headlock.

From a deep clinch, Tye pushed Kody’s post off of his neck and finished a body lock takedown, landing in Kody’s butterfly half guard. 

Ruotolo pushed the pace in attempt to pressure Steele’s guard, relentlessly switching directions and keeping a heavy lean, eventually sliding by Steele’s guard.

From side control. Ruotolo moved to knee on belly and switched to Kody’s far side, smothering his mouth in the process. Steele recomposed his guard, keeping an arm posted in Ruotolo’s guard.

He floated through Steele’s guard again with the same heavy lean and quick footwork, but lost position while chasing a chin strap.

Tye started to appear more confident in his ability to pass Steele’s guard, leaving some space for Kody to escape. Tye attacked a guillotine as Kody tried to distance himself, but could not secure the grip.

Tye shot a double leg, dragging Kody down off the mat, and was reset with a strong body lock around Kody’s waist. He used the position to progress to mount.

Tye attacked with a mounted triangle, but Kody exploded out of the position, and found his way to top position for the first time in the match.

Ruotolo started to set up a leg entanglement, and used it to get the top position. From the top, Tye worked for a backtake, leaving his leg behind. Kody attacked Tye’s leg, but Tye countered with his own leg lock, securing the submission with less than three minutes remaining on the clock.

Jon Blank vs Vagner Rocha

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Rocha opened with a series of heavy collar ties, but Blank continued to push forward, shucking off Rocha’s and s and gesturing toward arm drags.

Rocha remained definitive with his hand posting, and Blank made a quick joke at Rocha before jumping to guard and swimming under Rocha’s legs. Rocha began to shake Blank off, and started cutting angles from a distance.

Rocha slid into Blank’s half guard, and Blank established a half butterfly, trying to get underneath Rocha.

From his half butterfly, Thor focused on isolating an arm, and keeping distance, while Vagner seemed intent on getting chest to chest.

As Vagner got more aggressive with his passing attempts, Blank demonstrated his flexibility and sought to attack Rocha’s legs on the exit.

Both competitors started to establish a rhythm. Rocha tried to assert himself past the half guard, while Blank continued to attack Rocha’s legs on the exits.

Blank snapped on a cross-leg entanglement, and chased the heel hook. He had a deep entanglement for a moment, but Vagner escaped. 

Rocha turned up the pace and pressured past Blank’s guard. Thor waited for a moment, and nearly gave up his back in the process of escaping, but got himself free.

With three minutes remaining, Thor got control of Rocha’s leg again, but it was not a deep grip and Rocha escaped.

Rocha began to push the pace and dug his way chest-to-chest on Blank, he appeared fresh against a tired Blank. In the final minute, atop Blank, Rocha said, “This is my night.”

Blank attacked with a final leglock attempt, and time expired.

The referees awarded the victory to Rocha via split decision.

Dante Leon vs Robert Jimenez

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Dante sat to guard and went directly after Roberto’s legs. He appeared to be advancing toward a significant grip, but gave it up for top position.

In a moment of lull, Jimenez initiated a berimbolo, and went on pursuit to Dante’s back, securing the position and setting in a body triangle.

Leon found space to escape after several minutes under siege. He rolled into a triangle and armlock threat, but escaped, taking top position before pulling guard again.

As Jimenez tried to pass, Leon captured a deep heel hook attempt, but Jimenez slid free.

Jimenez setted to bottom position, where he gestured toward another berimbolo, but Leon was alert to the attack and followed him.

Dante tried to close the distance with a body lock pass and ended up in Roberto’s closed guard. The pummeled here for a few moments before Roberto snapped a triangle attempt. Dante blocked it, and they scrambled.

Dante ended on top, chasing after Roberto’s back and giving away the top as Roberto got free. 

With two minutes remaining, Dante stood, then pulled guard again, ratting off a series of attacks which ended in a headlock. He tried to drag Roberto down, but lost the grip and fell to his back.

He earned a quick sweep, but Roberto returned to the top off of a takedown, then quickly passed and mounted.

Dante escaped out the backdoor. Roberto, back in bottom position, threw another triangle attack in the final seconds. It was a deep attack, forcing Dante to his back before time expired.

The judges awarded the unanimous victory to Jimenez.

Grace Gundrum vs Mayssa Bastos

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Bastos sat to guard immediately, and Gundrum closed the distance, trying to attain inside leg position.

Bastos diligently maintained the inside position, elevating Grace’s leg and sweeping. Gundrum accepted the bottom position, but soon returned to the top on her own sweep.

Mayssa disengaged and started to pass from a distance, then scooped Grace’s legs, toggling between leg entanglements and passing motions.

In every early exchange, Mayssa and Grace seemed equally disinterested in maintaining top position. They accepted sweeps without much resistance. But Mayssa had the more apparent attacks on the way down, often dropping to a leg lock.

Halfway through the match, Mayssa found an angle to begin her reputed pressure passing, buy Grace shook her off, earning top position and imposing on Mayssa with a stack pass attempt.

The action settled for the next few moments, but with five minutes left. Grace pressured on Mayssa with another stack pass, this one more significant.

Bastos attacked with an arm drag, and Grace defended using an unusual position, reminiscent of freestyle wrestling. 

Gundrum accepted the bottom position, and Bastos secured her deepest passing attempt of the match, a knee cut with a front headlock.

Gundrum maintained her guard, and returned to the top position as she pushed Bastos away.

Bastos initiated a leg entanglement, but Gundrum attacked with her own leg lock, appearing to get the better of the exchange.

On a reset, Bastos found another deep passing attempt, but could not squeeze through Gundrum’s guard before time expired.

The judges voted unanimously, awarding the victory to Bastos.

Kennedy Maciel Vs Geo Martinez

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Kennedy was the first to sit to guard after a brief hand-fighting exchange. He and Geo pummeled legs, and Kennedy soon scooped into a cross ashi position.

Martinez freed his knee from Maciel’s grasp, and started motion toward a loose backstep. He tried to dive under Kennedy’s legs, but Kennedy attacked another leg entanglement. Geo countered with his own leg attack, resulting in a positional stalemate.

Martinez started taking control of the position, but Maciel escaped, taking bottom position momentarily before Martinez sat back on another leg attack.

Kennedy shook free and began pressuring Geo’s guard. Geo created angles to find several significant leg entanglements, but Kennedy amplified pressure each time he pummeled his legs free.

Martinez attacked with his most threatening leg entanglement of the match, but, adjusting the position, gave way to a pass. Kennedy settled in side control momentarily before Geo recomposed guard.

Kennedy ramped up the pressure in the final exchange. Geo maintained his guard, but could not get deep enough on any of his last-ditch attacking efforts.

Maciel won by unanimous decision.

Main Event: Kaynan Duarte vs Rodolfo Vieira

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Duarte chased Vieira with aggressive collar ties to open the match, appearing to want to set an early pace.

As Vieira responded, Kaynan used a throw-by to get behind Rodolfo and jumped onto his back.

Rodolfo defended the early threat, building up to his feet.

Duarte returned him to the match and sunk in the choke, earning the quickest submission of the night, just 2 minutes and 28 seconds into the match.