2020 Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship

New Champs Crowned, Big Upsets! | Results From Abu Dhabi World Pro

New Champs Crowned, Big Upsets! | Results From Abu Dhabi World Pro

The rescheduled 2020 Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship is in the books, the results are in, and you may be shocked by some of the results.

Apr 9, 2021 by Chase Smith
New Champs Crowned, Big Upsets! | Results From Abu Dhabi World Pro

The purpose-built Jiu-Jitsu Arena in Abu Dhabi was the host for the 2020 Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship. With top purple, brown and black belts from around the world invited to compete there were plenty of notable results. Below we've highlighted how each weight class played out. 

Replay: Championship Mat (Finals) Abu Dhabi World Pro


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Male Black Belt

55kg – Francisco Jonas Andrade fought twice to secure his first-ever gold medal in the black belt division of the ADWPJJC. He finished Finland's Marko Oikarainen and met up with Johnif Rocha 6-3 in the final.

62kg – Diego Pato beat teammate Hiago George 4-3 in the final to win his first title as a black belt in the ADWPJJC. Before that, he finished France's Mohamed Ali-Hayat.

69kg – Israel Sousa took the long route for the gold medal. He beat Yaroslav Blazhko (6-2), Juan Manuel Calderon (13-1), finished Gabriel Sousa and outscored Ali Monfaradi 6-1 in the final. Israel won his first ever gold medal as a black belt in the ADWPJJC.

77kg – Argentina's Pablo Lavaselli fought three times to win his first ever title as a black belt in the ADWPJJC. He beat Andre Luiz Cantanhede (2-0), Adriano Araujo (5-2) and Espen Mathiesen (5-4) in the final.

85kg – The most anticipated match in the finals was Isaque Bahiense vs. Tommy Langaker. A thrilling 1-1 tie meant the title for Isaque as he scored last. Before that, Bahiense beat Kevin Cuervo (2-0), Nathan Mendelsohn (3-0), and Jaime Canuto (6-4) to secure his second-ever gold medal as a black belt in the ADWPJJC.

94kg – What an ADWPJJC for Poland's Adam Wardzinski. After winning the gold medal in the master 1 division, he came back to win also in the adult division. A 6-4 lead over Renato Cardoso in the final meant the gold medal, Adam's first as a black belt in the ADWPJJC.

120kg – Guttemberg Pereira fought his path to the gold medal all the way from the Brazil qualifier. In the main bracket, Pereira first beat Paulo Brasil (4-0), Rodrigo Ribeiro (DQ) and Thiago Borges in the final (12-0). It was Guttemberg's first ever title as a black belt in the ADWPJJC.

Female Brown/Black Belt

49kg – Brenda Larissa did what no else had done before. She beat Mayssa Bastos in the ADWPJJC final. In a sweep battle, Larissa built a 3-2 lead that secured her first-ever gold medal as a brown/black belt division of the ADWPJJC.

55kg – Fierce rivals, Bianca Basílio and Ana Rodrigues once again battled for the gold medal. Close as always, the match ended with a 1-1 tie and a referee's decision win to Bia. Before the final, Basílio beat

Amal Amjahid 2-0, Alexa Yanes (1-0) and finished Lisi Vaht.

62kg – Beatriz Mesquita was literally unstoppable. She fought seven times and finished five opponents. In the final, she needed less than a minute to catch Larissa Paes in an armbar. Bia reached her sixth gold medal as a black belt in the ADWPJJC.

70kg – Julia Boscher could not contain her smile. The first gold medal as a black belt in the ADWPJJC came with a 2-0 win over Rafaela Bertolot. Before that, she beat Emma Kamaric 18-1 and finished Buyandelger Battsogt.

95kg – Another fierce rivalry, Gabi Pessanha vs. Yara Soares had another chapter this weekend in Abu Dhabi. A thrilling 3-3 tie in a battle of sweeps meant another title for Gabi as she scored last. Pessanha is now a back to back ADWPJJC champion as a black belt.

Male Brown Belt 

With three submissions in four matches and wins against opponents from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Brazil and the UK, Micael Galvao was the standout champion from the brown belt divisions. The 77kg champion spent a total of 11 minutes and 47 seconds on the mat and scored 24 points in total, with only semifinal opponent and eventual bronze medalist Lucas Protasio going the distance. 56kg champ Samat Aitpanbet of Kazakhstan was the only non-Brazilian brown belt to climb to the top of the podium. 

56kg – Samat Aitpanbet (Kazakhstan)

62kg – Lucas Carvalho (Brazil)

69kg – Alessandro Botelho (Brazil) 

77kg – Micael Galvao (Brazil) 

85kg – Catriel Rodrigues (Brazil) 

94kg – Renan Cruz (Brazil) 

120kg – Guilherme Guedes (Brazil) 

Purple Belt

The UAE and Brazil battled fiercely for most of the gold medals in the division. The Emiratis won three golds, all of them in finals against Brazilians. Zayed Alkatheeri, Omar Al Fadhli and Mohamed Alamri proved once and for all that talent runs in their blood. They will surely make waves in the years to come. Brazil came back with eight gold medals between men and women. Here are the list of champions:

Adult Male

56kg – Zayed Alkatheeri (UAE)

62kg – Omar Al Fadhli (UAE)

69kg – Carlos Henrique (Brazil)

77kg – Mohamed Alamri (UAE)

85kg – Uanderson Ferreira (Brazil)

94kg – Luccas Lira (Brazil)

120kg – Helder Rodrigues (Brazil)

Adult Female

49kg – Kacie Tan (Thailand)

55kg – Beatriz Campos (Brazil)

62kg – Sabrina Gondim (Brazil)

70kg – Larissa Santos (Brazil)

95kg – Tamiris Silva (Brazil)

Blue Belt

The international community was well represented in the roster of blue belt medalists. No less than 15 nations were represented in the podium of the category. The list includes, UAE, India, Brazil, Tajikistan, Palestine, Denmark, Belgium, Ukraine, Portugal, Russia, Tunisia, Italy and the Philippines.

The host country once again showed that the strategy of teaching Jiu Jitsu in schools is working, as Emirati athletes racked up 14 medals in total, three of them gold medals. Here is the list of champions.

Adult Male

56kg – Omar Ali Alsuwaidi (UAE)

62kg – Khaled Alshehhi (UAE)

69kg – Oilson Junior (Brazil)

77kg – William Tregart (Denmark)

85kg – Jose Nduazulu-Ndilu (Belgium)

94kg – Stanislav Shmargun (Ukraine)

120kg – Isa Isaev (Russia)

Adult Female

49kg -  Shelby Murphy (USA)

55kg – Aylla Silva (Brazil)

62kg – Shamma Alkalbani (UAE)

70kg – Sarah Fanizza (Belgium)

95kg – Stefania Brancato (Italy)