2021 Pan IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship

Victor Hugo, Devhonte Johnson & More: The Top SHWs and UHWs At Pan No-Gi

Victor Hugo, Devhonte Johnson & More: The Top SHWs and UHWs At Pan No-Gi

Victor Hugo is the clear cut frontrunner in the ultra heavyweight division. The favorite in the super heavyweight divison at No-Gi Pans is less clear.

May 12, 2021 by Corey Stockton
Victor Hugo, Devhonte Johnson & More: The Top SHWs and UHWs At Pan No-Gi

The super heavyweight division at No-Gi Pans is up for grabs, as the 2020 champion, Kaynan Duarte, is not returning to defend. That leaves this division open for several long-time contenders to slide in and collect a title.

Diego Ramalho has been bouncing around in weight categories for the last few years. He’s looked promising at the heavier weight classes, collecting gold at several no-gi opens this year. This division of 14 includes several potential new opponents for Ramalho, including two of the division’s biggest threats: Arnaldo Maidana and Devhonte Johnson.

Maidana is a no-gi world champion with a nearly 60% submission rate. He’s been on a bit of a slide over the last few years, but he’s a clear contender in this division, nonetheless.

Devhonte Johnson has an opportunity to break through in the super heavyweight division this weekend. He has some high profile victories in his career already, and should be coming in confident that he can find the podium in this bracket. But he’ll have to watch out for a few of the division's biggest disruptors, including a veteran and a young black belt on the rise. 

Mike Perez is the ultimate wildcard in this division. The two-time ADCC trials winner is still looking for his first major black belt title. He hasn’t competed since September 2019, but could send a wakeup call to the super heavyweight division with a good performance at No-Gi Pans.

Assembly Jiu-Jitsu’s Haisam Rida is a potential dark horse in this division. Rida has been inching toward a true breakout success. He’s explosive and exciting to watch, and has an incredibly high submission rate. His drive for the finish can sometimes cost him, as he occasionally gives points away. But he’s showing signs that he is polishing his game. With the right strategy, he could finish ahead of some of the division favorites.

Adult / Male / Super-Heavy


AllianceAntonio Zuazo
American Jiu-Jitsu SyndicateEliot Andrew Kelly
Atos Jiu-JitsuMichael Anthony Perez
CheckMatArnaldo Maidana de Oliveira
CheckMatJackson Douglas de Carvalho Batista
Detroit Jiu-Jitsu AcademyRida Haisam Isaac
Gracie BarraFrancisco Carlos de Leon
Gracie BarraLucas Norat Lopes
Killer Bees BJJ CollegeJae Peirce McIntosh
Legion American Jiu-JitsuZachary LeCates
Shannon Arts Jiu-JitsuWilliam M. Shannon
TAC Team BJJMatthew W Leighton
Unity Jiu-jitsuDevhonte M. Johnson
ZR Team AssociationDiego Dias Ramalho

The ultra heavyweight division at No-Gi Pans is shaping up to be the Victor Hugo show. The no-gi world champion from Six Blades is the clear favorite in this 8-man division. He’s likely to face Aaron Tex Johnson in the semis or finals, depending on how the bracket is seeded.

Adult / Male / Ultra-Heavy


Academia Jiu-JitsuJordan Wayne-emerson More
AllianceAaron Michael Johnson
Atos Jiu-JitsuLeonardo Henrique D'avila Corrêa
BJJ Revolution TeamJoseph Othmar Dierkhising
Double Five Highland VillageDiego Almeida Ferreira
GF TeamAlexandre Bueno de Oliveira
Rodrigo Vaghi BJJJohn Leslie Hansen
Six Blades Jiu-JitsuVictor Hugo Costa Marques