2021 FloGrappling WNO Championship

Roberto Is The Top Dog; How Does Tye Fare? | WNO Championship Betting Lines

Roberto Is The Top Dog; How Does Tye Fare? | WNO Championship Betting Lines

The betting lines for the 185 lb division at the WNO Championship have been released. See the division favorite, and the best value picks below.

Sep 14, 2021 by Corey Stockton
Roberto Is The Top Dog; How Does Tye Fare? | WNO Championship Betting Lines

The online betting site BetOnline has released money lines for FloGrappling’s WNO Championship.

These odds are constantly fluctuating. The odds below were reported as of August 25. Find the most up to date betting lines on BetOnline.

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Update (Sept 22) — Jacob Couch has filled in for the injured Pedro Marinho. Oliver Taza has also stepped out of the competition. He has been replaced by Johnny Tama.

Odds to win the 185 lb tournament:

Roberto Jimenez +150

Tye Ruotolo +250

Micael Galvao +325

Pedro Marinho +500

Dante Leon +550

Oliver Taza +1000

Jon Blank +1000

William Tackett +1400

Johnny Tama +1800

Jacob Couch +4000

Craig Jones was originally the heavy favorite in this division, but now that he’s out with an injury, the division appears wide open. Still it’s somewhat surprising that Roberto Jimenez is the favorite. Of course he has what it takes to win in this bracket, and he has already been successful against several of the athletes in this division. But he’s also faltered against two key names at middleweight. One of them is Jon Blank, who submitted Jimenez quickly at the 2019 ADCC trials. That may be ancient history at this point in both of their careers. But Jimenez has a more glaring bane in this division: Pedro Marinho.

Marinho is a new addition to the division with Andrew Wiltse pulling out due to injury. He’s a noteworthy challenge to Jimenez’ status as the division favorite, as Marinho has a collection of submission victories over Jimenez. There is no guarantee that Jimenez and Marinho will cross paths in the main bracket at the WNO Championship, but it’s worthwhile to consider Marinho as a threat to Jimenez championship hopes before placing a bet on the favorite in this division.

On the other hand, Tye Ruotolo and Mica Galvao — at +250 and +350, respectively — stand out as intriguing bets with valuable upside.

Ruotolo has lost twice to Jimenez last year, and lost to Dante Leon in 2020 as well, but he seems to have come into his own in 2021. His style is made for the WNO ruleset, and he could overcome any of those challenges with a rematch. At the rate Ruotolo has grown this year, he could easily be the favorite, despite his losses to Jimenez. Given Jimenez recent victories over him, it makes sense that Rutolo is slotted behind him in the betting lines, but there is a great opportunity to cash in on potential recency bias, here.

Mica Galvao is a slightly riskier bet, still, but with even more potential reward. He has a submission win over Pedro Marinho, and a WNO decision win over Oliver Taza, putting him decisively toward the top in this division. But despite looking great against top-ranked veterans so far, he’s relatively inexperienced against the best of the best.

The top three favorites seem correctly identified in this sense, in that both Jimenez and Ruotolo stand the best chance to beat Galvao. But Galvao has every potential to win in either, or both, of those matches, and pull off a shocking upset. In that sense, a bet on Galvao carries considerable risk; he doesn’t have the same portfolio as some of his potential opponents. But for betters that have faith based on what he’s shown already, the upside is there; the potential profit on a $100 bet is $350.