2021 FloGrappling WNO Championship

The Ultimate WNO Championship Results, Stats & Recap Hub

The Ultimate WNO Championship Results, Stats & Recap Hub

Check here regularly to see the latest updates, results, stats and analysis for the WNO Championship on September 25-26.

Sep 25, 2021 by Corey Stockton
The Ultimate WNO Championship Results, Stats & Recap Hub

FloGrappling's WNO Championship has shaped up to be one of the biggest events in grappling history. With forty athletes, five championship belts, and more than $250,000 in total prizes on the line, there will be no shortage of exciting matches and memorable submissions.

The WNO Ruleset

The first round, semifinals, and consolation brackets will all follow the standard WNO ruleset. The matches will be scheduled for 15 minutes, and will be decided by submission, or three judges. The judges will decide the match based on which competitor had a more effective display of jiu-jitsu, and will heavily favor displays of aggression and intention to finish the match.

Each of the five finals will follow the same ruleset, with one exception. The finals will be scheduled for 30 minutes.

BUBS Naturals is sponsoring this weekends submission bonus, and will be rewarding $1,000 for every submission throughout the tournament.

The WNO Championship Schedule

The WNO Championships is a two-day event, featuring four sessions of grappling. Here's a brief overview of the schedule:

  • Saturday, Sept. 25 at 11 a.m. ET: All first round matches begin. The men's heavyweight division will start the show, followed by the female heavyweights, the male middleweights, the female strawweights and the male lightweights.
  • Saturday at 7 p.m. ET: The semifinals will play out to decide which two athletes will fight for the belt on Sunday. The divisions will follow the same order as the previous round.
  • Sunday, Sept. 26 at 11a.m. ET: The consolation bracket will play through. All losers from the first round will have an opportunity to earn their shot in the third place matches. The winners of those matches will face the competitors who lost in the semifinals on Saturday. The winners of the second round will fight for third place, and a $7,500 prize.
  • Sunday at 8 p.m. ET: All five WNO Champions will be decided in the 30-minute final rounds. The winner will be crowned champion and take home $30,000, while the loser will collect $15,000 for second place.

All five brackets will be updated live on FloArena. Click here to see the brackets, find live replays, and get alerts when your favorite athletes are on the mat.

WNO Championship Finals:

Men's Heavyweight Final

Kaynan Duarte (Atos) vs Tim Spriggs (Team Lloyd Irvin)

Watch here

Tim Spriggs earned a major upset victory, submitting Kaynan Duarte with a heel hook 7:21 into the match. Spriggs earned the $30,000 prize, plus a total of $2,000 in submission bonuses on the weekend, courtesy of BUBS Naturals.

Women's Heavyweight Final

Kendall Reusing (Gracie Barra) vs Rafaela Guedes (Atos)

Watch here

Rafaela Guedes and Kendall Reusing were evenly matched in many elements of their games. The exchanged passes, takedowns and sweeps. But Rafaela turned on the gas when she found the chinstrap she was looking for. She swept, mounted, and finished Reusing at 18:55, collecting $30,000 and a $1,000 submission bonus.

Men's Middleweight Final

Tye Ruotolo (Atos) vs Mica Galvao (Fight Sports)

Watch here

Tye Ruotolo defeated Mica Galvao via split decision after 30 minutes.

Women's Strawweight Final

Grace Gundrum (10th Planet) vs Mayssa Bastos (GF Team)

Watch here

Mayssa Bastos defeated Grace Gundrum via unanimous decision. She nearly scored an early backtake, but lost it and had to endure twenty minutes of pressure before getting back to the top position, quickly passing Gundrum's guard and attacking an arm triangle.

Men's Lightweight Final

Gabriel Sousa (ZR Team) vs Kade Ruotolo (Atos)

This match started and ended in fireworks. Gabriel Sousa and Kade Ruotolo wrestled from end to end of the mat. 

Kade soon took the lead, and found a darce choke while Sousa was defending his back, finishing the submission 6:52 into the match.

Session 3 Recap:

Here are the third place winners from session 3:

  • Haisam Rida | Men's Heavyweight
  • Elisabeth Clay | Women's Heavyweight
  • Jacob Couch | Men's Middleweight
  • Tammi Musumeci | Women's Strawweight
  • Diego "Pato" Oliveira | Men's Lightweight

Jacob Couch had a particularly rocky road to the podium. After causing a major upset in the main bracket quarterfinals with a submission win over Roberto Jimenez, Couch was submitted by Mica Galvao in the semis. He then lost to Jon Blank in the consolation round. Blank was unable to continue, so Couch filled in in the third place match, where he defeated William Tackett by split decision.

Other athletes deserving credit for standout performances include 

  • Joshua Cisneros, who suffered an injury yesterday in the semifinals, but still showed up to compete in the consolation bracket.
  • Erin Harpe, who submitted Amanda Loewen before Losing to Elisabeth Clay.
  • Amanda Tubby Alequin, who earned two submissions on the day.

Records and Quick Facts:

  • Erin Harpe is now tied with Grace Gundrum for the most wins in the female divisions at WNO.
  • Tubby Alequin scored the fastest ever female submission in her win over Jessa Khan (46 seconds)
  • There were nine submissions in the consolation bracket, bringing the event total to 20. Athletes have been paid $22,000 in submission bonuses.
  • William Tackett scored the first calf crush submission in WNO history in his win over Dante Leon.

Session 3: The Consolation Rounds

Today, those who lost in day one will have an opportunity to fight back for third place, and the $7,500 prize that comes along with it.

Third Place Matches

Men's Heavyweight Division

Giancarlo Bodoni (New Wave) vs Haisam Rida (Assembly Jiu-Jitsu)

Watch here

This match resulted in a lot of stalemating, as both men worked toward leg attacks but could not get deep enough into the position to try to finish.  Haisam Rida's passing attempts and early display may have done enough to win the judges over.

Haisam Rida def Giancarlo Bodoni via split decision

Women's Heavyweight Division

Erin Harpe (Gracie Tampa) vs Elisabeth Clay (Ares BJJ)

Watch here

Elisabeth Clay demonstrated positional dominance throughout the match,  showing off a less-often seen wrinkle in her game: her back control. She skated to third place.

Elisabeth Clay def Erin Harpe via unanimous decision

Men's Middleweight Division

William Tackett (Checkmatt) vs Jacob Couch (Pedigo Submission Fighting)

Watch here

*Jon Blank was injured in the semis, so Couch has taken his place in the third place match.

Tackett won the positional game in a large chunk of time in the middle of the match, but Couch had several significant heel hook attempts at the beginning and end of the round, earning the favor of the judges.

Jacob Couch def William Tackett by unanimous decision

Women's Strawweight Division

Tammi Musumeci (Boop's Garage) vs Tubby Alequin (Gamblers)

Watch here

Tammi Musumeci rode Tuubby Alequin's back for nearly all of the match. Alequin escaped with short time, and both women exchanged attacks, but Musumeci remained the favorite.

Tammi Musumeci def Tubby Alequin via unanimous decision

Men's Lightweight Division

Diego Pato Oliveira (Cicero Costha) vs Joshua Cisneros (Ares BJJ)

Watch here

Pato led the early wrestling exchange. Cisneros shot an arm attack after the five minute mark, giving Pato space to take his back. it took a while for Pato to return Cisneros to the mat, but once he did, the choke was imminent.

Diego Oliveira def Joshua Cisneros via rear naked choke (7:34)

Consolation Semifinals

Women's Heavyweight Division

Amanda Leve (Precision Jiu-Jitsu) vs Erin Harpe (Gracie Tampa)

Watch here

Erin Harpe demonstrated positional control taking mount and spamming attacks for most of the match. She'll face Elisabeth Clay in the third place match.

Erin Harpe def Amanda Leve via decision

Men's Middleweight Division

Jon Blank (10th Planet) vs Jacob Couch (Pedigo Submission Fighting)

Watch here

Couch and Thor scrambled back and forth, with Thor attacking several omoplata attacks before nearly getting passed. As Couch passed, Thor snuck onto the back and sunk in an inverted triangle.

Jon Blank def Jacob Couch via inverted triangle (7:50)

Dante Leon (Adams Jiu-Jitsu) vs William Tackett (Checkmat)

Watch here

William Tackett led most of the match with his leg attacks, and eventually found a finish with a rare one.

William Tackett def Dante Leon via calf slicer (7:27)

Women's Strawweight Division

Jessa Khan (Art of Jiu-Jitsu) vs Tubby Alequin (Gamblers)

Watch here

Almost over before it started: Amanda Alequin caught a toe hold in just 42 seconds, setting a new record for fastest female submission in WNO history.

Tubby Alequin def Jessa Khan via toe hold (0:42)

Tammi Musumeci (Boop's Garage) vs Danielle Kelly (Silver Fox BJJ)

Watch here

Tammi Musumeci scored a quick pass, then went right on the attack, collecting an armbar and turning it into a rotating shoulder lock as Danielle escaped.

Tammi Musumeci def Danielle Kelly via twisting armlock (1:43)

Consolation Quarterfinals

Men's Heavyweight Division

Haisam Rida (Assembly Jiu-Jitsu) vs Orlando Sanchez (Gracie Barra)

Watch here

This match took a while to get started, as both men exchanged grips on their feet. When Rida pulled guard halfway through the match, he elevated immediately into a leg entanglement, using it to sweep, and taking Orlando's back. There, he found the rear naked choke.

Haisam Rida def Orlando Sanchez via rear naked choke (6:52)

Rida will face Giancarlo Bodoni next.

Women's Heavyweight Division

Erin Harpe (Gracie Tampa) vs Amanda Loewen (10th Planet)

Watch here

Erin Harpe was methodical in her approach, scoring an early takedown and progressing to mount, where she smashed and pressured Amanda Loewen, earning a victory by kimura.

Erin Harpe def Amanda Loewen via kimura (6:24)

Women's Strawweight Division

Alex Nguyen (Standard) vs Tubby Alequin (Gamblers)

Watch here

Alex Nguyen gave Tubby Alequin a close fight, hanging in until the final 21 seconds and winning the judges favor at the 10 minute mark. She pummeled aggressively for leg attacks, and had a deep heel hook early in the match.

But Tubby's pressure eventually cracked Nguyen, and she scored a kneebar in the closing seconds.

Tubby Alequin def Alex Nguyen via kneebar (14:39)

Jessica Crane (Ares BJJ) vs Danielle Kelly (Silver Fox)

Watch here

Jessie Crane seems to have learned her lesson from her recent match against Danielle Kelly. Kelly tried to attack the legs early in this match, as she had done successfully in their previous match. This time, however, Crane countered Kelly's attack with a pass.

Kelly recovered guard, and as Crane tried to counter with a back take, but put her leg in jeopardy. As Crane defended, Kelly took the top position and went on the attack, chaining upper body submissions.

The opening sequence repeated itself again: Kelly dove for a leg; Crane passed and tired for the back, Kelly escaped directly into an attack. This time, she collected a heel hook for the victory.

Danielle Kelly def Jessie Crane via heel hook (9:12)

Men's Lightweight Division

Damien Anderson (New Wave) vs Diego "Pato" Oliveira (PSLPB  Cicero Costha)

Watch here

Pato wrestled with Anderson early, taking him down and moving around to Anderson's back. He controlled the game positionally for most of the early match. Anderson turned up the pace with five minutes remaining, but put himself in positional trouble, but eventually got himself into a deep inside sankaku with double leg control.

Anderson attacked both legs, but could not force a reaction from Pato, and could not overcome the gap Pato had built early in the match.

Diego Pato Oliveira def Damien Anderson via unanimous decision

Day 1:

Check out our full day 1 recap, and hear what the WNO Championship athletes had to say in their post match interviews.

Recap | Interviews

Keep scrolling for round by round and match by match analysis, as well as links to full match replays.

Here are tomorrows main brackets:

Semifinal Recap:

Session 2 quick stats

  • Fastest submission: Mica Galvao's armbar vs Jacob Couch (2:52)
  • Grace Gundrum scored the first ever twister in WNO history in her victory over Jessa Khan.
  • Tye Ruotolo and Kade Ruotolo are now tied for the record for the most wins on WNO, surpassing Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones, who each have four.
  • Mica Galvao earned his fourth win on the WNO stage, putting him in the top five most winning competitors on WNO. He's undefeated at 4-0. 
  • Tye Ruotolo set another record on WNO with his win over Dante Leon, earning the submission nearest to the final bell of any in WNO history. He tapped Leon with just ten seconds remaining on the clock.
  • Both of the men's middleweight semifinals ended in submission, making that division the most submission-heavy of the round.
  • Total semifinal submissions: three (plus one injury). BUBS Naturals paid $4,000 in submission bonuses in the second session.
  • Atos sent four athletes to the WNO Championship: Kaynan Duarte, Rafaela Guedes, Tye Ruotolo and Kade Ruotolo All four are in the finals.

Most exciting matches of the session

Second Round: The Semifinals

Men's Heavyweight Division

Giancarlo Bodoni (New Wave) vs Kaynan Duarte (Atos)

Watch here

Slow and steady, Kaynan Duarte shut Giancarlo Bodoni’s leg attacks down and passed his guard, securing the first pass halfway through the match. Bodoni recovered and Duarte resumed passing. 

Bodoni fought to collect additional leg entanglements, but Duarte appeared comfortable in coasting through Bodoni’s attacks and applying slow, steady pressure.

Kaynan Duarte def Giancarlo Bodoni via unanimous decision

Tim Spriggs (Team Lloyd Irvin) vs Tex Johnson (Gamblers)

Watch here

Tex and Tim seemed to disagree on the range at which this match should be fought. Tex tried to drag Spriggs in close, while Spriggs looked to stay at a distance, for which he took an early penalty.

With incentive from the judges, Spriggs started staying closer, giving Tex the range to get beneath his legs.

Eight minutes in, Tim opened up, finding space for Spriggs to pass the guard momentarily. But Tex quickly recovered.

The action simmered here, but Spriggs stayed far enough ahead to make it into the final.

Tim Spriggs def Tex Johnson via unanimous decision

The heavyweight finals are set for tomorrow night:

  • Kaynan Duarte vs Tim Spriggs

Women's Heavyweight Division

Rafaela Guedes (Atos) vs Amanda Leve (Precision Jiu-Jitsu)

Watch here

Rafaela Guedes and Amanda Leve showed off some of the best wrestling in the tournament early on. Guedes eventually got on top and past the guard, but Leve recovered quickly.

In the final five minutes, Guedes hit an explosive double leg directly to side control then onto Guedes' back, but Guedes reversed the position.

Guedes went on the charge in the closing minutes, hunting a kimura, attacking with several foot trips and chasing after a headlock. She came up empty handed but still won in the eyes of the judges.

Rafaela Guedes def Amanda Leve via unanimous decision

Kendall Reusing (Gracie Barra) vs Ana Carolina Vieira (Aviv Jiu-Jitsu)

Watch here

Kendall Reusing was aggressive in her takedown attempts, but that often put her in danger of Ana Carolina's headlocks and bodylocks.

Ana Carolina's deepest headlock gave her a momentary edge, but Kendall reversed it, and had her own significant attempt, stealing the judges' favor in the initial five minutes.

Ana Carolina broke free of the threat and worked to pressure the guard of Reusing. When Reusing opened the guard, Vieira dropped back for a straight ankle lock, bur Reusing rode it out and took top position.

Both women engaged in a leglock shootout, with Reusing seeming to get the better of the grips and controls.

Kendall gave up the leg attacks to jump on Ana Carolina's back, then settled into mount.

With two minutes remaining on the clock, Ana Carolina scrambled free and jumped immediately on a guillotine, but Reusing freed her head.

Kendall Reusing def Ana Carolina Vieira via unanimous decision

The women's heavyweight finals are set for tomorrow night:

  • Rafaela Guedes vs Kendal Reusing

Men's Middleweight Division

Dante Leon (Adams Jiu-Jitsu) vs Tye Ruotolo (Atos)

Watch here

Tye Ruotolo scored an early, explosive double and kept pressure on, listening to his corner, which advised him not to allow Dante Leon to return to his feet.

Ruotolo amplified the pace, changing directions and alternating between close and long range passing.

Tye got overzealous, leaving his leg behind, but got it back free and continued applying pressure.

Dante finally got back to his feet six minutes into the match, but Tye was building pace, and Dante's pace seemed to be waning.

Ruotolo continued to pour on the passing pressure, appearing to wait for Leon to make a crucial mistake. Leon stayed composed enough not to get caught until the last eight seconds, where Ruotolo collected a guillotine, and his second submission of the day.

Tye Ruotolo def Dante Leon via reverse arm triangle (14:50)

Micael Galvao (Fight Sports) vs Jacob Couch (Pedigo Submission Fighting)

Watch here

Couch worked hard to drag Galvao in, but couldn't get a tight enough connection. Galvao hopped over the guard directly onto an armbar, securing a quick submission victory.

Micael Galvao def Jacob Couch via armbar (2:52)

The men's middleweight finals are set for tomorrow night:

  • Tye Ruotolo vs Micael Galvao

Women's Strawweight Division

Tammi Musumeci (Boop's Garage) vs Mayssa Bastos (GF Team)

Watch here

This match could have gone either way. Both women worked detailed setups, but spent more time pummeling than attacking.

Mayssa Bastos def Tammi Musumeci via split decision

Jessa Khan (Art of Jiu-Jitsu) vs Grace Gundrum (10th Planet)

Watch here

Grace Gundrum played the border well, defending the center of the match and walking Jessa Khan to the boundaries. Gundrum then pulled, allowing room for Khan to enter a leg entanglement.

Gundrum started pouring on the attack, hitting the truck,, then slowly progressing to the twister, and achieving the first twister in WNO history.

Grace Gundrum def Jessa Khan via twister (6:18)

The women's strawweight finals are set for tomorrow night:

  • Mayssa Bastos vs Grace Gundrum

Men's Lightweight Division

Cole Abate (Art of Jiu-Jitsu) vs Gabriel Sousa (ZR Team)

Watch here

Cole Abate put Gabriel Sousa under siege early, attacking with leg locks from the false reap, and forcing Sousa to scramble out.

Sousa remained composed, attacking side to side.

In the waning moments of the match, Sousa started attacking his own leg locks, Sousa had a deep stretch on Abate's leg, but Abate escaped free and returned the attack.

Gabriel Sousa def Cole Abate via split decision

Joshua Cisneros (Ares BJJ) vs Kade Ruotolo (Atos)

Watch here

Cisneros and Ruotolo engaged in a back and forth wrestling scramble. Cisneros wrapped up a single, and Ruotoolo jumped for a kani basami, immediately popping Cisneros' leg.

Kade Ruotolo def Joshua Cisneros due to injury (0:42)

The men's lightweight finals are set for tomorrow night:

  • Kade Ruotolo vs Gabriel Sousa

First Round Recap:


Session 1 quick stats

  • Fastest submission: Josh Cisneros' armbar over Damien Anderson (1:50)
  • Orlando Sanchez' disqualification loss was the first in WNO history.
  • Tye Ruotolo and Kade Ruotolo each tied Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones for the most wins on WNO. All four of those men have four wins on the WNO mats.
  • The men's lightweight division had the most submissions of the session (three subs in four matches)
  • Total submissions: eight (plus one disqualification). BUBS Naturals supplied $9,000 in submission bonuses in the first session.
  • Most popular submissions: heel hook (3), darce choke (2)
  • Tye and Kade Ruotolo are responsible for each of the darce chokes in this session.
  • All four Atos athletes moved ahead to the semifinal.

Biggest upsets

Most thrilling matches of the session

First Round Results:

Men's Heavyweight Division

Kaynan Duarte (Atos) vs Kyle Boehm (10th Planet)

Watch here

Kaynan Duarte was slow to start against Kyle Boehm. Boehm was looking for leg attacks from the false reap early on, but Duarte stayed patient, and looked to pass slowly. He tried an ankle lock early on, forcing a grunt from Boehm, but otherwise maintained slow pressure in attempt to pass.

With five minutes remaining, Duarte poured on the attack, hitting a deep knee cut then back-stepping into a leg entanglement. As Boehm defended, Duarte took his back, then transitioned to mount, where he smothered Boehm's face for the remainder of the match.

Kaynan Duarte def Kyle Boehm by unanimous decision

Giancarlo Bodoni (New Wave) vs Mason Fowler (Brasa CTA)

Watch here

Mason Fowler suffered an eye poke in the first three minutes of the match, causing a long delay before the match resumed. 

Fowler spent most of the match attacking passes, doing his best work from close position. Though he never secured a pass, he had Bodoni on the back foot througout.

Bodoni sscored two sweeps toward the end of the match, but couldn't follow up with enough offense to render his top position valuable.

Mason scored his only true pass of the match with jjust 90 seconds left on the clock, and couldn't stay past the guard for long enough to attack.

Mason Fowler def Giancarlo Bodoni via unanimous decision

Tex Johnson (Gamblers) vs Orlando Sanchez (Gracie Barra)

Watch here

Tex Johnson rushed to guard and climbed to a triangle. Orlando Sanchez fought for a moment, then elevated and slammed  Johnson, earning the first disqualification in WNO history.

Tex Johnson def Orlando Sanchez via disqualification (0:38)

Tim Spriggs (Team Lloyd Irvin) vs Haisam Rida (Assembly Jiiu-Jitsu)

Watch here

Tim Spriggs and Haisam Rida were slow to start, spending most of the first 10 minutes pummeling for hand position. With five minutes remaining, both men accelerated. Haisam dropped back for a backside 50-50 heel hook, scoring the first submission attempt.

With one minute left Rida dropped back on a 50-50 heel hook, but Spriggs dropped back on his own, earning a quick submission victory and the first of the day.

Tim Spriggs def Haisam Rida via heel hook (14:05)

Here are the semifinal matches coming later tonight:

  • Kaynan Duarte vs Mason Fowler Giancarlo Bodoni**
  • Tex Johnson vs Tim Spriggs

**Mason Fowler is out with an injury after suffering from an eye poke in the first round. His first round opponent, Giancarlo Bodoni, will take his place.

Women's Heavyweight Division

Amanda Leve (Precision Jiu-Jitsu) vs Gabi Garcia Alliance)

Watch here

Amanda Leve seems to have drafted a perfeect strategy to defeat Gabi Garcia. She used two stack pass attempts to get right to Garcia's back, and took her back again toward the end of the match from the coyote guard. Without question, this is the biggest upset of the tournament so far, and a truly defining moment for the career of Amanda Leve.

Amanda Leve def Gabi Garcia via unanimous decision

Elisabeth Clay (Ares BJJ) vs Rafaela Guedes (Atos)

Watch here

Rafaela Guedes earned a few near passes, stifling any of Elisabeth Clay's attempts to get underneath here. Both women played tactically, but Guedes came out with the win.

Rafaela Guedes def Elisabeth Clay via unanimous decision

Amanda Lowen (10th Planet) vs Ana Carolina Vieira (Aviv)

Watch here

Ana Carolina Vieira put on an absolutely dominant display of patient, pressure oriented guard passing against Amanda Loewen. Vieira earned mount several times in the match, and seemed to remain patient throughout the match.

Approaching the 10-minute mark, Vieira secured an arm triangle, with which she rendered Loewen unconscious.

Ana Carolina Vieira def Amanda Loewen via arm triangle (9:14)

Kendall Reusing (Gracie Barra) vs Erin Harpe (Gracie Tampa)

Watch here

Kendall Reusing and Erin Harpe opened aggressively, trading takedown attempts. Reusing score the top position, and endured some leg entries and sweep attempts from Reusing. Reusing everntually got to a knee cut position, where she slowly crawled past the guard and to the back. She remained on Harpe's back for most of the remainder of the match, putting on a last minute flurry of offense but coming away with the decision win.

Kendall Reusing def Erin Harpe via unanimous decision

Here are the semifinal matches coming later tonight:

  • Amanda Leve vs Rafaela Guedes
  • Ana Carolina Vieira vs Kendall Reusing

Men's Middleweight Division

Johnny Tama (Alliance) vs Tye Ruotolo (Atos)

Watch here

Tye Ruotolo hit two smooth techniques to open the match, hitting an early suplex, and following it up with a pretzel-bolo to the back. Ruotolo rode the back for a while, then cut Tama loose. As Tama scrambled, Tye threw a darce choke at him, and collected the submission victory.

Tye Ruotolo def Johnny Tama via darce choke (7:37)

Jon Blank (10th Planet) vs Dante Leon (Adams Jiu-Jitsu)

Watch here

Dante Leon dictated this match with his wrestling. He earned several takedowns against Blank, and nullified each of Blank’s sweeps with trademark wrestle-up style. Blank secured several sweeps, but Leon countered most of them, or responded with his own sweep and a better display of control when he got on top.

In the final moment, Leon jumped on a deep submission attempt, a triangle from the back. He wasn't able to finish the attack, but earned the win all the same.

Dante Leon def Jon Blank via unanimous decision

Jacob Couch (Pedigo Submission Fighting) vs Roberto Jimenez (Studio 76)

Watch here

Jacob Couch sat right to guard jumped immediately on Roberto Jimenez' leg. Roberto scrambled in each direction, looking for a pathway out and trying to counter with a backtake. Couch continued his attack, and eventually finished an inside heel hook with Roberto still standing.

Jacob Couch def Roberto Jimenez via heel hook (1:54)

William Tackett (Checkmat) vs Micael Galvao (Fight Sports)

Watch here

This was one of the best early scraps of the day. William Tackett offered some early offense, attacking a leg lock and having a look at the back. But Micael Galvao stayed composed, and initiated his passing pressure. He got to mount and attacked with an arm triangle, then looked to attack the back, and applied crushing pressure. His top control earned him a decision victory.

Micael Galvao def William Tackett via decision

Here are the semifinal matches coming later tonight:

  • Tye Ruotolo vs Dante Leon
  • Jacob Couch vs Micael Galvao

Women's Strawweight Division

Amanda “Tubby” Alequin (Gamblers) vs Tammi Musumeci (Boop’s Garage)

Watch here

Tammi Musumeci vs Tubby Alequin was an intricate exchange of footlocks and seemingly neutral positions. It was tough to decide who was ahead at any given moment, but the judges agreed after 15 minutes.

Tammi Musumeci def Amanda Alequiin via unanimous decision

Alex Nguyen (Standard) vs Mayssa Bastos (GF Team)

Watch here

Mayssa Bastos tried to attack the back from several angles, using berimbolos, matrix attempts and crab rides. She controlled the first five minutes of the match this way. Nguyen finally found an opportunity to attack, diving on a significant heel hook. As Mayssa escaped, she entered into another berimbolo sequence, but couldn’t finish.

At the five minute mark, Alex Nguyen earned the judges favor, but immediately after, Bastos attacked a leg, and used it to finally get to Nguyen’s back.

With 90 seconds left, Bastos transitioned to mount, and continued pummeling for submissions there, but not finding any.

Mayssa Bastos def Alex Nguyen via unanimous decision

Danielle Kelly (Silver Fox) vs Grace Gundrum (10th Planet)

Watch here

Danielle Kelly sat to guard, allowing Grace Gundrum to show off her top position play. She passed slowly and steadily, then never stopped atacking. She transitioned from to several neck attacks, working to create angles on the back and set up arm traps. 

Gundrum dropped off for an armbar, giving Kelly top position with just a few minutes to spare. But Gundrum kept her wrapped up, and took the top position back to close out the final minute.

Grace Gundrum def Danielle Kelly via unanimous decision

Jessie Crane (Ares BJJ) vs Jessa Khan (Art Of Jiu-Jitsu)

Watch here

Jessa Khan and Jessie Crane started off slow, a 50-50 battle. Toward the back half, Crane got a penalty for inactivity, and Khan went directly on the attack, hitting an inversion to a heel hook and securing the submission.

Jessa Khan def Jessie Crane via heel hook (8:52)

Here are the semifinal matches coming later tonight:

  • Tammi Musumeci vs Mayssa Bastos
  • Grace Gundrum vs Jessa Khan

Men's Lightweight Division

Gabriel Sousa (ZR Team) vs Mikey Musumeci (Boop's Garage)

Watch here

Gabriel Sousa had several convincing passing attempts, and finally secured one after the five minute mark. It was a shock for some, as Musumeci’s guard has rarely been passed since 2015. Musumeci offered several attacking grips and leg entries, but struggled to get anything deep enough to create a threat.

Sousa passed Musumeci’s guard again at the halfway point, and looked to attack from north-south. He fought with Musumeci for a few moments there before collecting a north south choke and becoming the first person to submit Musumeci in a no-gi match.

Cole Abate (Art Of Jiu-Jitsu) vs Geo Martinez (10th Planet)

Watch here

Cole Abate opened with an aggressive hunt for Geo Martinez’ legs, using the false reap and several iterations of inside sankaku to shoot deep looking heel hooks. Martinez didn’t flinch, and closed the distance.

Cole used another leg attack to take top position, but Geo quickly swept back and directly into a pressure position. As Geo scrambled to finish his pass, Abate jumped onto his back.

Martinez wiggled free and took top position, but struggled to get free of Abate’s closed guard.

When Martinez finally escaped, Abate secured a leg entanglement, and the two traded attacks. Abate seemed to get the better of those attacks.

Cole Abate def Geo Martinez via unanimous decision

Diego "Pato" Oliveira (PSLPB Cicero Costha) vs Kade Ruotolo (Atos)

Watch here

Kade Ruotolo started his distance passing sequence, and then quickly jumped on an outside heel hook, ripping the foot but finding nothing.

In transition, Pato collected an omoplata, and locked out his own tight armlock, which Kade eventually escaped.

Kade Ruotolo started to pass more closely, slowly and with pressure.

As Kade tried again to pass from a distance, Pato found opportunities to attacks, scrambling to his feet, establishing leg entanglements and gesturing at Kade’s back.

Ruotolo stayed persistent, pressuring in but not finding an angle to attack or pass.

Kade fought for several minutes, and finally found the pass with two minutes on the clock, then slapped a darce on and finished the submission.

Kade Ruotolo def Diego Oliveira via darce choke (13:29)

Joshua Cisneros (Ares BJJ) vs Damien Anderson (New Wave)

Watch here

A brief wrestling scramble put this match on the mat. Joshua Cisneros jumped right onto an armbar for a quick submission to move to the semifinals.

Joshua Cisneros def Damien Anderson via armbar (1:51)

Here are the semifinal matches coming later tonight:

  • Gabriel Sousa vs Cole Abate
  • Kade Ruotolo vs Joshua Cisneros

Catch up on all the action leading up to the event

The athletes are all weighed in and ready to go. Catch up on the events from Friday's weigh-ins and press conference below:

WNO Championship Weigh-Ins | WNO Championship Press Conference

The Best Moments From The WNO Championship Press Conference:


The Men's Heavyweight Division

Two ADCC champions, an IBJJF no-gi world champion and a host of WNO veterans; the heavyweight division is absolutely stacked with talent, but the man to beat is Kaynan Duarte.

Average age: 30

This division is the oldest — on average — of the tournament. Kaynan Duarte is the youngest at 23; while Big O, Orlando Sanchez, is the oldest at 38.

Most Previous WNO Experience: Haisam Rida (2-0)

Rida also has a spot in the WNO record books, with the second-fastest submission in WNO history.

Other WNO veterans: Kaynan Duarte (1-0), Kyle Bohm (0-1)

Number of ADCC veterans: 6

Both Kaynan Duarte and Orlando Sanchez are ADCC champions, to boot.

See each of the athletes' individual stats and biographical information here.

Watch: The Road To WNO Championship: Heavyweight Preview


The Women's Heavyweight Division

All eyes are on Gabi Garcia in this tournament. The four-time ADCC champ has only lost once match since 2015, but her seven potential opponents are hoping to score the second. The oddsmakers have Ana Carolina Vieira making it to the final, but many others in this division could stir the pot.

Average age: 28

Gabi Garcia is the oldest competitor in the bracket, while Elisabeth Clay is the youngest.

Most previous WNO experience: Lis Clay (1-1), Gabi Garcia (1-1), Rafaela Guedes (1-1)

Three of the women on the left side of the bracket are .500 on the WNO mats. The only other competitor with previous WNO experience is Erin Harpe, who defeated Rafaela Guedes and has a 1-0 record.

ADCC veterans: 3

Gabi Garcia is the most decorated ADCC female competitor in history, with four titles. Leve and Vieira have also competed on the ADCC stage. Clay qualified for ADCC, but was unable to compete due to injury.

Watch: The Road To WNO Championship: Women's Heavyweight Preview


The Men's Middleweight Division

This division has been shaken up for weeks due to injury. Even without the previous favorite, Craig Jones, this division is loaded. Some of the biggest and most exciting names in grappling are taking their shot at the title. The division is the most unpredictable of the tournament, and is sure to deliver some of the most highly anticipated matches of the year.

Average age: 22

This is the youngest division of the tournament, featuring two teenagers: Mica Galvao and Tye Ruotolo.

Most previous WNO experience: Tye Ruotolo (3-1)

This division is unique in that all eight of the competitors are WNO veterans. Mica Galvao (2-0) is the only undefeated competitor in the bracket, but Tye Ruotolo has had the most matches overall.

ADCC veterans: 3

Jon Blank, Dante Leon and Tye Ruotolo each made it to the semifinals at ADCC in 2019, and each took fourth place.

See each of the athletes' individual stats and biographical information here.

Watch: The Road To WNO Championship: Middleweight Preview


The Women's Strawweight Division

Arguably the most interesting division of the tournament, this division will include many of the top-ranked strawweights in the world. These women have been earning their right to compete for a title all year, and their opportunity has finally come.

Average age: 23

Three of the women in this division are just 19 years old: Jessie Crane, Jessa Khan and Grace Gundrum. The division's oldest competitors are 27 years old: Tammi Musumeci and Tubby Alequin.

WNO veterans: 6

Each of the four women on the right side of the bracket have two WNO matches to their name already. Gundrum and Khan are 2-0; Kelly and Crane are 1-1. Mayssa Bastos is 1-0 on WNO, and Alex Nguyen is 0-1. Kelly holds the record for the fastest submission of any women in WNO history (3 minutes).

ADCC veterans: 1

Tammi Musumeci stands alone as the only ADCC veteran in this division. She took third in 2015.

See each of the athletes' individual stats and biographical information here.

Watch: The Road To WNO Championship: Strawweight Preview


The Men's Lightweight Division

This could be the most explosive and dynamic division in the tournament. The division lost two competitors to injury early on, but even their replacements are ranked in the top 10. Mikey Musumeci is the man to watch in this bracket, as he's been turning heads since coming back to no-gi competion earlier this year. But will he have what it takes to take out the likes of Kade Ruotolo, and other killers in this division?

Average age: 23

There are two teenagers in this division: Kade Ruotolo (18) and Cole Abate (16). Geo Martinez is the veteran of the division at 33 years old.

WNO veterans: 5

Mikey Musumeci and Kade Ruotolo are both undefeated on WNO with three victories each. Geo Martinez has also had three matches on WNO; he's 2-1.

ADCC veterans: 1

Only Geo Martinez has competed on the ADCC stage. He's a three time ADCC veteran, with his best performance coming back in 2015, when he took fourth place.

See each of the athletes' individual stats and biographical information here.

Watch: The Road To WNO Championship: Lightweight Preview