2021 FloGrappling WNO Championship

Tim Spriggs Heel Hook Earns BUBS Naturals Submission Of The Night

Tim Spriggs Heel Hook Earns BUBS Naturals Submission Of The Night

BUBS Naturals paid $25,000 in WNO Championship submission bonuses. Here are all the submissions that earned them, including Tim Spriggs' sub of the night.

Sep 27, 2021 by Corey Stockton
Tim Spriggs Heel Hook Earns BUBS Naturals Submission Of The Night

According to the oddsmakers, Tim Spriggs was the largest underdog to win the WNO Championship heavyweight division. That makes his incredible success in the heavyweight tournament, and in the heavyweight final so incredible. 

Spriggs hit his first career heel hook in the quarterfinals against Haisam Rida, and followed it up in the final with a second heel hook against the favorite to win the division, Kaynan Duarte.

Spriggs earned $2,000 in submission bonus from BUBS Naturals on the weekend, adding to the $30,000 prize money for first place in the heavyweight division.

Watch: Tim Spriggs vs Kaynan Duarte


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In total, BUBS Naturals paid out $25,000 in submission bonuses. 47% of the matches at the WNO Championship ended in submission.

Here are all of the submissions which received $1,00 bonuses from BUBS Naturals.

Tex JohnsonOrlando SanchezDisqualification (Slamming out of triangle submission)0:00:38
Kade RuotoloJoshua CisnerosInjury0:00:42
Joshua CisnerosDamien AndersonArmbar0:01:51
Jacob CouchRoberto JimenezInside Heel Hook0:01:54
Micael GalvaoJacob Couch Armbar0:02:52
Grace GundrumJessa KhanTwister0:06:18
Tye RuotoloJohnny TamaDarce0:07:37
Jessa KhanJessie CraneInside Heel Hook0:08:52
Ana Carolina VieiraAmanda LoewenArm Triangle0:09:14
Gabriel SousaMikey MusumeciNorth South Choke0:10:10
Kade RuotoloDiego OliveiraDarce0:13:29
Tim SpriggsHaisam RidaHeel Hook0:14:05
Tye RuotoloDante LeonReverse Arm Triangle0:14:50
Amanda AlequinJessa KhanToe Hold0:00:43
Tammi MusumeciDanielle KellyTwisting Arm Lock0:01:43
Erin HarpeAmanda LoewenKimura0:06:24
Haisam RidaOrlando SanchezRNC / Cross Face0:06:25
Kade RuotoloGabriel SousaDarce0:06:52
Tim SpriggsKaynan DuarteInside Heel Hook0:07:21
William TackettDante LeonCalf Slicer0:07:27
Diego OliveiraJoshua CisnerosRNC0:07:34
Jon BlankJacob Couch Inverted Triangle0:07:50
Danielle KellyJessie CraneInside Heel Hook0:09:12
Amanda AlequinAlex NguyenKneebar0:14:39
Rafaela GuedesKendall ReusingGuillotine0:18:55