2021 1st ADCC North American Trial

How Winning ADCC North American Trials is A Step Toward Stardom

How Winning ADCC North American Trials is A Step Toward Stardom

Winning the ADCC Trials books your place at the World Championships, but as we can see from this list, it can be the first step toward stardom in grappling.

Nov 5, 2021 by Hywel Teague
How Winning ADCC North American Trials is A Step Toward Stardom

Everybody knows how tough it is to get into ADCC. The biggest and most prestigious no-gi event in the world, participation is limited to an exclusive few who qualify one of three ways. First, podium finishers get invited back. Second, a handful of invites are reserved for standout names from the world of grappling, with only elite caliber athletes getting the call. 

The third way to compete at ADCC in by winning one of the qualifying tournaments, known as the Trials. The continental trials events take place all over the world in the calendar year leading into the ADCC World Championship, and the 1st ADCC North American Trial goes down on Nov 6-7 in Atlantic City, NJ. 

The Trials are not just a chance to realize the dream of competing at ADCC. While not every Trials winner can make the podium, success here often translates into greater success for an athlete’s grappling career. 

Look at some of the past names who have qualified for ADCC by winning the North American Trials.

The early years of the ADCC Trials feature winners who went on to become the equivalent of household names in the grappling world.

-66kgDarson HemmingsMark RamosGeo MartinezEddie Cummings
-77kgAJ AgazarmGarry TononEnrico CoccoVagner Rocha
-88kgKeenan CorneliusJosh HaydenMatthew ArroyoMichael Perez
-99kgAdam SachnoffJames PuopoloTom DeBlassJason Bukich
o99kgJared DoppRobby DonofrioJason leesPaul Ardila-Ibarra
-60kgMackenzie Dern--Tammi Musumeci
o60kgBreea GilbertThaysa Silva-Amanda "Tubby" Alequin

2016 and on saw a variety of new names breakthrough and enter the public consciousness. The 2019 Trials winners feature heavy hitters who are some of the top-ranked no-gi grapplers in the world today. 

-66kgJustin RaderEthan CrelinstenEthan CrelinstenNicky Ryan
-77kgMansher KheraVagner RochaJon SatavaJohn Combs
-88kgJames BrascoJohn SalterAlec BauldingJosh Hinger
-99kgEliot KellyPaul Ardila-IbarraTim SpriggsMason Fowler
o99kgTom DeBlassCasey HellenbergAaron Tex JohnsonNick Rodriguez
-60kg-Elisabeth Clay-Jena Bishop
o60kg-Tara White-Amanda Leve

Winning ADCC Trials is no guarantee of success, but it can be a launchpad for an aspiring pro to take their career to the next level. Exactly how far that can go depends on the competitor, but one thing is for sure – ADCC Trials is one of the best events for introducing us to new no-gi talent, and we’ll be watching the divisions closely this coming weekend to see who is next in line for a shot at stardom. 

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