2021 1st ADCC North American Trial

Live Updates & Results | ADCC North American Trials Day 1

Live Updates & Results | ADCC North American Trials Day 1

Stay tuned here for the most important and noteworthy results throughout the 1st North American ADCC Trials.

Nov 6, 2021 by Corey Stockton
Live Updates & Results | ADCC North American Trials Day 1

The 1st North American ADCC Trials are underway. With nearly 800 competitors registered for the event, this is the largest event in the history of the ADCC trials. The two-day event has massive stakes: each of the five male winners will earn an invitation to the 2022 ADCC World Championships, while both female winners will get a free trip to the 2nd North American Trials.

Many of the brackets will take seven rounds or more to determine a winner, setting the stage for a lengthy test of attrition filled with mismatches and, potentially, surprising upsets. Each of the divisions are filled with rising stars and established veterans, but there’s no telling who will come out on top and punch their ticket to the World Championships next year in Las Vegas.

Keep up with the action all weekend on FloGrappling and Arena. For real time bracket updates and instant match replays, visit Arena throughout the weekend. Meanwhile, stay tuned into this article for the most important and noteworthy results throughout the weekend.

66 kg (view bracket here)

Opening Round

Gianni Grippo put up eight points in his first match to move ahead. (watch)

Keith Krikorian finished his first match from back control in 36 seconds, maintaining his impressive submission rate at ADCC trials. (watch)

Cole Abate scored nine points before submitting his opponent with a teepee from a failed triangle with 13-seconds remaining. (watch)

Jack Stapleton defeated Angel Medina 6-2 in the opening round. (watch)

John Battle submitted Anthony Molina Valdez with an armbar in 14 seconds. (watch)

Estevan Martinez outpaced his first opponent before securing a kimura with short time remaining. (watch)

Junny Ocasio scored an ouside heel hook in the first round at 1:20 (watch)

Robert Diggle scored a heel hook victory in less than a minute. (watch)

Jon Calestine got through the first round with a 12-second submission.

Second Round

Gianni Grippo hit a slick backtake and withstood a slam to submit his opponent in less than two minutes. (watch)

Gabe Tuttle hit an inside heel hook in less than two minutes to move ahead. (watch)

Cole Abate will move onto the third round after an armbar victory.

Kelly Quinn hit a late twister submission, and will move onto the next round. (watch)

A heel hook victory will put Jacob Norton into the next round.

Jon Calestine has spent 26 seconds on the mat today, and has two submission wins. Watch his second here.

Junny Ocasio won a close match, capitalizing on his opponent's penalty to win -1 - 0.

Estevan Martinez scored his second submission of the day, a rear naked choke in overtime.

Fabian Ramirez secured an outside heel hook victory and will continue on to the final round of the day.

77 kg (view bracket here)

Opening round

Kieran Kichuk hit a heel hook in his opening match and will move onto the second round. (watch)

Penn State wrestler Geno Morelli put his opponent to sleep with a darce choke in the first round. (watch)

Andrew Solano hit a first round heel hook and will move ahead. (watch)

Daniel Maira stuck himself to his opponent's shoulder for three minutes before finishing a kimura. (watch)

Second Round

Kade Ruotolo dominated his opening match after a first round bye, landing his trademark darce in the first 3 minutes. (watch)

Kieran Kichuck caught his second submission of the day, a rear naked choke with short time remaining. (watch)

Magid Hage started his day off with a heel hook victory in the second round. (watch)

PJ Barch will move ahead after a points victory. (watch)

John Combs hit a triangle in the first 60 seconds of his first match. (watch)

Former D1 wrestler Max Livingston hit an anaconda to move onto the third round. (watch)

Steven Ramos defeated Saul Viyara via submission late in regulation, overcoming a two-point deficit. (watch)

A decision victory sends Jon Satava into the third round. (watch)

UFC veteran Joe Solecki finished a rear naked choke early in his match to move ahead. (watch)

Geno Morelli landed his second sub of the day, a mounted guillotine. (watch)

Kody Steele ran up the score to win his first match 6-0. (watch)

Placido Santos found a guillotine in a wild scramble with Chris Wojick, finishing the submission to move ahead. (watch)

William Tackett won his first match via heel hook early into the match. (watch)

Pierre-Olivier Leclerc hit a 30-second submission to move on to the third round. (watch)

Daniel Maira hit a heel hook in the second round, his second submission on the day. (watch)

Third Round

Kade Ruotolo snatched another darce, and will move on to the round of 32. (watch)

Kieran Kichuk hit his third submission of the day, defeating Andrew Solano to move on to the round of 32. (watch)

PJ Barch earned a quick armbar victory, and will move to the final round of the day. (watch)

Steven Ramos took a 60-second kimura victory to send him to the round of 32. (watch)

John Combs submitted Nick Newell with a guillotine in overtime. (watch)

Max Hansen tapped Geno Morelli with an inverted triangle early into overtime after barely surviving a takedown blitz from the Penn State wrester.

Kody Steele and William Tackett will both move ahead to the last round of the day. Tackett hit a heel hook to move on, while Steele finished a rear naked choke.

Daniel Maira scored his third submission of the day, an armbar, and will move to the final round of the day..

Pierre--Olivier Leclerc found a heel hook with less than a minute remaining after hunting for positional control throughout the majority of the match. (watch)

Fourth round

Kieran Kichuk and Kade Ruotolo become the first two competitors to make it through day one. They'll face off in the first round of 16 match at 77 kg tomorrow.

88 kg (view bracket here)

Opening round

David Garmo will move onto the second round after landing a first round choke in less than 30 seconds. (watch)

Former trials winner John Salter won his opening round by an eight point margin. (watch)

Jacob Rodriguez, brother of trials winner Nicky Rod, won his opening round via submission with less than a minute remaining. (watch)

Jacob Couch won his first round match via kneebar. (watch

Rene Sousa won his opening round via heel hook. (watch)

Stanley Rosa scored a 12-second heel hook in his division opener. (watch)

Jason Patterson defeated Jorge Vallidares on points. (watch)

Second Round

Elder Cruz won his first match of the day with a belated start, winning 7-0.

Rene Souza earned a submission victory in overtime.

Jacob Couch will move onto the final round of the day after a points victory.

Giancarlo Bodoni is 2-1 with one submission, and will proceed to the final round of the day.

99 kg (view bracket here)

Opening round

Devhonte Johnson won his first match, slamming his opponent to the floor before taking his back and choking him. (watch)

Paul Ardila hit a clean heel hook to move into the second round. (watch)

Hudson Taylor of NCAA fame scored an armbar victory in 73 seconds to move on.

A triangle submission victory puts Mason Fowler into the next round. (watch)

Devhonte Johnson hit another armbar submission.

Joe Dierkhising will move ahead after scoring a submission with less than 60 seconds left in a 0-0 match. (watch)

Breylor Grout hit a darce in the opening round, and will face Dierkhising in the final round of the day. (watch)

Jacob Rodriguez got slammed while attacking a buggy choke, causing controversy (watch)

Second round

Mason Fowler now has two submissions on the day, scoring a sharp rear naked choke in less than a minute this round. He'll be in the quarterfinals tomorrow. (watch)

Devhonte Johnson kept his submission streak going. He's now 3-0 with a rear naked choke in his third match (watch)

Joe Dierkheising won a close match against Breylor Grout via decison.

Over 99 kg (view bracket here)

Opening round

Women's Under 60 kg (view bracket here)

Opening round

Brianna Ste-Marie turned a failed triangle into an armbar to score a submission victory in her first match. (watch)

Jasmine Rocha outscored Sophia Cassela 2-0.

The fastest submission of the day, Bri Robertson] hit a nine-second footlock. (watch)

Alex Enriquez won her opening round via armbar. (watch)

Lauren Sears and Fatima Kline won points victories in the first round.

16-year old Trinity Pun scored an armbar submission in her division opener.

Second round

Trinity Pun endured several minutes of attack from Lauren sears before turning the tables, scoring a kneebar in overtime.

Fatima Kline earned an early upset with a kneebar submission over Bri Robertson.

Brianna Ste-Marie earned her second armbar victory of the day,

Women's Over 60 kg

Opening round

Kendall Reusing, Emma Reusing, Paige Ivette and Cat Zingano all moved ahead to the round of 16.