2021 1st ADCC North American Trial

Live Updates & Results | ADCC North American Trials Day 2

Live Updates & Results | ADCC North American Trials Day 2

Follow along using this article for the latest results, updates and analysis for the final rounds of the 1st ADCC North American Trials.

Nov 7, 2021 by Corey Stockton
Live Updates & Results | ADCC North American Trials Day 2

What started as nearly 800 registered competitors has been whittled down to 80. Day two of the 1st ADCC North American Trials leading to the 2022 world championships is underway. 

The winners of each of the five male divisions will punch their ticket to worlds next year in Las Vegas, but first, each of the winners will need to get through the second day brackets, each of which are stacked with ADCC veterans, dangerous submission artists, and surprising wild cards. Sixteen men remain in the men’s 66, 77 and 88 kg; while the fields have been narrowed to eight in the men’s 99 kg and over 99 kg, and the women’s 60 kg and over 60 kg categories.

Follow along using this article for the latest results, updates and analysis. And check out Arena to see which competitors are currently on the mats, how the brackets are shaping up, and for direct links to every match from the day and the weekend.

To find out how we got here, check out the updates and results article from day 1.

Scroll to the bottom of this article for the finals and consolation results.


66 kg

Round of 16

Keith Krikorian, Elijah Tagalog and Gianni Grippo each won their first round on points, and will move ahead.

Ben Eddy submitted Cameron Mellott, and will face Krikorian next.

Cole Abate defeated Jon Calestine, 3-0, scoring the go-ahead guard pass in the closing seconds of the match.

Deandre Cobre collected a shoulder lock from his opponent's back, and will move ahead.

Estevan Martinez defeated Fabian Ramirez via referee decision, and will move on to face Cole Abate.

Edwin "Junny" Ocasio defeated Adam Benayoun on decision and will face Cobre next.


Cole Abate slowed down the explosive Estevan Martinez, and won 3-0.

Gianni Grippo defeated Elijah Tagalog via arm triangle in overtime.

Keith Krikorian defeated Ben Eddy 2-0 in regulation.

Deandre Cobre defeated Junny Ocasio via referee decision, taking the lead in a wrestling exchange in overtime.


After an aggressive showing throughout the match Keith Krikorian took Gianni Gippo's back and choked him, earning his third ADCC Trials finals berth.

Abate put three points on Cobre in regulation, and will face Krikorian in the final.

77 kg

Round of 16

Alan Sanchez won on points.

Kade Ruotolo survived an early leg battle with Kieran Kichuk, and took his back, finishing him with an arm in rear naked choke variation.

PJ Barch won a wrestling battle with Steven Ramos. Ramos scored an early takedown, but Barch returned the favor, and passed directly to mount to score. PJ will face Alan Sanchez next.

Magid Hage will move on to face Kade Ruotolo after winning a strategical match vs Nakapan Phungephorn.

Kody Steele won an early nomination for match of the day, a nine-minute scrap with Placido Santos.

Pierre-Olivier Leclerc submitted Daniel Maira with a footlock.

Jon Satava outscored Max Hanson and will move on to face Kody Steele.

William Tackett put ten points on JZ Cavalcante and will take on Pierre Leclerc next.


Kade Ruotolo defeated Magid Hage 5-0.

PJ Barch submitted 10th Planet teammate Alan Sanchez from the back. He'll take on Kade Ruotolo next.

Kody Steele defeated Jon Satava on penalties, and will face his teammate, William Tackett in the semis. Tackett defeated Pierre Leclerc 5-0, tactically defeating the Canadian leg speciailist.


William Tackett defeated Kody Steele via decision in a onesided match with no score.

Kade Ruotolo took PJ Barch down in overtime to score go-ahed points and earn a finals berth.

88 kg

Round of 16

Elder Cruz put up seven points in his opening match on the day.

Upset of the day: Sean Yadimarco defeated David Garmo on referee decision. He'll face Cruz next.

Jacob Couch defeated the 15-year old standout Achiles Rocha via triangle in 90 seconds.

Adrian Nez defeated Jacob Rodriguez via leglock.

Giancarlo Bodoni submitted James Brasco via armlock 2:30 into the action.

Joseph Watson defeated Adam Bradley on referee decision. 

John Salter Won A Decision, And Will Move Ahead.


Elder Cruz defeated Sean Yadimarco on points, taking his back off of a takedown and riding out the match.

Giancarlo Bodoni defeated Ryan Aitken 3-0.

John Salter will face Elder Cruz in the semis after winning a 0-0 referee decision in the quarters.

Jacob Couch choked Joe Watson, and will face Bodoni next.


Elder Cruz outwrestled John Salter to win a 0-0 decision, and will take on Giancarlo Bodoni, who submitted Jacob Couch.

Under 99 kg

Devhonte Johnson will face Mason Fowler in the final.

Over 99 Kg


Danny Chaid will move ahead after a 3-0 victory.

High score! John Hansen put up 34 points on his opponent, and will face Chaid next.

Damon Ramos heel hoked Pat Downey to move ahead.

Grandy will round out the semifinals against Ramos.


John Hansen submitted Danny Chaid, and Damon Ramos continued his monster weekend with a 3-0 victory over Grandy. Hansen vs Ramos will be the final.

Women's under 60 kg


Jasmine Rocha will move ahead after a 41-second submission.

Alexandra Enriquez defeated Heather Raftery 3-0.

Brianna Ste-Marie won by submission, and will face Rocha next.

Fatima Kline submitted the 16-year old Trinity Pun via darce, and will face Alex Enriquez next.


Brianna Ste-Marie and Alex Enriquez both won on points, and will face in the final.

Women's over 60 kg


Kendall Reusing secured a submission victory, and will face Lauren Jones next.

Amy Campo scored a 34-second submission, and will face Peek in the semis.


Amy Campo and Kendall Reusing both earned submissions in their semis matches, and will face off in the finals.

Podium Rounds

Men's 66 kg

Cole Abate defeated Kieth Krikorian on points.

Third place match: Gianni Grippo vs Deandre Cobre

Gianni Grippo's overtime takedown was the deciding factor against Cobre. He took a go-ahead two points, then pulled to his guard to ensure victory, despite giving up a point.

Men's 77 kg

Kade Ruotolo defeated William Tackett via referee decision in overtime.

Third place match: Kody Steele vs PJ Barch

In one of the best wrestling exchanges in recent memory, Kody Steele edged out a referee decision.

Men's 88 kg

Giancarlo Bodoni took Elder Cruz' back in a wrestling shootout, and scored the points to win.

Third place match: John Salter vs Jacob Couch

Salter nearly got disqualified for slamming Couch out of closed guard, but Couch's coach, Heath Pedigo, begged judges to let the match continue. Couch won by two negatives,  but was working to finish a guillotine as time expired.

Men's 99 kg

Mason Fowler edged out a referee decision in a 0-0 wrestling scrap against Devhonte Johnson.

Paul Ardila took third place by default; Mario Gonzalez could not continue

Men's over 99 kg

John Hansen scored a quick submission victory over Damon Ramos.

Third place match: Danny Chaid vs Alex Grandy

Danny Chaid def Alex Grandy via points

Women's under 60 kg:

Final: Brianna Ste-Marie def Alex Enriquez

Brianna Ste-Marie scored three points for a backtake, winning in regulation of the eight-minute match.

Third place match: Jasmine Rocha vs Fatima Kline

Fatima Kline directed the action against Jasmine Rocha, but could not score until the overtime period. There, Kline scored three points for back control off of a takedown scramble, and cooked the rest of the match out attempting to finish an arm triangle.

Women's over 60 kg:

Kendall Reusing outscored Amy Campo after surviving Campo's initial attacks.

Lauren Jones won the third place match by default; Peek could not continue