2021 Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship

World Pro Finals Recap: Galvao Submits Mathiesen, Becomes Youngest Champ

World Pro Finals Recap: Galvao Submits Mathiesen, Becomes Youngest Champ

See the newly-crowned champions and the record breakers that came out of the 13th edition of the Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championships.

Nov 19, 2021 by Corey Stockton
World Pro Finals Recap: Galvao Submits Mathiesen, Becomes Youngest Champ

The 13th Edition of the Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championships came to a close this morning in Abu Dhabi. Eleven of the 12 titlists were Brazilians, including several newly-crowned champions.

Micael Galvao submitted the 2018 World Pro champ, Espen Mathiesen in the 77 kg final to become the youngest ever male World Pro champion. Galvao had a sensational weekend, submitting two of his three opponents in the country qualifiers, and submitting all four of his opponents, including Levi Jones-Leary in the main bracket.

Another one for the history books: 69 kg champion Pablo Lavaselli, of Argentina, became the second non-Brazilian male to earn two World Pro titles. Gianni Grippo is the only other non-Brazilian to accomplish that feat. Lavaselli defeated the reigning champion at 69 kg, Israel Almeida, in the final. That’s the second champion he has overthrown in the last two years, as last year, he defeated the 77 kg 2018 champ, Mathiesen, to win his first title.

Nathannael Fernandes earned redemption in the 56 kg final against Jonas Andrade today. Fernandes lost in a round robin match to Andrade yesterday via a controversial submission, but fought back to defeat him in the final in a high-scoring match. Recently promoted to black belt by Melqui Galvao, Fernandes defeated an incredible list of roosterweight veterans including Andrade, Thalison Soares, Rodnei Barbosa and Oziel Carvalho.

Beatriz Mesquita earned her seventh World Pro title with a submission win over rookie black belt Margot Ciccarelli in the 62 kg division final. Mesquita finished every one of her four opponents in the main bracket.

Gabi Pessanha snapped a three match losing streak against Yara Soares in the women’s 95 kg final. Both women earned two submissions in the bracket yesterday on the way to the final. Pessanha scored the go-ahead points against Soares with less than 30 seconds left in the match, a theme for her this week. In the country qualifiers, she defeated Tayana Porfirio, scoring the winning points in the closing seconds of the match.

Isaque Bahinese is now a two-time World Pro champ, racking up seven points against Willaim Dias in the 85 kg final. Bahiense holds consecutive titles at the 85 kg division, which he first won at the 12 edition of the ADWPJJC.

Gutemberg Pereira also holds consecutive titles, taking his second World Pro gold in the 120 kg division after beating Angola’s Walter dos Santos 16-0.

Erich Munis took the 94 kg throne with a tactical win over Poland’s veteran black belt, Adam Wardzinski.

Diogo Reis had a relatively calm final victory over Georgia’s Giorgi Razmadzi, after taking out a who’s who of light featherweights earlier in the week. The 62 kg gold medalist had to get through Lucas Pinheiro, Meyram Maquine and Hiago George and different stages in this tournament.

Ana Rodrigues of Dream Art conquered her first World Pro gold, taking out Rose El Sharouni in the final, and getting through Bianca Basilio yesterday in the semis.

Ingridd Sousa won the women’s 70 kg division to earn her first World Pro strap, and Brenda Larissa secured her second World Pro title in the 49 kg division.