2022 ADCC West Coast Trial

Brackets Out! See The Top 16 Seeds In All ADCC West Coast Trials Divisions

Brackets Out! See The Top 16 Seeds In All ADCC West Coast Trials Divisions

The ADCC West Coast Trials brackets have officially been released. Take a look at where the top-seeded athletes landed, and in what round they could meet.

Apr 2, 2022 by Corey Stockton
Brackets Out! See The Top 16 Seeds In All ADCC West Coast Trials Divisions

The brackets for the 2022 ADCC West Coast Trials have been released. With returning ADCC trials finalists, former ADCC qualifiers, and renowned ADCC hopefuls registered, this is set to be the largest ADCC trials in history. 

See the complete brackets, updated in real time throughout the weekend here.

Take a look at where the top-seeded athletes have landed, and in what round they could meet up.

The brackets below indicate the top 16 seeds in each bracket, and show how the divisions would shape out if each of the favorites succeeds into the final 16.

66 kg

After placing second at each of the last three North American Trials, Keith Krikorian is the obvious top seed at 66 kg. There are some interesting potential matchups for him in the semifinal, as he could run into the fiery, young Andrew Tackett, or the insatiable B-Team representative Damien Anderson.

If Krikorian pushes ahead to the final, it could be a rematch with Gianni Grippo; we could see a contest against veterans Junny Ocasio, Richard Alarcon; or we could get a clash against the wild card, Joshua Cisneros.

77 kg

William Tackett is a clear cut no.1 seed after reaching the trials finals two years running. On his side of the bracket, his biggest challenge may be the ADCC veteran Jon Satava. He's already proven successful against many of the others on his side.

In the final, he could meet up with Magid Hage, the no.2 seed who will make his fourth attempt this season to achieve a spot at ADCC. Or, he could encounter the last person to defeat him at the West Coast Trials, the no.6 seed, Jon Combs.

88 kg

After a third place finish at the East Coast Trials, Jacob Couch is the clear cut top dog at 88 kg. Look for an encounter against leg locker Stanley Rosa in the semifinals.

In the final, Couch could hit against any number of former opponents — Achilles Rocha, David Garmo, Hunter Colvin — or we could see him against a veteran, Jason Rau.

99 kg

Devhonte Johnson and Elder Cruz is a highly likely final. The no.1 and no.2 seeds will be heavy favorites in this bracket, but they'll have to watch out for landmines eery-where.

ADCC veterans such as Jared Dopp and Paul Ardilla in the mix; and Michael Pixley could rely on his wrestling to cause several upsets even in the later stages of this bracket.

99+ kg

Kyle Boehm is a legitimate no.1 seed, and is likely to meet Joe Dierkhising in the semis.

On the other side of the bracket, we're predicting Damon Ramos to battle Daniel Manasoiu.

-60 kg

Brianna Ste-Marie breezed through the -60 kg divisin at the ADCC East Coast Trials in November 2021, but she could have a few additional threats to contend with in the quarters and semis. She could meet Raquel Canuto in the quarters, and the winner of that match could run in to Nathalie Ribeiro in the semis.

Of course, Tammi Musumeci is looming on the other side. Despite being undersized for this division, she's an ADCC bronze medalist, and a real contender in this division.

60+ kg

Kendall Reusing and Elisabeth Clay are far and away no.1 and no.2 seeds. Expect them to make it into the second day of competition unencumbered. Both are former trials winners, but neither have actually competed in ADCC previously.

Clay could be tested by Amy Campo or Jaidyn Mueller, while Reusing will have a clearer shot to the final. But if they meet in the final, Clay could be Reusing's toughest possible opponent in the 55-woman bracket.