2022 ADCC West Coast Trial

Live Updates & Results | ADCC West Coast Trials Finals

Live Updates & Results | ADCC West Coast Trials Finals

Seven athletes will earn a spot at ADCC today. Stay tuned here to follow your favorite athletes, and see who pushes ahead to Vegas in September.

Apr 3, 2022 by Corey Stockton
Live Updates & Results | ADCC West Coast Trials Finals

More than 1,000 athletes have been reduced to just 160 at day one of the ADCC West Coast Trials. Today, we'll identify the seven stars who punch their tickets to the ADCC World Championships in September.

Stay tuned to this article all day to follow your favorite athletes, and see who pushes ahead to the final rounds.

Follow the entire bracket with match links at FloArena.

Update 8:34 p.m. ET

Here are the finals for each division:

66 kg: Josh Cisneros vs Keith Krikorian

77 kg: William Tackett vs Andy Varela

88 kg: Jacob Rodriguez vs Hunter Colvin

99 kg: Paul Ardila vs Mario Gonzalez

99+ kg: Kyle Boehm vs Daniel Manasiou

-60 kg: Brianna Ste-Marie vs Jasmine Rocha

60+ kg: Amy Campo vs Paige Ivette

Finals results:

99+ kg: Kyle Boehm defeated Daniel Manasiou via points (0 - -1)

99 kg: Paul Ardila def Mario Gonzalez via heel hook (47 seconds)

60+ kg: Amy Campo def Paige Ivette via inside heel hook ( 2:27)

88 kg: Jay Rodriguez def Hunter Colvin via buggy choke (6:53)

-60 kg: Brianna Ste-Marie def Jasmine Rocha via points (3-0)

77 kg: William Tackett def Andy Varela (4-2)

66b kg: Keith Krikorian def Joshua Cisneros via heel hook (2:42)

Update 5:22 p.m. ET

The semifinals are set. Here are the brackets for the final two rounds in each division.

66 kg

Keith Krikorian vs Damien Anderson

Josh Cisneros vs Gianni Grippo

77 kg

William Tackett vs Chris Wojcik

PJ Barch vs Andy Varela

88 kg

Mike Crisp vs Jacob Rodriguez

Hunter Colvin vs David Garmo

99 kg

Devhonte Johnson vs Mario Gonzalez

Paul Ardilla vs Elder Cruz

99+ kg

Kyle Boehm vs Raymond Grandy

Daniel Manasiou vs Damon Ramos

-60 kg

Brianna Ste-Marie vs Nathalie Ribeiro

Jasmine Rocha vs Amanda Bruse

+60 kg

Tara White vs Paige Ivette

Elisabeth Clay vs Amy Campo

Semifinals (updated 5:56 p.m. ET)

99+ kg

Kyle Boehm def Raymond Grandy in 21 seconds with an outside heel hook.

Another quick leg lock submission, Daniel Masinou got underneath Damon Ramos and secured a heel hook in less than 60-seconds.

99 kg

Mario Gonzalez and Devhonte Johnson never hit the mat. Gonzalez won via decision.

Paul Ardilla had the perfect answer to Elder Cruz' distance passing. He got underneath and locked up an inside heel hook, earning an early victory.

+60 kg

Tara White put a flurry of passing attacks on Paige Ivette late in the match, but Ivette waited for her moment, and sprung on a kneebar. She got the tap with just 14 seconds remaining in the match.

Amy Campo survived an early threat of leg locks from Clay, and accelerated during the points period. She scored 10 unanswered points on Clay, earning a spot in the final.

88 kg

Shades of his older brother, Jacob Rodriguez hit a perfect duck under and went straight to his opponent's back, settling the choke in 59 seconds. He has finished each of his matches this weekend with rear naked chokes.

David Garmo had an early flurry of attacks, but gave his back to Hunter Colvin, who secured the rear naked choke.

-60 kg

Brianna Ste-Marie and Nathalie Ribeiro were slow to start, but the action erupted as the points period commenced. They scrambled back and forth for six minutes before Ste-Marie was awarded the decision victory.

Amanda Bruse controlled much of the offense in overtime, but an early score — added late to the board — put Jasmine Rocha into the final.

77 kg

William Tackett utterly outwrestled Chis Wojick, putting up four points to move ahead to his third ADCC Trials final. This was his first non-submission win of the weekend.

Andy Varela and PJ Barch didn't stop attacking for nine straight minutes. Varela came away victorious.

66 kg

Keith Krikorian found the perfect opportunity to take Damien Anderson's back, earning a spot in his fourth consecutive ADCC Trials final. His current career ADCC Trials record is 22-3.

Josh Cisneros had Gianni Grippo under siege through most of regulation and in overtime. But in the closing seconds of overtime, he got to the back, and hit his second kneebar from the back of the day. This is the second time Grippo has lost via submission in his no-gi career; both of them have come in the ADCC Trials semifinals.

See the rounds from earlier in the morning below:

66 kg

Round of 32

We'll start the day in the lightest men's category. The 32-man division will be whittled down to the final 16 in the opening round.

Estevan Martinez def Raul Rosas via points.

Keith Krikorian def Elias Anderson via points.

Robert Diggle def Charles Murdok via heel hook.

Mauricio Gomez def Tad Cravens via points.

Damien Anderson won his first match via heel hook at in less than 90 seconds.

Andrew Tackett earned a choke victory to start the day.

Isaac Cordova and Spenser Ortiz both punched through to the round of 16 after points victories in overtime.

Gavin Corbe outscored Ricahrd Alarcon 4-0.

Joshua Cisneros submitted Blake Bradshaw with an incredible kneebar from the back less than 90-seconds remaining in the match. That's his third submission of the event.

Elijah Tagalog outscored Scott Dance 8-0.

Adam Benayoun outscored Cameron Mellott 3-0.

Pedro Serrano hit a quick submission to move ahead to the next round.

Deandre Corbe won an overtime decision over Zach Kaina.

Gianni Grippo won his opening match via decision.

Edwin "Junny" Ocasio hit his third submission of the weekend, an arm triangle. That rounds out the 66 kg bracket, which is now down to 16 competitors.

Round of 16

Andrew Tackett is now three for three on submissions, defeating Isaac Cordova via rear naked choke with 45 seconds remaining in the match.

Keith Krikorian submitted leg lock specialist Robert Diggle with a heel hook; he's now in the quarterfinals.

Gianni Grippo outscored Pedro Serrano 2-0.

Cisneros' submission streak is over, but he still defeats Adam Benayoun via overtime decision.

Mauricio Gomez defeated Estevan Martinez 3-0.

Damion Anderson edged out a 2-0 victory over Spenser Ortiz.

Deandre Corbe scored another trials win over Junny Ocasio.

Round of 8

Kieth Krikorian is once again in the semis after a heel hook victory over Mauricio Gomez.

Joshua Cisneros hit an armbar in a scramble to finish Gavin Corbe in just 30 seconds.

In the most intense battle of the day, Damien Anderson won a decision over Andrew Tackett, after a nine-minute nonstop scramble.

77 kg

Round of 32

Nick Ronan becomes the first to move ahead to the round of 16 with a submission victory.

William Tackett won via submission from the back with 13 seconds left on the clock, keeping his perfect submission record alive.

Robert Maloff and Jon Satava both won on points.

Kieran Kichuk won a 3-0 match with a sharp counter backtake off a leg lock.

AJ Agazarm won a closely-contested match against John Combs.

Daniel Smith scored an upset victory over Pierre Leclerc.

Placido Santos secured a 30-second leg lock victory over Ben Eddy.

PJ Barch will face Santos next, after winning his first of the day by submission.

Alan Sanchez punched through to the round of 16 with a submission win, and will face Isa Abale next. Abale defeated Derek Reyfield by disqualification.

Andy Varela and Magid Hage both won their first matches 2-0, and will face in the next round.

Max Hansen won by submission.

Round of 16

Chris Wojick continued his stellar weekend with a win over Max Hansen to earn a spot in the quarterfinals.

Andy Varela defeated Magid Hage 3-0.

William Tackett survived an early back attack, then turned the tables on Nick Ronan, winning via submission to keep his four match streak alive.

In the most unthinkable scramble of the day, PJ Barch submitted Placido Santos.

Jon Satava edged a victory over Robby Maloff by one negative point.

AJ Agarzarm is headed to the quaterfinals after a 5-0 victory.

Round of 8

William Tackett is still perfect on the weekend. He submitted Jon Satava with an armlock from the back to advance to the semis.

Kieran Kichuk took a risk, conceding a negative point in overtime, but Chris Wojick shut him down, and will move ahead to the semifianls.

A huge mat return put PJ Barch on AJ Agazarm's back, where he secured the finishe to move to the semis.

Andy Varela defeated Alan Sanchez via decision.

88 kg

Round of 32

Harrison Woods and Sloan Clymer both pushed through to the next round with submission victories. Clymer hit a standing rear naked choke.

Adam Bradley moves ahead with a 2-0 victory to start the day.

Jacob Couch advnced to the round of 16 with a victory on penalty points.

Mike Crisp earned an upset victory over Dom Bell via decision after a scoreless 9-minute match.

Calon Sabino won by choke after riding his opponent's back for four minutes.

Dory Aoun submitted the red hot Rene Sousa, and Jason Rau advanced by no-show.

David Garmo defeated Reynaldo Camacho via choke from the back.

Jacob Rodriguez defeated Bradley Schneider via submission.

Sam Fishman defeated Sean Yadimarco 3-0.

Ryan Aitken submitted David Patrick.

Achilles Rocha moves to the round of 16 with a 2-0 victory, and Ty Freeman moves ahead with a 5-0 victory over Corbin Crisp.

Round of 16

Jay Rod submitted Calon Sabino with a standing rear naked choke.

Jason Rau will move ahead with a submission victory.

Harrison Woods upset the no.1 seed Jacob Couch with a 3-0 victory.

Hunter Colin Submitted Achilles Rocha in 21 seconds with a diesel squeezle.

Adam Bradley and David Garmo move ahead to the quarterfinals.

Mike Crisp defeated Sloan Clymer via points.

Round of 8

Mike Crisp took out the major bracket breaker of the day, Harrison Woods.

David Garmo submitted Jason Rau in less than 90 seconds.

Jacob Rodriguez defeated Adam Bradley in a hard-nosed battle

99 kg

Round of 16

Mario Gonzalez defeated Matt Secor with 17 seconds remaining on the clock.

Stefen Banta took out the highly seeded Breylor Grout 3-0.

Elder Cruz outscored Michael Lady 3-0.

Joseph Watson put 14 points on Micah Brakefield.

Devhonte Johnson won 12-0, and had an arm triangle locked up as time expired.

ADCC veteran Paul Ardilla made quick work of Michael Pixley, submitting him with a heel hook in 55 seconds.

Stephen Martinez defeated ADCC veteran Elliott Kelly via decision after overtime.

Round of 8

Elder Cruz moves ahead to the semifinals with a 3-0 victory.

Devhonte Johnson defeats Stefen Banta to advance to the semis.

99+ kg

Round of 16

Damon Ramos won his day opener with an arm triangle in less than two minutes.

Kyle Boehm scored a go-ahead sweep in the final minute of regulation to defeat Mike Perez by two points.

Raymond Grandy moved into the final eight with a decision victory.

Cole Brandt defeated Jarred Dopp in a 0-0 decision.

Lucas Albrecht moves forward with a decision victory.

Daniel Manisoiu moves to the round of eight with a 6-0 victory.

Joe Dierkhising lost a 2-0 upset to Brandon Williamson.

Round of 8

Kyle Boehm had a 17-second submission.

Damon Ramos won via submission after amassing a 7-0 lead.

Daniel Manisoiu hit a 42-second submission to advance.

-60 kg

Round of 16

Brianna Ste-Marie keeps her submission streak perfect, hitting a darce in one minute flat to move on to the round of eight.

Jazibel Vega moves forward with a 2-0 victory.

Tammi Musumeci hit a two-minute rear naked choke to move ahead, and Alex Enriquez eanred a 6-0 victory, riding her opponents back for the entire match.

Raquel Canuto put 10 points on teenage standout Trinity Pun.

Jasmine Rocha moves ahead with a 71-second submission. She'll face Enriquez next.

Nathalie Ribeiro put five points on Nicole Matthew to move on to the final eight.

Amy Campo was dominant in her first victory of the day, winning 4-0 with two penalties against.

A submission victory puts Amanda Bruse against Tammi Musumeci in the next round.

Round of 8

Brainna Ste-Marie submitted Raquel Canuto with an armbar, and moves ahead to the semifinals.

Amanda Bruse defeated Tammi Musumeci 2-0.

Jasmine Rocha defeated Alex Enriquez via decision.

60+ kg

Round of 16

Kendall Reusing has pulled out due to injury. Brittney Johnson has taken her place, and won her first match against Assilyn O'Connell.

Brittney Elkin defeated Tammy Greigo by decision.

Elisabeth Clay won a heel hook shoutout in 72 seconds. 

Tara White outscored Khadajiah Peek.

Paige Ivette will move ahead after a submission victory.

Teenage Helena Crevar defeated Jaidyn Mueller 3-0.

Round of 8

Elisabeth Clay defeated Helena Crevar with a kneebar with just one minute remaining on the board. Clay is in the semis.

Amy Campo submitted Maggie Grindatti.