Tezos WNO: Who's Next Finale

Live Updates & Results | Tezos WNO: Who's Next Finale Presented By Fat Tire

Live Updates & Results | Tezos WNO: Who's Next Finale Presented By Fat Tire

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Jul 14, 2022 by Corey Stockton
Live Updates & Results | Tezos WNO: Who's Next Finale Presented By Fat Tire

The vacant Tezos WNO Heavyweight Title is up for grabs, and tonight, either Gordon Ryan or Pedro Marinho will take the belt home. 5-0 on WNO, Gordon Ryan hasn’t lost a match in nearly 50 bouts, and has become increasingly dominant at each turn on the mat. But his opponent, WNO Light Heavyweight Champion Pedro Marinho is looking to avenge a three-year old loss, and prove that he belongs in the conversation among the best in the world.

In the co-main event, the winner of Who’s Next: Submission Fighter Challenge season 1 will be decided in a no time limit submission-only bout. Izaak Michell and Kyle Chambers each climbed to the top of the 16-man reality show tournament to make it to tonight’s final. At stake: $10,000, a three fight WNO contract, and 10,00 Tez (equivalent to more than $12,000), courtesy of Tezos.

Earlier in the night, many of the cast of Who’s Next will return to take on co-cast members, ADCC Trials winners, and even IBJJF World Champion Nicholas Meregali.

Keep this article refreshed throughout the evening for real time results, updates and analysis.

Fabian Ramirez (Serra BJJ) vs Max Hanson (Adamas Jiu-Jitsu) | 15 min

Both Max Hanson and Fabian Ramirez opened the nonstop battle with an aggressive pace. Ramirez’ eager attacks from his guard left him exposed to a body lock. Hanson used the opportunity to collect back control, gaining an early advantage.

Ramirez tilted the pace of the match with wrestling and front headlocks, regaining the judges favor with his aggression in the second portion of the match. But Hanson, incensed by his perceived deficit, rebounded. Continued pressure from top position earned him a split decision victory after 15 minutes.

Max Hanson def Fabian Ramirez via split decision

Tristan Overvig (Pedigo Submission Fighting) vs Dan Manasoiu (New Wave Jiu-Jitsu) | 15 min

Big Dan Manasoiu teased that he would be demonstrating his newfound wrestling skills, and he did just that to start the match. He used an uchi mata to get to the back, and got right to work on Tristan’s neck. But Tristan escaped. Dan then transitioned to the rear mount triangle, but lost the position. After a series of aggressive and unusual leg lock attempts, Manasoiu collected a right inside heel hook, achieving a nasty break in Overvig's leg.

Dan Manasoiu def Tristan Overvig via technical submission (4.41)

Mike Rakshan (Immortals Jiu-Jitsu) vs Spencer Fossier (Ronin Martial Arts) | 15 min

Rakshan’s wrestling put him in charge of the match early, and after passing the guard and progressing slowly, he hit his patented “Camel Crusher,” the first such submission in WNO history.

Mike Rakshan def Spencer Fossier via camel crusher (5:59)

Jay Rodriguez (B-Team) vs Giancarlo Bodoni (New Wave Jiu-Jitsu) | 15 min

Bodoni and Rogriguez traded calculated handfighting to open the mat, but Bodoni found the perfect opportunity to convert an armdrag to a trip and directly to back control, where he cooked Rodrguez for nearly ten minutes. Just before the five minute mark, Rodriguez got clear and unleashed a barrage of attacks including flying buggy chokes. Bodoni quickly regained control via kimura, but Rodriguez again escaped.

Rodriguez turned on the jest to pass the guard, appearing incredibly untaxed by Bodoni’s time in control.

Jay Rod sprinted around the guard and directly to Bodoni’s back, where he briefly threatened a choke.

His last-minute push was enough to earn a standing ovation, but not the nod from the judges.

Giancarlo Bodoni def Jay Rodriguez via unanimous decision

Andrew Tackett (Checkmat) vs Rene Sousa (10th Planet) | 15 min

This match between close friends opened like a training room roll between brothers: an array of off the cuff shots and attacks. Tackett offered a tight darce and an aggressive kimura, while Sousa found openings for several buggy choke attempts.

Tackett’s positional control started to have a more drastic impact on the match after the five minute mark, when he transitioned from mount to back control, and quickly secured a finishing rear naked choke.

Andrew Tackett def Rene Sousa via rear naked choke (5:57)

Nicholas Meregali (New Wave Jiu-Jitsu) vs Breylor Grout (Legion AJJ) | 15 min

Breylor Grout turned a risky inside trip attempt into his own single leg threat, but Meregali got free. Meregali’s second attempt, a clean snatch single with a slick finish, and got right on the attack. He used an underhook to threaten attacks and passes simultaneously, and put his leg in danger to earn a better passing position.

A dominant double underhook position carried Meregali into a perfect mount. From there, Meregali tried to work an amrbar and transitioned to the back. Breylor slipped free, and Meregali carried back into a similar passing sequence.

Meregali used the same setup for the armbar, and lost control again, momentarily putting his leg in danger before regaining mount for a third time. A third time he tried and lost the armbar, and put himself in Grout’s leglock attack.

Off the leglock defense, Meregali landed a slick legdrag, putting himself in prime position for a katagatame.

After some adjusting, Meregali earned the tap.

Nicholas Meregali def Breylor Grout via katagatame (13:11)

Who’s Next Finale: Izaak Michelle vs Kyle Chambers | No time limit submission only

Izaak Michell dominated the action for most of the match, riding Chamber’s back consistently. After 99 minutes, the action was moved to back mats so that the main event could take place.

After more than two hours of action, Izaak finally submitted Kyle with an armbar from mount.

Pedro Marinho (Gracie Barra) vs Gordon Ryan (New Wave Jiu-Jitsu) | 30 min Heavyweight Title match

Gordon Ryan found a takedown over Marinho early in the match, and pressured him brutally from mount and back control for more than 20 minutes, trying and failing to submit Pedro with a smother. Instead, after 20 minutes of effort,  Ryan switched his focus to the rear naked choke, which he finished with 4:01 remaining.

Gordon Ryan def Pedro Marinho via RNC (25:59)