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Take private lessons with the best grapplers in the world! FloGrappling's Chase Smith rolls with world champions, technical innovators and more in this ongoing series.

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Fix My Game With Vagner Rocha: Float Passes, Wrestling, & General Nastiness

Mar 5, 2019

Due to his exceptionally brutal game. Vagner Rocha has been the subject of equal parts scrutiny and technical study over the past few years.

Despite its rough exterior, there's no denying that Rocha's jiu-jitsu is supremely effective, and in my opinion – he is one of the best ever lightweight grapplers ever – so I was thrilled to find out Vagner was eager to take part in the 'Fix My Game' series.

For those who have never seen an episode – it's essentially a private lesson with lessons that can hopefully apply to everyone's game.  

In our session, Vagner covers wrestling principals, his patented kimura trap system, float passing concepts, and much, much more.

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