2023 Finishers 18 125lbs Grand Prix

2023 Finishers 18 125lbs Grand Prix

Jan 15, 2023


Patrick Shahgholi - Decision W

Matchup, 205lbs, Male

Main Card

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Dylan Garofalo - Decision W
Ricardo Pena L

Matchup, 170lbs, Male

Alex Enriquez - RNC W
Gabi Maslanka L

Matchup, 125lbs, Male

Joseph Rodriguez - Decision W
Abdullah Saleem L

Matchup, Male

Vinnie Corrado - Kimura W
Connor Kennedy L

Matchup, Male

John Lyons - Triangle Choke W
Billy Tiger L

Matchup, Male

Frankie Rodriguez - RNC W

Matchup, Male

Event Info
Finishers Sub-Only is set to host its first event of the season, a women’s 125 lb grand prix, on January 15. The Finishers 18 Grand Prix will feature a double round robin format; the eight women invited will be split into two groups within which they will compete for a spot in the final.
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