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Mar 16-19, 2017

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Meregali Debuts At Black Belt With Style

Nicholas Meregali's Impressive IBJJF Black Belt Debut

Mar 23, 2017

Here at FloGrappling we have been patiently awaiting the IBJJF black belt debut of Nicholas Meregali all year. The Alliance rep won just about everything there is to win last year at brown belt and has been ready to cause some ruckus among the black belt ranks.

Well, this past Saturday, Meregali was finally unleashed upon the IBJJF black belts. Entering the open class division, he drew the ultra heavyweight Otavio Nalati in his first matchup -- an interesting problem for the young black belt to solve.

Although Meregali stands at 6-foot-4 inches tall and over 200 pounds, he was still outweighed by more than 75 pounds in the match. But that didn't stop Meregali from putting the big man away in impressive fashion.

Watch Nicholas Meregali vs. Leandro Lo