picture of Marianas Open Jiu Jitsu Championship

Completed , Apr 30, 2017

The biggest jiu-jitsu in Micronesia is back! The Marianas Open Jiu Jitsu Championship takes place in Guam on April 30 and features an amazing black belt pro invitational featuring some of the biggest names in the game!

The 8-man divisions are as follows: 
Lightweight Division (-180lb)Team Country
Isaque Bahiense Alliance Brazil
Renato Canuto Zenith Brazil
Michael Liera Jr. USA Atos
Edwin Najmi USA Gracie Barra
Mike Sanchez Guam Purebred
Viking Wong Hong Kong Inglorious Grapplers
Johnny Tama Ecuador Alliance
Jerry Imasa Japan Team Endure  

Heavyweight Division (180lb+) Team Country
Nick Cavalense USA BJJ United
Jacob Guerrero Guam Spike 22
Joshua Jerome Guam Purebred
Tarsis Humphreys Brazil Alliance
Bryant Pangelinan Guam Sabre BJJ
Felipe Pena Brazil Gracie Barra
Tanner Rice USA Soul Fighters
Eric Sian Guam Purebred