picture of 2019 World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship

Completed, May 30-Jun 2, 2019

The biggest event in jiu-jitsu returns! Watch the 2019 World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship LIVE or On Demand ONLY on FloGrappling.

Brown Belt Submissions Highlight

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WATCH: Brown Belt Submissions Highlight

Jun 19, 2019

Check it out all the best submissions from the brown belt divisions at Worlds all in one place! Over twenty minutes of submission action, kick back and enjoy.

In order of appearance:

  1. Cemil Karahan - Tarikoplata
  2. Zane Spruce - Choke from the back
  3. Tarik Hopstock - Toehold
  4. Johnatha Alves - Rear Naked Choke
  5. Fabio Alano - Ankle Lock
  6. Roberto Jimenez - Choke from the Back
  7. Taylor Pearman - Triangle
  8. Victor Hugo - Kneebar
  9. Johnatha Alves - Choke from the Back
  10. Aleksi Ruuskanen - Toehold
  11. Jonnatas Gracie - Choke from the Back
  12. Victor Hugo - Toehold