picture of 2019 World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship

Completed, May 30-Jun 2, 2019

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30+ Black Belt Submissions From Worlds

Jun 18, 2019

The black belt divisions had more submissions than ever this year so we compiled over thirty of the best ones we saw from 2019 IBJJF Worlds. Enjoy.

In order of appearance:

  1. Felipe Pena Collar Choke
  2. Keenan Cornelius Collar Choke
  3. Nicholas Meregali Arm bar
  4. Leandro Lo Triangle Arm Bar
  5. Luis Panza Ankle Lock
  6. Paulo Miao Ezekiel
  7. Ana Carolina Vieira Choke from the  back
  8. Mahamed Aly Cross Choke
  9. Beatriz Mesquita Choke from the Back
  10. Paulo Miyao Choke from the Back
  11. Felipe Pena Modified choke from the back
  12. Johnny Tama Choke from the back
  13. Nicholas Meregali Triangle
  14. Felipe Pena Collar Choke
  15. Isaac Doederlin Ankle Lock
  16. Luis Panza Triangle
  17. Quexinho Ankle Lock
  18. Rodrigo Freitas Choke
  19. Lucas Lepri Bow n Arrow
  20. Kaynan Duarte Armbar
  21. Mahamed Aly Kimura
  22. Max Gimenes Wrist Lock
  23. Isaque Bahiense Toe Hold
  24. Nicholas Meregali Triangle Armbar
  25. Beatriz Mesquita Teepee Choke
  26. Ana Carolna Vieira Choke from the Back
  27. Andressa Cintra Choke from the Back
  28. Nathiely De Jesus Choke from the Back
  29. Claudia Do Val Triangle Armbar
  30. Mikey Musumeci Ankle Lock
  31. Matheus Gabriel Arm Crush
  32. Nicholas Meregali Choke from the Back
  33. Marcus Almeida Choke from the Back