picture of Fight to Win 156

Completed, Nov 6, 2020

Watch Fight to Win 156 live on FloGrappling! Feat. Kennedy Maciel vs Junny Ocasion, Marcio Andre vs Sam Nagai and Hugo Marques vs Jackson Nagai.

Fight to Win 156 Best Submissions

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Crazy Choke Tops Best Submissions of Fight to Win 156

Nov 9, 2020

Check out the top 5 submissions from Fight to Win 156 in Philadelphia. 

5. Jeff Mock def Eric Naples via Heel Hook

4. Jackson Nagai def Jeferson Guaresi via Choke

3. Nick Mancini def Shaquel Vaughn via Calf Slicer 

2. Kennedy Maciel def Edwin Junny Ocasio via Armbar 

1. Daniel Sala def Mateo Nunez via Cowboy Choke