picture of Tezos Who's Number One: Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho

Completed · Jan 22

WNO returns on Friday, January 21 when Craig Jones meets Pedro Marinho for the light-heavyweight title in Dallas!

How Pedro Shut Down Craig Jones

How Pedro Marinho's Gameplan Shut Down Craig's Misguided Strategy

Jan 24, 2022

Craig Jones was very vocal leading into this match that he would not pull guard and that he had been working on his wrestling. Nobody would criticize this sentiment, but many are questioning the decision of trying to outwrestle an athlete as powerful and dangerous as Pedro Marinho.

Jones’ strategy provide fruitless as he was unable to effectively engage Marinho, who used defensive hand fighting, stating wrist lock attacks and takedowns of his own to shut down Jones’ standing game. The brief moment of the match that did take place on the mat saw Marinho quickly pass the guard into north-south, the only significant groundwork in the entire bout. A huge underdog at +400, Marinho claimed the light-heavyweight title and became the first 205lb champ in WNO history.