picture of 2022 SOGI Pro The Welterweights

Dec 4, 2022

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Welterweight Bracket

December 4 2022


SOGI PRO : The Welterweights live on FloGrappling


Round 1 Welterweight Bracket

Eric Cruz vs Andrew Solano 

Winner via Arm bar in ot 12 seconds

Dominant hip switch passing by Andrew in the first half of regulation 

Pete Shoemaker v Nicholas Imkamp

Winner via RNC in OT 

Nicholas Deustch v Ali Hammam

Winter via head and arm

Dylan Garofalo v Michael Du

Winner via armbar in regulation 

Kenta Iwamoto v Christos Papadelos

Advances due to opponent injury in OT

Jeff Roberts v Alvaro Tautiva

Winner via triangle

Andrew Kochel Vs Anthony Valdes 

Winner via straight ankle

Matt Masch v Anthony Silva 

Winner via armbar with 30 secs left

Round 2 Welterweight Bracket

Andrew Solano Vs Nicholas Lmkamp

Winner via triangle 

Ali Hammam Vs Dylan Garofalo

Winner via armbar

Kenta Iwamoto Vs Alvaro Tavita

Winner via belly down armbar in 60 sec

Andrew Kochel vs Anthony Silva

Winner via straight ankle 

His second finish of the night 


Semi Finals Welterweight Bracket

Andrew Solano Vs Dylan Garofalo

Winner via triangle 

His second triangle finish of the night 

Kenta Iwamoto Vs Kochel

Winner via triangle in 90 sec 

Featured Superfight 8 min 3 rounds OT

Will Bullock (Leo Dallas BJJ / Big Brothers)


Pat Shahgholi (10pli)

Winner via heelhook 


Andre Solano Vs Kenta Iwamoto 

Winner win RNC in OT


Co Main

Yvonne Tautiva ( At Jiu Jitsu NYC) 


Marissa Pacelli (Uptop BJJ)

Winner via knee bar 



Chelsea Mapa (Bancho MMA & Bones BJJ)

Winner via reverse triangle arm bar in OT


Kristin Falek (North Fork Grappling)