picture of Ben Hodgkinson
Hodgkinson To Rep Australia At Copa Podio

Ben Hodgkinson Came A Long Way To Represent Australia At Copa Podio

Oct 21, 2016

Brown belt Ben Hodgkinson will fight Espen Mathiesen as part of the Vikings vs Kangaroos series at Copa Podio on Oct 22.

We’ve trained hard for this and come a long way. I’m looking forward to this tomorrow and I’m ready to go. 

For [Espen], I’ve seen a few of his matches. I’ve never fought him before, I know he likes guard and the berimbolo. I don’t put too much emphasis on studying his specific game. For me jiu-jitsu is about being able to deal with whoever you’re fighting, you should be able to problem solve, work with whoever you’re matched up against.

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