2017 Chael Sonnen Presents Submission Underground 6
Portland, OR
Dec 3, 2017

Results from Submission Underground 6, featuring Jake Shields vs Gilbert Burns and more. 


Jake Shields def. Gilbert Burns -Escaped in the least amount of time in the overtime rounds – watch video


Fabiano Scherner def. Tim Sylvia -Tapout 4:47 of Regulation due to Wrist Lock – watch video


Nathan Orchard def. AJ Agazarm -Tapout :52 of the bottom half of OT Rd. 1 due to RNC – watch video

David Mitchell def. Anthony Smith -Tapout 7:13 of Regulation due to Triangle – watch video

Vagner Rocha def. Jesse Taylor -Tapout :57 of the bottom half of OT Rd. 1 due to Reverse Triangle – watch video 


Ian King def. Cris Cabe -Tapout 6:20 of Regulation due to standing guillotine 

David Urcino def. Anthony Bennett -Tapout :45 of Regulation due to RNC 

Cash Burgess def. Cian Nelson -Tapout :45 of Regulation due to Armbar 

Erin lambs def. Sarah Keim -Tapout 1:58 of the bottom half of OT Rd. 1 due to elbow crank 

Tyree Fortune def. Dillon Duvall-Tapout :10 of the bottom half of OT Rd. 1 due to face crank 

Taimane Tata-Rodrigues def. Jaselyn Jones -Tapout 3:17 of Regulation due to arm bar 

Bobby McIntyre def. Jake Blaski -Tapout 7:45 of Regulation due to RNC 

Sam Hardy def. Ericson Abaolos -Tapout 2:31 of Regulation Tapout due to heel hook 

Jasmine Rocha def. Ella Prevost -Tapout 4:18 of Regulation due to slot machine 

Lingo Diaz def. Cruz Bryan -Ta pout :06 of the bottom half of OT Rd. 2 due to Arm Bar 

Lisa Ellis def. Shino Van Hoose -Verbal Submission 1:21 of Regulation due to Toe Hold 

Howie Mole def. Eddie Ziegler -Tapout 1:45 of Regulation due to heel hook 

Haley Vann def. Sammy Treperinas -Tapout 1:00 of Regulation due to Knee-bar 

Mike DeWitt def. Isiah Wright-Tapout 2:52 Regulation due to heel hook 

Jake Martinez def. Phil Dunlap - Tapout 3:45 of Regulation due to North/South Choke 

Sage Brown def. Russell Hare -Tapout 1:30 of Regulation due to North /South Choke 

Phil Schwartz def. Jesse Brock -Tapout :52 of the bottom half of Rd. 3 due to arm bar 

Carlos Sievert def. Shaun Kiatvongcharoen -Tapout 4:55 of Regulation due to collar choke