2017 KASAI Pro
Dec 9
Brooklyn, NY

The round robin rule set lead to some unpredictable results that had us on the edge of our seats.. 

Super Fights

Gordon Ryan def Yuri via RNC/ Face Crank (LINK)

Murilo Santana def Craig Jones via penalty points (LINK)

Raquel Pa’aluhi Canuto def Caitlin Huggins 6-2 (LINK)

KASAI Pro Lightweight Championship 

Group A
Round 1
Enrico Cocco ties Gianni Grippo  0-0 (1 point each) [LINK]
Celso Vinicius ties Edwin "Junny” Ocasio 0-0 (1 point each) [LINK]

Round 2
Enrico Cocco ties Junny Ocasio 1-1 (1 point each) [LINK]
Gianni Grippo ties Celso Vincius 0-0 (1 point each) [LINK]

Round 3
Celso Vinicius def Enrico Cocoo via guillotine (3 points) [LINK]
Gianni Grippo ties Junny Ocasio (0-0)  (1 point each) [LINK]

Group A Winner: Celso Vinicius (5 points)

Group B
Round 1
Garry Tonon ties Mansher Khera 0-0 (1point each) [LINK]
AJ Agazarm ties Renato Canuto 0-0  (1point each) [LINK]

Round 2
Renato Canuto def. Mansher 10-0 (2 points) [LINK]
Garry Tonon def. AJ Agazarm 2-0 (2 points) [LINK]

Round 3
Renato Canuto def. Garry Tonon 4-0 (2 points) [LINK]
Mansher Khera def. AJ Agazarm 2-0 (2 points) [LINK

Group B Winner: Renato Canuto (5 Points)

Third Place match
Gianni Grippo def. Garry Tonon 6-4 [LINK]

Renato Canuto def. Celso Vinicius by ref decision after overtime.  [LINK]