2019 Abu Dhabi King of Mats, Middleweight
Abu Dhabi, AE
Jan 12, 2019

Full results from the 2019 Abu Dhabi King of Mats

Opening Round

Group A (Match 1/10) 

Gabriel Arges def Espen Mathiesen Submission (Watch)

Group B (Match 1/10)

 Isaque Bahiense def. Roberto Satoshi – 2-0 (Watch)

Group A (Match 2/10) 

 Rudson Mateus def. Caio Caetano – Submission (Watch)

Group B (Match 2/10) 

Manuel Ribamar def Diego Ramalho – Submission (Watch)

Group A (Match 3/10) 

 Lucas Barbosa def. Gabriel Arges – 3-0 (Watch)

Group B (Match 3/10) 

 DJ Jackson def. Roberto Satoshi – Submission (Watch)

Group A (Match 4/10) 

Espen Mathiesen def. Caio Caetano Soares – Submission (Watch)

Group B (Match 4/10) 

Isaque Bahiense def. Manuel Ribamar – Referee's Decision (Watch)

Group A (Match 5/10) 

Rudson Mateus def. Lucas Barbosa  – Referee's Decision (Watch)

Group B (Match 5/10) 

 DJ Jackson def. Diego Ramalho – 0-0 (1-0 adv) (Watch)

Group A (Match 6/10) 

Gabriel Arges def. Caio Caetano Soares Referee's Decision (Watch)

Group B (Match 6/10) 

Roberto Satoshi vs Manuel Ribamar

Group A (Match 7/10) 

Rudson Mateus def. Espen Mathisen – 4-0 (Watch)

Group B (Match 7/10) 

Isaque Bahiense def. Diego Ramalho – Submission (Watch)

Group A (Match 8/10) 

Caio Caetano Soares vs Lucas Barbosa 

Group B (Match 8/10) 

Manuel Ribamar def. DJ Jackson – 9-0 (Watch)

Group A (Match 9/10) 

Gabriel Arges def. Rudson Mateus  2-2 (1-0 adv) (Watch)

Group B (Match 9/10) 

Roberto Satoshi vs Diego Ramalho 

Group A (Match 10/10)

Espen Mathiesen def. Lucas Barbosa 2-2 (2-1 adv) (Watch)

Group B (Match 10/10) 

Isaque Bahiense def. DJ Jackson  0-0 (referee's decision) (Watch)


Gabriel Arges def. Manuel Ribamar – 4-2 (Watch)

 Isaque Bahiense def. Rudson Mateus 2-2 (1-0 adv) (Watch)


Gabriel Arges def.Isaque Bahiense 6-2 (Watch)