2019 Abu Dhabi King of Mats, Middleweight
Jan 12
Abu Dhabi, AE

Check out the full result and match videos from the 2019 Abu Dhabi middleweight King of Mats.

Opening Round

Group A (Match 1/10) 

Gabriel Arges def Espen Mathiesen Submission (Watch)

Group B (Match 1/10)

Isaque Bahiense def. Roberto Satoshi – 2-0 (Watch)

Group A (Match 2/10) 

Rudson Mateus def. Caio Caetano – Submission (Watch)

Group B (Match 2/10) 

Manuel Ribamar def Diego Ramalho – Submission (Watch)

Group A (Match 3/10) 

Lucas Barbosa def. Gabriel Arges – 3-0 (Watch)

Group B (Match 3/10) 

DJ Jackson def. Roberto Satoshi – Submission (Watch)

Group A (Match 4/10) 

Espen Mathiesen def. Caio Caetano Soares – Submission (Watch)

Group B (Match 4/10) 

Isaque Bahiense def. Manuel Ribamar – Referee's Decision (Watch)

Group A (Match 5/10) 

Rudson Mateus def. Lucas Barbosa  – Referee's Decision (Watch)

Group B (Match 5/10) 

DJ Jackson def. Diego Ramalho – 0-0 (1-0 adv) (Watch)

Group A (Match 6/10) 

Gabriel Arges def. Caio Caetano Soares Referee's Decision (Watch)

Group B (Match 6/10) 

Roberto Satoshi vs Manuel Ribamar

Group A (Match 7/10) 

Rudson Mateus def. Espen Mathisen – 4-0 (Watch)

Group B (Match 7/10) 

Isaque Bahiense def. Diego Ramalho – Submission (Watch)

Group A (Match 8/10) 

Caio Caetano Soares vs Lucas Barbosa 

Group B (Match 8/10) 

Manuel Ribamar def. DJ Jackson – 9-0 (Watch)

Group A (Match 9/10) 

Gabriel Arges def. Rudson Mateus  2-2 (1-0 adv) (Watch)

Group B (Match 9/10) 

Roberto Satoshi vs Diego Ramalho 

Group A (Match 10/10)

Espen Mathiesen def. Lucas Barbosa 2-2 (2-1 adv) (Watch)

Group B (Match 10/10) 

Isaque Bahiense def. DJ Jackson  0-0 (referee's decision) (Watch)


Gabriel Arges def. Manuel Ribamar – 4-2 (Watch)

Isaque Bahiense def. Rudson Mateus 2-2 (1-0 adv) (Watch)


Gabriel Arges def.Isaque Bahiense 6-2 (Watch)