picture of Artista Invitational 2

The Artista Invitational went down on February 22, 2020 with a main event between no.3-ranked featherweight black belt Marcio Andre will face the no.5-ranked lightweight black belt Johnatha in a 20-minute submission only match. 


Check out the results from Artista Invitational 2, featuring Marcio Andre vs Johnatha Alves and an 8-man brown-black tournament.

8-man brown-black tournament

QF: Pedro Palhares Vs Rehan Muttalib - winner Pedro by choke

QF: Ryan Aiken vs Leo Silva - winner Ryan Aiken by kneebar

QF: Tainan Dalpra vs Joe Watson - winner Tainan by points

QF: Lucas Protasio vs Fayaaz Akbari - winner Protasio by points

SF: Tainan Dalpra vs Pedro Palhares - winner Tainan by points 

SF: Lucas Protasio vs Ryan Aiken - winner Protasio by points 

Final: Lucas Protasio vs Tainan Dalpra - winner Tainan by choke 


Marcio Andre vs Johnatha Alves - winner Johnatha Alves by referee decision