2020 Third Coast Grappling: KUMITE V
Aug 9

Updated Sun Aug 9, 2020– The contentious final from the 170lbs Kumite event between Roberto Jimenez and Tye Ruotolo has been ruled a no contest. Event organizers say Roberto will keep his pay check but the match will not count as a win or loss.


Roberto Jimenez def Hugo Marques via RNC 

Kade Ruotolo def Vitor Oliveira via decision 

Renato Canuto def Johnny Tama via 2-0 in OT (takedown) 

 Tye Ruotolo def Oliver Taza via 2-0 in OT (takedown) 


Roberto Jimenez def Kade Ruotolo via RNC 

Tye Ruotolo def Renato Canuto via decision


Roberto Jimenez def Tye Ruotolo – ruled no contest


Ricardo Evangelista def Renato Tagliari via Golden Score in OT (sweep) 

Fellipe Andrew def Max Gimenis via Golden Score in OT (sweep)

Pedro Marinho def Andre Porfirio via decision