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Top 5 BJJ Strength and Conditioning Mistakes | Juggernaut Training Systems

Oct 31, 2022

Chad Wesley Smith is the Founder of Juggernaut Training Systems and a Purple Belt under Philipe Della Monica. He has been coaching Strength & Conditioning for Jiu Jitsu and MMA for over a decade, working with athletes like Romulo Barral, Felipe Pena and Otavio Sousa, in addition to his own training as one of the strongest powerlifters of all-time and a professional strongman. Chad's expertise as a performance coach and desire to improve training for jiu jitsu athletes lead him to create the JuggernautBJJ App which delivers individualized strength & conditioning programming to improve strength, speed, power and endurance. JuggernautBJJ uses artificial intelligence to adapt a program for your needs based on your gender, age, size, strength, experience and how much BJJ you're training, so whether your a 45 year old parent trying to feel better rolling at your school or a 22 year old competitor trying to make the podium at Worlds, it will adapt to you! Try the JuggernautBJJ App for 1 week FREE or use code FLO to save on your subscription at